Chapter Nine - He's Back

Astrid was walking with Fishlegs. He needed a new book and she was going to see Hiccup. Behind them, Ruffnut and Tuffnut were fighting. Snotlout was away teaching. Today, the adults were taking their first flight.

"So, what do we do when Hiccup does wake up?" Fishlegs asked.

"Treat him much better than we have ever in the past" suggested Tuffnut, after he punched his sister in the gut.

"Yep" agreed Astrid.

She arrived at the bottom of the hill and saw that there was a crowd gathered around the house.

"What happened?" asked Fishlegs.
"Do you think Hiccup's okay?" asked Ruffnut. Ignoring them, Astrid started to run up the hill.

And she will never forget the sight that was lay out before her.

Hiccup was crowded by the village. He was standing up, his weight mostly on his right leg, a few burns littered his face but other than that, he was smiling and talking away with his father and Gobber.

So, Astrid punched him.