chapter 1:The walking dead?

3 hours after orrder 66, the mighty General grievous awoke from were he was shot several times in the heart by obi-wan kenobi.
Grievous got up grunting in pain walking to the very platform from were the deadly dual came over to a clonecomander from who was once on obi wan's clone snuck up behind him and snaped his neck.

Grievous stumbled over to a yellow commander droid.
"General!" The droid said in shock to see his general's wounds."get me to my ship and repair me." grievous wheezed."roger roger!" the droid replyed.
Just then the commando droid called grievous's persenal bodyguards. "m1-2b",a 6 ft magnaguard and "thriver" his persenal favorite who was 6ft.9in tall.
The magnaguards pulled out a foldable medical bed wich grievous climbed on.
The guards carried grievous to his ship. His frieghter zoomed off utapau's landing pad into the atmosphere.
"General-are-you-o.k?" m1-2b asked. "No you retard!"grievous snarled. 1 hour later the ship arrived to grievous's secret hide out on dathomire.
the guards carried grievous out into the jungle and arrived to a stone structure. the guards unlocked the key code to his hide out door and the door opended and the general and guards dissepeared in the dark!