This is based on what happens on a normal life at CHERUB with the original characters. This is based after Maximum Security. I hope you enjoy it and please review as this may not continue if you do not.

p.s.I do not own CHERUB nor the characters

James walked down the corridor next to Kerry talking about homework and how Bruce got the punishment laps for breaking a window near the Dojo. Suddenly out of nowhere Lauren ran out screaming being chased by Andy and Bethany who were holding pies.

James seeing Bethany tripped her up causing her to fall over and smashing the pie in her face and making Andy and fall over too (luckily he did not get pie in his face as well).

Bethany stood up very angry and flustered and shouted "JAMES do you realise how close we were to getting her, DO you realise"

James pretended it was not him and ran off with Kerry behind him stifling her laughter. "Serves her right for running around with a pie" James said but Kerry only stared and retorted "at least she does not gobble them up like it is Christmas".

James looked offended as he and Kerry entered James's room only to be confronted by James's pile of homework on his desk and his maths sprawled all over the floor. "My room?" Kerry asked and James nodded then said "I've got the film for the boy in the striped pyjamas, you know the homework was to read it, well we can watch it at your place if you want". Kerry nodded and they left together after James had grabbed the film.