A/N: Absolutely no slash at all, I promise… yeah, this time I really promise xD

A/N: After the end of the movie, maybe... three months?

Thor bobbed his head to the music pouring out of invisible headphones, trying to figure out how to change the song. The current one sounded a bit too… scream-y. He tapped and jabbed and shook the tablet, but to no avail. Tony had shown him how this morning, but Thor's attention span unfortunately could not be said to outlast that of a goldfish. He just figured out how to change the volume slightly when the air on the balcony shimmered slightly, sign of a Rosey-Winestain Bridge, or something like that that Jane would love to analyze.

A whoosh, a clatter, a cacophony… then silence.

Loki appeared before Thor, steaming slightly from the journey. His disheveled and hysterical appearance frightened Thor, who before now had never seen him this unhinged. Loki's mouth opened and closed a few times, no words uttered, his eyes a little afraid to meet Thor's.

"Brother," Loki spoke unsurely, testing the awkward words. Thor smiled slightly, attempting to put the bad blood between them behind him. He groped around for the volume and shut off the music.

"Loki, what brings you here to Midgard?"

"I… I have escaped from imprisonment."

Thor sighed. Every time, he does this.

"Let us return, brother," he muttered quietly, eyes downcast.

"No, Thor, we need to talk."

"Loki, return to—"

"Listen to me!"

Thor lifted an eyebrow at the outburst and crossed his arms, but sat down. Tony walked in with a mug of coffee and fiddling with his phone, a donut in his mouth. A look of confusion plastered over his face, he slowly backed out of the room, shaking his head and cringing. All with a donut in his mouth.

"Brother, you must return!"

A single tear rolled out of Loki's eye, falling to the floor with an audible plop. Thor immediately stepped around the table, gripping his brother in a tight embrace.

"You must go back," he voiced softly, as Loki shuddered and attempted to prevent himself from crying.

"I'm so s-sorry, broth-th-ther," he sniveled. "For Agent B-Barton, f-f-for Jotunheim, for the Odins-s-sleep, for the Ch-Chitauri, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

Thor let go of Loki and wiped the tears from his face with his sleeve and smiled wistfully.

"What has happened in the past has happened, Loki. Time moves forward and forward alone; that is the natural order of the universe. It helps not to think of deeds in the past, or in the future, as they will be avenged in due time in due manner."

"But how do you know th-th-th-that? How c-can you stop yourself from ca-casting me off into the a-abyss again?"

"I am your elder brother, Loki, and I will always be, regardless of your lineage. Forget not that fact." He looked outside and saw the gathering storm clouds. "It's time for you to go home," he remarked quietly.

Loki nodded once and slouched out into the balcony, where he cast Thor a final withering look before disappearing.