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Chapter One - Injuries

Stoick looked at Gobber, who pointed to his son's left a deep breath, Stoick took a proper look at the young hero.

Hiccup still had all his hair with only a few burns and scraps patterned his face, the clothes on his torso and arms had a few tears, revealing cuts that caused blood to run down his arms. His right leg was in a similar state to his arms and torso save from a burns that was revealed through the tears in the fabric but his left leg looked really really really bad. And even those did not describe how bad the leg of his son looked. Stoick bared his teeth, and took another deep breath through his nose. He had to see the damage, to know what had to be done.

Below the knee, the leg was in a bad state. The trouser's material had multiple of tears. His skin had what appeared to be gaping holes that revealed a fast moving infection but the burn that ran up his leg tried to fuse his flesh back together but the fire was only hot enough to fuse little bits together. In other areas bits of broken bone had forced its way to the surface and a slimy, thick green ooze poured out with his red blood, which was slowly drying.

Stoick heard five sets of footsteps approaching. The teens were on their way, and while they may have fought in battle, in a new way, they still had a few more years before they should see a injury that bad on someone their own age. Thinking quickly, the father placed his son beside the Dragon.

"Cover him" he whispered to the dark Dragon. Toothless grabbed his master with his legs, dragged Hiccup towards his body and covered him with his wing, hiding him from view. Stoick looked right into the Dragon's green eyes before turning to address the teenagers.

"Chief, where's Hiccup?" asked Astrid. Stoick sighed and lowered himself fully to the ground. Behind Astrid stood Ruffnut and Tuffnut, Snotlout and Fishlegs. Each of them were worried out of their mind.

"With the Dragon-" began Stoick but Astrid interrupted.

"Toothless" she said. Said Dragon stared in her direction.

"Yeah, that. Anyway, me and Gobber need to..." this time Stoick was interrupted by Toothless with a low moan.

"...and Toothless need to administer treatment so we need you kids to create a litter and will one of you fetch the Healer, Annaval" Stoick nodded but the young heroes did not leave. They needed more information.

"What's wrong with Hiccup?" Snotlout asked, stepping to stand beside Astrid.

"We need to look at his left leg, it is badly injured, and we are unsure of anything else, which is why we need the healer and you need to follow my orders" said Stoick. The teenagers nodded and ran to begin their jobs.

Spitelout, Snotlout's father and Stoick's younger brother appeared beside the worried father.

"How are we going to get back?" he asked, strangely calm in the tension.

"Create a vessel for the injured, one other vessel for Hiccup and Toothless and myself and have the teenagers train the others in riding dragons, so that they can fly back to Berk. Once there, we can offer the Dragons a choice to stay with us or return back to their nest and if they do decide to stay, that no one will attack them and they will be allowed to live freely" Stoick looked up at his brother, who just nodded and left. Stoick watched him approach the teenagers.

Stoick looked out over the land and saw the Healer coming nearer, saw the three teenagers creating a litter and the other two teenagers following Spitelout to begin teaching a group of Vikings the basics of Dragon riding.

The Healer arrived by Stoick's side, medical bag in hand.

"Where is he?" she asked simply.

"With Toothless" said Stoick as he turned away from his village and put all his focus onto his son.

"Toothless?" asked Annaval, confused.

"The Night Fury" said Stoick and he lay his hand on Toothless' head.

Toothless looked at Stoick and revealed Hiccup once again. Stoick slowly lifted Hiccup and placed him before the Healer as she looked at his leg. She carefully investigated the leg, gently touching small parts.

Then she said the dreaded words:

"His leg will have to come off."

"Gobber and Stoick, you will have to hold him down" said the Healer as she got the equipment ready.

"I can't" said Stoick, "he's my son, I have hurt him enough."
"And he so much like a son to me" Gobber agreed, having two amputations, one which he forgot and another that he did not.

"With the leg on, it will become infected and he will die..." she would've carried on but a growl from across the island. The Dragons from the Kill Ring came running across the beach and held Hiccup down by his arms and leg, and across his torso.

Toothless looked at the Healer and nodded. Annaval nodded and began the operation.

Hiccup's scream echoed, causing everyone on the island to flinch, many of the older ones knowing what was happening.