Two men drug Bosley into a room and locked the door. Bosley tried opening the door but it wouldn't budge.

"May I have some ice water please?" Bosley asked. He ripped his sheets and threw them out a window in a rope line.

"Fly to me angels' please find me angels!" Bosley yelled.

"I'm not surprised because I had a really long talk with a squirrel one time, much longer than I could have had with most humans." Bosley said to a Pygmy Nuthatch. Bosley threw a baseball to the wall then caught it then threw it back but it hit him in the jaw. Suddenly his mouth mic started working.

"Angels? Hello? Hello?" Bosley asked.

"Any sign of Bosley's laptop?" Dylan asked.

"They must have taken that with him." Natalie replied.

"Let's go." Dylan said.

"Angels! Angels!" Bosley yelled from a radio in the rubbish.

"Bosley?" Natalie asked before they found the radio.

"Is there any way we can trace him?" Natalie asked.

"With or equipment he'd have to be within twenty miles." Alex pointed out before sirens could be heard.

"Come on, Bosley, tell us where you are." Natalie said.

"Jack, tell them where I am." Bosley told the bird before it called.

"A Pygmy Nuthatch! They live in Carmel!" Natalie yelled.

"We've got a lighthouse, two hotels and seven manor houses owned by Nick Xero and-" Alex said in the car.

"Wait is Zero spelled with x or z?" Dylan asked.

"X." Alex answered.

"It's an anagram; rearrange and you'll get Eric Knox." Dylan added.

"Looks like the best way to get in is by ocean. We're going to need a boat." Alex said.

"Head to the marina." Dylan said.

"Hey does this go any faster? I can really open her up if I could drive." Natalie said.

"I'm sorry friend of starfish but there's only one captain of this love boat, and that captain is me. The Chad." Chad replied.

"I have to say that I'm honored and glad and where are you going? Starfish? Was it the chad?" Chad asked before the girls jumped into the water in their scuba gear.

"No, the Chad was great!" Dylan replied before she went back under.

"The Chad was great." Chad repeated.

The girls walked up onto the beach and took their gear off and got into their other clothes.

"I'll tape the signal from the roof." Alex stated.

"I'll get Knox." Dylan said.

"I'm going to bring our Bosley back." Natalie said before they split up. Natalie kicked through a door while Dylan crawled to the front entrance and Alex scaled the cliff.

"I don't know how to make chicken. The jerk." Dylan mumbled before she ran towards the door.

Meanwhile, Natalie hit the top of the roof with an arrow. Dylan jumped into the room Knox was in; he turned around and his jaw dropped.

"Dylan, uh... thank god you're alive and you know my better half." Knox said before Vivian pointed a gun at Dylan's head.

"It figures I'd meet the perfect guy and you already have the perfect girl." Dylan stated. Alex climbed onto the top room and set up her laptop before a bird landed in front of her.

"Pygmy Nuthatch."

"You should probably get the others. Now." Eric said as the men tying Dylan to a chair quickly left.

"Bosley?" Naruto asked.

"Natalie. Behind this door." Bosley said before Natalie ran up to it and hugged him through the small hole.

"I'm going to get you out." Natalie said before her cell rang.

"Who's calling now?" Bosley asked.

"It's Pete. Hello? Hi, Pete, how are you?" Natalie asked.

"Good, I know you said for me to call." Pete answered.

"Yeah I mean I do want you to call." Natalie answered.

"Tell him if he can call you back." Bosley told her.

"I had so much fun with you." Natalie told him.

"Yeah, I just wanted to see more of you like maybe us together." Pete told her.

"I know, it's just been kind of crazy-" Natalie started.

"Uh, Natalie, watch your back." Bosley said before Natalie rammed two guys behind her into the wall.

"Never send a man to do a woman's job." Vivian said before she walked towards where Natalie was.

"Nice work, Natalie." Bosley told her.

"Thanks, Pete? Hi!" Natalie stated.

"You know, under different circumstances I think you and I could have been together." Eric told Dylan.

"If you hadn't shot me out of your window and tried to kill everyone I think we could have had a chance." Dylan replied with a smile.

"Can you keep a secret? You can't tell anybody okay. You have the fullest, sweetest, most luscious lips I have ever kissed." Eric said before he placed duct tape over her mouth before a cell rang, "I gotta take this call."

"Nine o'clock Charlie, right on time." Alex said before she banged her computer. The thin man walked behind her.

"Bosley's phone, Eric Knox speaking." Eric said over the phone.

"Mr. Knox, I'm delighted the angels came through for you. Are you in the office?" Charlie asked.

"Come on, hang up, Charlie, he's almost got you." Alex said.

"No, we're on the beach; can you join us?" Eric asked.

"Sorry, I've made other plans. Is Bosley there?" Charlie asked.

