"The young girl in the school girl uniform is Orenz' personal bodyguard, seventeen year old, Gogo Yubari. Gogo may be young but what she lacks in age she makes up for in skill. Bring her back alive and we will have attained the information we need."

"Hi!" Gogo said to Black Mamba on top the stairs.

"Gogo, right?" Black Mamba asked.

"Bingo. And you're Black Mamba." Gogo replied.

"Our reputations precede us." Black Mamba told her.

"Don't they?" Gogo asked.

"Gogo, I know you feel you must protect your mistress. But I beg you. Walk away." Black Mamba told her before Gogo laughed.

"You call that begging? You can do better than that." Gogo told her as she dropped the ball on her chain mace. Black Mamba drew her sword and readied.

Gogo swung it above her head and walked towards Black Mamba. She swung the ball at Black Mamba but she hit it with her sword and it hit a wooden post. Gogo threw it at her again and hit her in the chest then yanked the sword away with the chain and hit her again in the chest.

Black Mamba jumped up and kicked a table up as the ball flew towards her. It broke the table in half as she threw it back. Gogo threw it again but Black Mamba back-flipped and landed on a table holding a table leg. Gogo threw it again but Black Mamba threw it at her again. Black Mamba jumped onto another before this time Black Mamba hit it with the leg. It flew back towards Gogo but she dodged it. It hit a post behind her then the back of her head. She flipped backwards and landed on a table.

Black Mamba jumped onto her with the table leg but Gogo kicked her off herself. Gogo stood up and hit a button that drew a blade on the ball. Black Mamba stood up before Gogo cut her on her right shoulder. She threw it again; it wrapped around Black Mamba's neck and hit a wooden post. Gogo pulled the chain as it cracked the bones in Black Mamba's neck. Black Mamba fell to the floor then saw a piece of wood with nails in it.

She kicked it up and jabbed it into Gogo's right foot. She cried out in pain and whimpered as Black Mamba pulled it out of her foot then hit her in the head with it. Gogo dropped her chain mace and fell to the floor with cuts on her forehead and cheek. Black Mamba took the chain off her neck; she picked Gogo up and carried her out of the room towards her house.

Gogo weakly opened her eyes to see nothing but darkness. She blinked a few times before she realized there was a blindfold over her eyes. She listened and heard someone walk towards her.

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