So this is just complete and utter brotherly love/schmoop because I was having a sucky day. So, enjoy this. The song lyrics are from Bon Jovi's song Always. Please review, as they make me very happy :D


"And I will love you, baby


And I'll be there forever and a day,


Dean woke to the sound of baby Sammy crying in his crib. His dad was passed out on the couch – again. Dean made his way to the crib, looking in at his fussing baby brother, then picked him, supporting his head just like his mom taught him to before she...left. He bounced Sammy gently crooning quietly to him, just making soothing noises to make Sammy feel better, rubbing his back and smiling. Finally Sammy quieted, and Dean carried him back to his bed, still crooning softly. He fell asleep with Sammy on his lap, propped up by his older brother, both of them feeling happy and safe. As he was drifting off, Dean looked down at his sleeping baby brother. "I'll be there for you Sammy. Forever and a day."

"Baby if you give me just one more try

We can pack up our old dreams

And our old lives

We'll find a place where the sun still shines"

Sammy tugged at Dean's sleeve, waking him from a deep sleep. As Dean blinked his eyes open with a somewhat slurred "S'matter S'my?", another burst of thunder swept into the motel room on the heels of an enormous flash of light. Sam squeeked and jumped into Dean's bed, then hid himself against his brother's chest. Dean smiled slightly, wrapping an arm protectively around his brother. "Shhh, it's ok Sammy. I got ya, the storm can't hurt you. Just remember how pretty everything looks after a storm, with the sun shining, everything clean and shiny from all the rain." Dean babbled on, finally tapering off when he could hear Sam's breathing, deep and even, coming from under his arm. He smiled again at his little brother. "I'll protect you Sammy. Forever and a day."

"I'll be there till the stars don't shine
Till the heavens burst

And the words don't rhyme"

Dean dragged his brother into the motel room as gently as he could, depositing him carefully on the bed. He ran back, closing the door and pouring salt in a line at the bottom before grabbing the first aid kit and sitting on the bed beside his brother. "It's ok, Sammy, I got ya."

"It's Sam," muttered his brother, wincing as even that much talking irritated his broken ribs.

"Whatever you say, princess. Now sit up, I need to wrap your ribs before you pass out. I am not gonna try holding up my sasquatch brother and wrapping his ribs at the same time." Sam muttered something unintelligible, then managed to sit up with Dean's help and stay up while Dean wound an ace bandage around and around his ribs. Finally, Dean handed Sam two aspirin and a glass of water and helped him lay down on the motel bed. "Alright, I'm gonna go shower. Don't go running any marathons while I'm gone," said Dean, heading for the bathroom. Sam grumbled something into his pillow, and Dean smiled, heading off to shower. When he came back out, Sam was out cold on the motel bed, his only movement the slow, even movement of his chest as he breathed. As Dean watched, one hand crept out and searched the covers, and he heard Sam mutter quietly in his sleep, "D'n?". Dean walked over, taking his brother's hand, the other carding gently through his hair. "Right here, Sammy. I'll always be here. Forever and a day."


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