Summary: How did two people that were married for 16 years and had 5 children end up hating each other? He was cold and uncaring; she cheated and told the entire world! Add two lawyers that also hate each other and you will get ultimate chaos... Is there any hope for this couple?

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"Mum! What happened in here?" Minori and Obito looked around confused and worried. The room was dark and messy, some of Sakura's stuff were packed and ready to go and the furniture were nowhere to be seen. Sakura herself wore messy and simple clothes and she looked even paler than before. Yet her face lightened up the moment she saw Minori and she immediately hugged and kissed her daughter.

"I didn't have the time to tell you I'm moving out. I don't need three bedrooms now that... you..." Her voice broke and Minori felt sorry for her. She should have come visit her a long time ago, but she was so preoccupied with her own problems that neglected her mother. Obito asked something about her new house and Sakura smiled again and relaxed a little.

"How are the kids?"

"They are all fine, but you don't look very well! Are you sick or something?" Sakura looked carefully inside her daughter's eyes and saw not a child, but a mature woman to whom she could talk. She knew that she had to talk about the pregnancy to her children and she couldn't postpone it any more. Obito looked at her the same was his father did when he was concerned and that gave her strength.

"Let's go sit on the kitchen, because the couch is already taken. Do you want anything to drink?"

"No, Mrs Uchi... Haruno!" Both the mother and daughter laughed at Obito and he put his hand on the back of his head embarrassed. Sakura couldn't help but admire the young boy a little. Even though he kinda looked like him mother he had taken every little one of Kakashi's traits. Kakashi was the only parent she and Naruto had ever had and it made her really happy that the boy was so good friends with Minori.

Minori's plan was to sent Obito away after a while so that she could be alone with her mother, but she hesitated and his presence was very soothing to her. It felt like a century since the day she came in this apartment with her siblings and they were all together eating lunch on the floor and picking the colors for the walls. She was secretly texting James and looking for excuses to leave, but now she missed it. Not the house, because it was horrible, but her mother's talent to make everyone comfortable. Even her father was uptight since he left her.

"There is something I need to talk to you about, baby." Ok, mum, you go first.

"Do you want me to leave?" Obito looked at the two women confused. There was something seriously wrong with both of them. They didn't look alike, actually most people wouldn't believe that Sakura was Minori's mother, but their expression looked exactly the same to him for the first time and he really wanted to leave.

"No, Obito, everyone will find out eventually and you are like family. Minori, what I wanted to tell you is that I'm... pregnant." Sakura had lowered her eyes not wanting to see Minori's reaction to her words and she missed the terror in her daughter's eyes. Obito just sat there regretting that he stayed at the conversation and he could almost hear Minori's mind thinking next to him. There was only one thing in her mind.

"Who's the father?"

"...The man whom I wrote about in the article." The world collapsed and she couldn't breath anymore. She needed air; she couldn't breath. In front Sakura's and Obito's surprised eyes Minori stood up and ran outside of the apartment, in the cold hallway of the building, were she collapsed on the staircase. Her mother was pregnant from the same man that she was. This wasn't possible. Why had James lied to her about not having sex with her mother? How could he take her virginity after he had slept with her own mother. And were they so unlucky that he got them both pregnant?

What was Minori going to do? If she went inside and told her mother that, Sakura wouldn't be able to handle it. She already looked sick. James had abandoned them both and was currently in America. She imagined herself flighting all the way there just to kick his ass hard and make him suffer. Then she thought of her father and she felt like puking. He loved her so much, he was so proud of her and he would find out that she slept with the same man that had impregnated her mother!

Back inside her apartment Sakura looked ready to faint again. Obito gave her some water and tried to console her. "Don't worry, Mrs Haruno. Minori just needs a little time to fully understand the new information. She still loves you."

That moment Minori entered the apartment again. Sakura looked at her frightened and expected to hear harsh words of contempt, but instead she noticed something like embarrassment in her daughter's eyes. She wasn't accusing her; she seemed like she herself was the one to blame. Obito thought so too, and he was as confused as her mother. It's been a while since Minori had been her usual aggressive self.

"Do you still see this guy? Have you told him that you are pregnant?" Sakura gulped. She had two options. Either would tell Minori that she is still seeing James White and Minori would think that her mother was lying to them all that time or tell her that he had been with her one time three months ago and everyone would find out in a few months that she was lying. She was only six weeks pregnant and she would give birth after almost eight months. But what if James White found out? They were kinda famous and he knew very well that they had had sex once more than three months ago.

"We are not together. We met again a month ago and... it was an accident... I didn't mean for that to happen, but I got pregnant... I haven't told him yet..." Every smart person would immediately know that Sakura was lying, but Minori and Obito were too upset to think straight.

"When exactly did that happened?"

