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He sighed and pulled back, looking me in the eyes. "Can it wait? I'd like to reacquaint myself with you." He said, moving closer to me again. I closed my eyes and shook my head.

"No, it can't. Can we go in the den and talk? I'd suggest the living room but Sophie is still napping and…" He put his finger to my mouth and shushed me.

"No need to explain. Of course we can go talk." I took his hand and led him to the den, not sure if he remembered the way. We sat on the couch and I pulled my knees to my chest and wrapped my arms around them, facing him.
"Some things have…changed since you last remember. I mean, I had the baby and everything but afterwards I struggled to lose the weight. I didn't want to have sex after the baby because I was insecure about my body and we fought about it constantly. But instead of being supportive, you became cold and distant. We didn't fix it, but were stubborn and sick of fighting. So I stayed home and took care of Sophie while you went to Emmett's bar every night.

"I'm not saying it was your fault, because as soon as you started going out every night I should've said something, but I didn't."

"Bella, I'm so sorry…" I cut him off, wanting to finish my story.

"No, trust me you've already apologized enough. You can't apologize either for something you don't remember. Anyways, I'm not quite finished. I ended up talking to you and you agreed to stay home more and make an effort, so I left it at that. One night I heard your phone and checked to see if the hospital was calling or something, and found tons of calls and texts from Kate, a doctor who works on the cardio floor. I confronted you in tears and you told me you had cheated on me with her for three months." I tried to continue, but tears filled my eyes. Edward's face mimicked my face, on the verge of crying himself. "You said that she cared about you and you'd slept with her before we dated. I threw you out and told you I'd let you know when I wanted you back. I let you visit Sophie and pretty sure you were over here all the time. It took a while but I warmed up to you again and let you move back in.

"We were going to counseling and were talking everything out. We went to a club before I went back to work and I saw Kate there. She told me how you were still sleeping with her and all these lies. I knew they were lies and I was being stupid but I just couldn't help but feel like I couldn't ever trust you again. She would always be there, lurking in my mind. All my doubts came back and the next time we went to counseling I told you I wanted a divorce. We both left mad and angry and unsure of what just happened. You went driving and were looking for something in the back of your car when a truck hit you from behind. That's when you hit your head and I guess you remember what happened from there."

Tears were streaming down both our faces, and he pulled me in a tight hug, whispering in my ear. "Bella, I am so so so sorry for everything I did. You can say that I can't apologize for something I don't remember but that doesn't make it okay. I hurt you so bad, and I don't even know why. I should have never took out our problems on you and then hurt you and our marriage so badly. I love you so much Bella and I don't want to get a divorce. I want to make lots more pretty babies with you and enjoy being married to you again. I feel like I've been gone for so long. Please just say something."

I pulled him closer, my tears drenching his shirt. "I want to try this again. I wish we could just act like this whole thing never happened and start over. That's unrealistic though, and we both know it. I don't want to get a divorce. I don't think I wanted to even when I said it to you. I was just lost and stuck and didn't know where the hell we were going and what was going to happen. You know how much I hate surprises; well I hate the unknown too. All I know right now is I don't want to lose you. I felt like I did when I got the call from the police saying you were in an accident. The only thing I could think about was if you would live. I never want to feel like I could lose you again."

"I don't want you to, because I never want to lose you either. Bella, we can work this out." We sat there for a long time with our arms around each other, hugging and not wanting to let go. Sooner than I would have liked, I heard Sophie's babbles and soon whimpering over the baby monitor.

"I guess that's our cue for reality. I'll go get her; she probably needs a diaper change." If motherhood taught me anything, it was how to read cries. This one was just screaming, literally, a wet diaper.

"Can I come along and watch? I mean, I'll have to learn and get used to it again. I won't make you change all her diapers." We got up and went to the living room, holding hands. I wasn't used to this closeness and romance. It was nice to have again.

The rest of the night was relaxing, Edward and I cooking dinner together before retiring to the couch and watching Edward's favorite movie, which he didn't remember because it came out recently. Everything was going to be a learning experience, but I didn't mind. As long as I got Edward back, I would take everything in stride.

Slowly our household got back to normal and on a routine, and Edward learned where everything belonged and was slowly remembering small details. Sticking to our talk, Edward and I went out on a date two weeks after that day. Alice took the kids and we sat and talked at our favorite restaurant, taking a walk afterwards.

Things were looking up. A few nights later, we all piled in Alice's dining room, preparing to hear whatever great news she had. We all were thinking along the lines of something with her clothing business, but with Alice it could have been anything. A new hairstyle for her was reason to celebrate at times.

Once all the food was served, Alice was practically vibrating in here seat, waiting to spill. Jasper was her calm and sat by her side, holding her hand and whispering soothing thoughts in her ear. After everyone was done eating, Alice jumped from her seat and dragged Jasper up with her.

"So obviously I have very exciting news to share, but I don't want to be the one to say it. I'll give Jasper the honors." Now this I found shocking, especially because Alice always was the sharing type.

Jasper took a deep breath before opening his mouth and speaking. "Well as some of you may know, Alice and I have been trying for a baby for many months now. Even though the doctors thought that Ali and I wouldn't have been able to conceive, Ali and I are pregnant. We went to the doctor today and confirmed that she's 10 weeks."

Esme was the first to get to them, hugging both of them to her for dear life, tears streaming down her eyes. "Now all of my babies are going to have babies, and I couldn't be happier. I'll be a grandma again. I am truly blessed with all of my children and grandbabies. Thank you for giving me this happiness." Alice started crying after that and pretty soon all of the women were blubbering messes, crying with happiness over our new addition.

It almost made me want another baby, but I figured that Edward and I should wait until we were in a much steadier place than we were currently. After all, Sophie was almost one, and that was a celebration and a sad thing all in itself. As for right now, life was treating me well and giving me no new reasons to complain. I was going to enjoy it and let it take me wherever I was meant to go.

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