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Once again I had retreated to the bathroom to avoid another fight. Tears were streaming down my face, and I couldn't get my body to stop shaking. I gathered together my robe and tied it tight, hiding the lingerie I had put on tonight.

"Bella open up the god damn door. Stop hiding from the problem and just come out here and talk to me." Edward didn't stop pounding on the door.

Finally, I gave up and opened the door, breezing past him. "I don't want to talk about it, okay? So stop hounding me about it." I got past him before he tugged on my arm, urging me back towards him.

"Why the hell did you put on the sexy ass outfit, tease the hell out of me, and then run away crying?" Another round of tears started spilling from my eyes. "Great, I made you cry again." I shook my head; it wasn't his fault for how I felt.

"Because I look like a fat pig," I mumbled quietly and quickly.

"Come again?" He gripped the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger; the telltale sign of Edward getting pissed off.

"I look like a fucking fat pig, alright? There, I told you." I looked down at my feet before starting my explanation. "I haven't even lost a quarter of my baby weight. My stomach is a flabby mess." I opened up my robe as evidence. "How am I supposed to wanna have sex and feel sexy when I look disgusting?"

Cue typical Edward response. He rolled his eyes at me. "You look fine. What do you do all day anyways? You could actually use the exercise room I put in the house for you, instead of it just collecting dust. God Bella, do something about it, because I sure as hell can't keep taking cold showers after you bail on me every night like this."

"You really think I do nothing all day long? I'm sorry that I take care of our daughter all day Edward, and cook you dinner, and clean the house after you leave your shit all over. I can't just go work out when our four month old needs me. Maybe I could work out if my husband didn't work all fucking day and night at the hospital. Did you ever think that maybe, just maybe, you could see your daughter while she's actually awake, opposed to midnight when you finally get home? God forbid you feed her or change her diaper or even play with her.

I was seething; my voice screaming at him reflected it. He was so dense and though everything could be magically fixed. I couldn't wait to see what his next genius response was.

"I'm taking care of our family financially, so that daughter that you take care of can go to college, as well as any future children we may have. I wouldn't have to work such long hours if you actually had a job, instead of quitting yours while you were still pregnant with Sophie." If he continued to be such an ass we wouldn't have to worry about future children…

"First of all, we don't need the extra money. You're a fucking doctor whose parents paid for most of med-school, so we don't need your extra cash that you bring in. Secondly, I worked up until two days before I gave birth to Sophie, because I loved my job, despite what you may think. I never wanted to quit, but you didn't want to burden our mothers all day taking care of Sophie, or hire a nanny while we worked, so I took the responsibility on myself and quite. I get no help around here, so don't expect pity from me about having to work more. You want me to feel sexy for you, there you go. Work less, and maybe I'll have time to get back to the body I really want." I heard faint cries on the baby monitor. "Great, now we woke up Sophie. I'll go get her; I wouldn't want to inconvenience you or anything."

I walked out without another word and took a deep breath before entering our daughter's room. I fed her an hour ago, so she couldn't be hungry. Her diaper was clean and everything else was fine. She must have heard our screaming match going on down the hallway. "Hi baby. I'm so sorry we woke you up. We'll just sit down in the rocking chair and you'll be back to sleep in no time." Motherhood had made my mommy voice become very prominent.

I picked up Sophie and carried her over to the rocking chair that sat in the corner. Many nights I sat here rocking her to sleep, waiting for Edward to finally come home. "Go to sleep my angel, everything is fine for now." I kissed her brown head of curls, before closing my eyes and rocking the chair back and forth.

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