"Well, I'm six weeks pregnant..." Six weeks. That was the night she had slept with him almost to the day.

"Obito, I'm going home alone. Bye, mum!" And she banged the door behind her.

It was almost midnight when she reached home and her father was waiting for her right behind the entrance. Sasuke knew that he should go easy on her, that she was still hurt from the divorce and ready to blame them for everything, but he couldn't help but feel a little angry as Minori passed by him and headed to her room. It was as if she couldn't see him.

"Do you know what time is it?"

"Yes." Still no eye-contact.

"And are you aware of the fact that tonight is a school night?"

"What's the problem?"

She turned her eyes at him and Sasuke saw a little girl, hurt and tired from something bigger than his divorce. He didn't want to yell at her. "You have to go to sleep. It's too late and you have school tomorrow and I'm going back to work..."

"So that's the problem! I'm keeping you from your precious job! Please, don't mind me! Just pretend I don't exist!"

"Minori, what's wrong with you?"

"If you weren't like this, mum would have never slept with that scumbag!" Sasuke gulped. He didn't have anything else to say. He just wanted to run away so that he wouldn't have to listen to his daughter's words. "She worshiped you like a god, she was ready to take a bullet for you and you didn't even care. I thought that she was pathetic and I didn't want to be like her, but she did nothing wrong! It was all your fault!"

"Minori, enough!" When had his little girl grown up so much. In the beginning she was at his side, her daddy was perfect, but now she was a woman and she could relate to her mother's actions. How did that happen? Who had hurt her so much?

"And now that you have lost her you finally realized that you can't live without her! But it was you that let her go! If you had just told her that you're sorry, she would have come crawling back to you, but you act as if it's her fault!"

"I said enough!"

Sasuke saw the tears glistening in the girl's eyes. "If you had done that, she would have never gone back to him!"

"Minori, please..."

"She wouldn't be pregnant now..." Her voice broke.

"Pregnant?" Sasuke's voice seemed worried, almost frightened. He didn't want to believe it, but he saw the truth in Minori's hurtful eyes. The girl knew it for sure; her mother was pregnant. He couldn't stand being in the same room with his daughter and he almost ran outside to his enormous garden.

Sakura was pregnant from another man. She had gone back to him, to that stupid model that had accepted his money to lie about her. That stupid kid, with only his looks to show, was the father of her baby. Had she gone back to him after the night they were looking for Minori or was Sakura already pregnant at the time he made love to her for the last time?

"She worshiped you like a god, she was ready to take a bullet for you and you didn't even care. I thought that she was pathetic and I didn't want to be like her, but she did nothing wrong! It was all your fault!" It was true. Sakura did nothing wrong. For sixteen years she had been the most loving faithful wife and the most caring mother. And he acted like he didn't care. He had pushed his own wife in another man's arms.

"And now that you have lost her you finally realized that you can't live without her!" Was it that obvious that he was waiting for something to happen? That he wasn't happy with the situation? All this time he was secretly waiting for Sakura to come back, he was thinking of ways to take her back without asking her, he was missing her. But would marry Naruto before admitting that to her and ask her to come back to him. And now everything was lost. She had moved on.

He didn't return home that night.

"Pregnant?" Hinata, Ino and Temari looked at her with huge eyes while Tenten couldn't even raise her eyes from the floor. Lying to Sasuke was a different thing than lying to their three best friends. But what could they do? Temari was bold and judgemental; she would kill Sakura if she knew what she was doing. Hinata was pregnant and sensitive, but overall she was too honest and innocent to lie like that from Naruto. And Ino was Ino, unable to keep a secret.

"Yes, six weeks." Sakura kept smiling as if she couldn't see the worried faces in front of her. She avoided to make eye-contact with Tenten. They were too uncomfortable about this.

"But... I heard that James White moved to America... does he know?" Temari felt that something was not right.

"No, he doesn't and he won't. He doesn't care for me and I can raise a kid alone." It was too much to tell a complete stranger that he was going to be a father. And of course Sakura didn't want to lie to the baby about the father. The kid would never know his real father, but at least he or she wouldn't have a stranger as his father. She knew that she was wrong, but she felt that everything was going to work out.

"But... does Sasuke know?"

"I don't care! He took all my children from me, but I won't be alone forever! I have finally something to hope for!." After that the girls changed the subject and they didn't talk to Sakura about their doubts again.

She flushed the toilet and her vomit disappeared in the pipes. She stood up and still dizzy walked to the sink, where she washed her mouth and face. She looked at her reflection on the mirror and saw a lonely tear running down her cheek.

Minori returned to her room and found her phone. There was no doubt anymore and she had to do something. She couldn't give birth to a baby from the same father as one of her siblings. She dialed a number she knew very well and waited for her favorite manly voice to answer.

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