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"Why is Ray here?" asked Louis as he wandered through the old New Orleans graveyard. "And what were those things that were chasing him?" Louis looked around the graveyard. No Cajun firefly in sight.

"Don't make me light my butt!" yelled a Cajun voice not far from where Louis was.

"Ray!" thought Louis. "I'm getting close." Louis, now used to his alligator form, crawled faster. Suddenly, there was silence. Louis was worried now.

"Ray?" Louis kept on yelling. Louis looked down and saw a lifeless bug on the grass. He gasped and gently picked up the little bug. Ray got stepped on.

"Ray?" he whispered as the little bug was safe in his claws. No response. Tears formed in his eyes.

"Ray, you have to get up." he whispered. Louis heard moaning.

"Ray?" Louis asked with hope.

"Well…well…well…" purred a familiar voice.

That voice. I know that voice.

"What do we have here?"

Louis looked up. It was him.

"YOU!" he growled. Louis grabbed a leaf and put a groaning Ray down.

"You took everything from me." growled Louis, who was ready to pounce on a smirking Dr. Facilier.

"Relax, big boy. You got what you wanted: Musical talents."

"Yeah, to use it to turn me into an alligator, so you can take my Giselle away from me." Dr. Facilier put his index finger and tapped his face with it and act thoughtful.

"Giselle?" He saracastally said in a thoughtful voice. "Who's Giselle?" Louis stopped stalking and immediately got the message.

"What did you do to her?" he said in a worried voice.

"Oh, nothing, really." said Dr. Facilier. He walked away to reveal a gravestone. Louis's heart stopped.

"NO!" Louis ran to the gravestone. It read: Giselle Lynne McKinley Facilier.

"See, in order to convince the spirits to do my little plan to Prince Naveen in a few days in advance, the spirits needed a sacrifice. And it was too bad. She was pregnant with our child." Louis slowly raised his tear-stained face from the gravestone. He heard chuckling.

"You should have heard her screaming when the spirits got her, Louis." he laughed. "She was screaming like a kid, getting a vaccine." Anger took over his body and felt the ground under his claws. Louis roared and quickly turned his body over to murder his beloved Giselle's murderer.

"Uh-huh, huh." said Dr. Facilier, classily as he wagged his finger at Louis. Louis, confused, stopped.

"If I was you," said Dr. Facilier, pointing at a dying Ray. "I would check on your little friend." Louis quickly transferred his focus on Ray. Dr. Facilier was right. Besides, Giselle would have wanted Louis to check on Ray. He quickly stared at the grave as he approached Ray.

"I'll be back for you, darling." Louis whispered under his hot breath.

"I'm so sorry about your Giselle." weakly said Ray, sympthically grabbing his friend's finger.

"Let's not talk about her right now." bravely said Louis. "We need to find Tiana and Naveen."

"Tiana is…" said Ray before he fell into unconsciousness.

"I HAVE TO HURRY!" yelled Louis, running towards the graveyard exit. Louis turned around to Giselle's grave before leaving.

"I'm so sorry, baby." whispered Louis through his tears. "This is all my fault." Louis finally ran outside of the graveyard to find help for his dying friend.