Well, VSA here with a new story. A Jasper and Bella story! I have really been into this couple lately, so I figured, why not? This will be mostly a blossoming story of love, humor, and tons upon tons of fluff. So if you like that, this story is for you.

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I stormed out of the house, my blood boiling. I was absolutely furious, fuming, angry. I could go on. I slammed the door behind me, not thinking twice about falling or slipping on the icy ground. I looked at my truck, but I felt no pull to it in order to go home. No, I needed fresh air, even if for just a little longer. I stalked off into the trees, shooting profanities from under my breath. I was sure that to others I would look clinically insane. Maybe I was. I pulled my hand back and punched the tree I was passing. I knew my skin had broken. I could feel the warmth as my blood fell down between my fingers, but I just kept walking.

After fifteen minutes or so, I was bent over with my hands on my knees, breathing heavily. I looked around myself. Trees, trees, and more trees. I was not aware of how far I had gotten, or which ways in which I had walked. I was on autopilot up to this point. My anger had simmered down, but I could still feel it. I settled onto a fallen tree log as I thought over what I had seen and heard back at their house.

I walked up to the door slowly, careful not to fall on the slippery walkway. I walked right in, as I knew I was allowed. I placed my coat on the rack near the door before walking into the big living room. I stopped short when I noticed Esme, Carlisle, Emmett, and Rosalie there. They were speaking quietly.

They all looked up at me as I entered. Their faces held worry, confusion, sadness, and anger.

My eyebrows drew together as I took a few more steps into the spacious room. "What is it? Is something wrong?"

They looked at one another. I felt my impatience growing as I waited. I rolled my eyes and made my way up to Edward's room. I stopped outside his door, however, when I heard something that made my blood boil.

"I love you, Alice."

"I love you, too, Edward."

And as I'm sure one can imagine, it was not Alice and Jasper.

I backed away from the door slowly. I could feel my heart crumbling in my chest. I could feel it waiting to jump from my chest. I closed my eyes as I slowly took a few steps backwards.

"Bella," a voice murmured.

I opened my eyes and turned around. I found myself just a foot away from the Cullen that I spent the least amount of time with, but, in this moment, I felt more connected to him than anyone else.

I looked into his butterscotch eyes, and my anger flared ten-fold. His eyes met mine, sadness flooding them. I knew that, if he could, he would be crying. My anger grew, but not at Edward and Alice alone, but for the fact that they had hurt the man's soul, whom of which was right in front of me. He was not the Major. He was not Major Whitlock. He was a man, a broken, shattered man.

I walked to him slowly. I knew he had control. I did not fear him. He continued to watch me. As I got closer, his body began to shake. I grabbed his hand and pulled him into his own room. Yes, his own room. Alice would no longer be sharing it with him. Never again. I settled him onto the bed and sat beside him. I pulled him into the circle of my arms. His head rested on my chest as his body shook.

And that's how the others from the living room found us.

Esme, Carlisle, Emmett, and Rosalie crowded around us, settling on the floor at our feet. Esme laid a gentle hand on Jasper's leg. Emmett the same to me. We stayed that way up until the moment that Alice and Edward decided to walk in. Everyone but Jasper looked at them with fury, some with hatred. They look increasingly uncomfortable.

"We were just going to take my stuff to…" Alice said, her voice fading as she made a gesture to Edward. We all understood.

"I think you need to do that later, sis," Rosalie growled the last word.

The two of them disappeared soon. We all went back to silence. I looked down at Jasper. His body was still shaking. His cheek was pressed to my chest, his eyes closed. I tightened my hold on him. I pushed my anger down. He should have the time to get his sadness and pain out of his system, no matter how much it hurt. I closed my eyes and rested my chin on his head.

Minutes went by before our four companions meandered out of the room.

"We'll check in later," Carlisle mouthed to me, referring to Esme and himself.

I nodded to him gently. I watched as he and Esme walked out. Esme looked sad, but I could see the anger working beneath the surface. Can't say I was surprised.

An hour or so went by, my anger still intact, but Jasper had calmed down. He just held me as I held him.

I rested my head against his, moving it down a little so that I had my lips at his ear.

"I will always love you, Jasper," I whispered. "Even if you feel alone, sad, angry, scared, anything, I swear to you, I will be right with you. Through everything. If you need anything, all you have to do is ask, I promised."

His arms simply tightened around me. I looked at the clock. What I heard ran through my head, and my anger became uncontrollable. Jasper stiffened a little in my arms.

"I'm sorry," I murmured.

He shook his head. "No."

He lifted up, his hands raising to cup my face. "Go, let out your anger. We can talk later, if you'd like…"

I debated leaving. I knew I needed to, at least, get some fresh air to clear my head, but I did not want to leave Jasper alone. I cupped his face just as he was with mine and stared into his eyes. He did not look as broken, but I was still debating. Then, I knew I had to get out, even if only for a few minutes.

"Just a few minutes…"

He shook his head. "Take all the time you need."

This time, I shook my head. I kissed his cheek softly. "A few minutes," I murmured as I walked out.

Well, storming out….

That's how I ended up here. Sitting on a log, no more anger, bloody knuckles, and freezing. Ever so slowly, snow began to fall through the trees around me. I shivered delicately, standing. I needed to get out of here and to a warm environment. God, did I feel stupid. I looked around me blankly. Which way to go?

Just as I began to try and retrace my steps mentally, a branch behind me snapped quietly. I froze, fear seeping through my veins. I turned slowly.

"Shh," Jasper murmured. "It's me. I won't hurt you."

I let out the breath I had not known I was holding. I faced him. My eyes met his.

"I know you won't hurt me."

He gave a slight smile. He walked to me and picked me up. He cradled me in his arms as he sped through the trees.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"I'm taking you home before you can get, at least, really sick. You may still end up with a cold, though. Sorry," he apologized.

I looked up at him, confused. "What for?"

"For not coming earlier. If I had known you were just going to walk in the woods on such a blistering winter day, I would have…I don't know, followed you to keep you safe."

"It's fine, Jasper. Besides, a cold will keep me out of school."

He gave a short laugh. I smiled.

It was then, I decided. I was going to do everything in my power to make him happy again. My heart had already been broken, I knew how it felt, but Jasper should never feel that way.

I snuggled closer into his chest just as he jumped into my room. Charlie was still at work so it didn't matter that my truck was not here. He settled on my bed with me in his lap. Then, he held me just as I had held him as a few tears slipped down my cheeks. Not just for my own sadness, but for the sadness that Jasper felt because of this mess.

He set his head on mine.

"I love you, too, Bella. And I swear, we will never be hurt again," he whispered to me in his silky voice.

I had no choice but to believe him. His words sank in.

"Are you sure you can't read my mind, Major?" I asked. He had basically restated my epiphany.

His chest shook as his chuckle slipped between his lips.

"No, darlin', but I do know you."

I looked up at him. "Thank you."

He smiled. "You, too, sweetheart, you, too."

It may take time, but we would be okay.

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