"He just went to the men's room; he'll be right back. He's coming; Bosley?" Eric asked.

Suddenly the Pygmy Nuthatch flew away; Alex stood up in time to dodge the parry the thin man threw at her chest.

"Uh that's not him. Can you hold on one second longer?" Eric asked.

"No problem." Charlie replied.

"I'm sorry, can you hold on one second longer? I like him so much!" Natalie told Bosley before an axe hit the door and threw Bosley back. Natalie looked back and saw Vivian then grabbed the axe. She broke the lock and threw it to Bosley.

"Hey, Bosley? He's coming, sir." Eric added.

Alex ducked before the thin man hit a bell and it flew down towards Natalie and Vivian but they jumped out of the way.

"Sorry not him, can I take a message?" Eric asked.

"Just tell him I called as planned." Charlie answered.

"Gotcha." Eric said after the computer picked up Charlie. Alex looked at her computer before the thin man kicked her out of the roof. She fell down to the ground below. Vivian and Natalie stood up.

"Just one more sec." Natalie told Pete.

"Is this a bad time? You just seem like a little distracted." Pete pointed out before Vivian kicked the phone out of Natalie's hands and held it to her ear.

"Is this the famous Charlie?" Vivian asked.

"No, this is Pete." Pete answered before Vivian threw the phone down and broke it.

"Hey, I liked that guy." Natalie told her.

"That man's got a beautiful telephone voice. That's one more daddy you'll never know." Eric said before he kissed Dylan then ripped the tape out.

"Ow!" Dylan yelled.

"Bad news, baby. I have to leave; I've got to go torture and kill your boss. You guys like angel cake?" Eric asked the guards before he left. Natalie punched Vivian.

"Do you know how hard it is to find a quality man in Los Angeles?" Natalie asked her before punching her again in the face.

"Don't take that lighter." Dylan said before a guard took her lighter out of her pocket and lit his cigarette. Dylan kicked it out of her hand and scooted back, catching it.

"Wait! I have something to tell you!" Dylan yelled before she crossed her legs, "by the time this is all over. Every one of you is going to be face forward on the floor. You're going to help me out of this chair before I leap frog over you before I break his nose. And since my trusty lighter isn't working I'm going to do all of this with my hands tied behind my back."

Dylan hit one and fell back breaking the chair; she knocked out the rest then walked out of the room.

Alex threw the mane back before Natalie threw Vivian back. Alex threw some chains over them and threw them back. Dylan ran through the halls before she met Bosley who cut her ropes.

"Thanks Bosley." Dylan told her. Eric flew in front of them then pressed the missile button. They jumped off the roof right before the missile exploded. Then Bosley yelled like Tarzan before he drove a jeep in front of them.

"Come on, we don't want to miss happy hour." Bosley told them.

"He's heading north." Alex stated.

"Oh they found it. That's Charlie's cabin." Bosley said before they drove off.

"You've seen it? You've seen Charlie?" they asked.

"I saw his hand." Bosley pointed out.

"That could have been anybody's hand." Alex added.

"Let's see if I can win the teddy bear!" Alex yelled before she hit the helicopter with an arrow, the girls grabbed on and climbed towards the top. Natalie and Alex grabbed onto each of the skids and Dylan went into the cabin. Alex hopped onto the missile and readjusted a few wires. Eric lined the helicopter in front of his cabin and moved his thumb towards the missile button but Dylan punched him in the face. The helicopter lurched to the left throwing Dylan back and knocking Alex off.

"Alex!" Natalie yelled before she caught her and threw her back onto the missile. Dylan punched Knox a few more times before Alex readjusted the laser targeting and heat seeking system. Eric fired.

"Get Dylan! Missile's making a wrong trip!" Alex yelled before Natalie pulled the primary flight control circuits. The missile flew towards the cabin but came back towards the helicopter.

"No!" Eric yelled.

"Dylan!" Natalie yelled before Eric tried to steer the copter away but the circuits were broken. Dylan hit him a few more times but Natalie grabbed her.

"Let's go!" Alex shouted before Natalie grabbed Dylan and Dylan grabbed Knox. The three angels jumped off with Knox in Dylan's grasp before the missile hit the plane, and it exploded.

Dylan, Natalie, and Alex woke up on the beach the next morning. Dylan looked over and saw that Knox was lying on the beach. She walked over and took his pulse.

"Is he alive?" Alex asked.

"Yeah," Dylan replied before she stood up, "anybody got any rope?"

"Yeah, I always carry rope around." Alex replied as she walked over and tied Eric's hands together.

"I don't think he'll be going anywhere for a while. Let's head up to Charlie's cabin and get some clothes." Natalie said before the three girls walked towards the cabin while dragging Eric with them. They threw him on the couch and headed to a room to get some clothes.

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