I never used to be like this, I have to admit. I never used to be so snooty or slutty. I never used to feel the need to flirt. Actually, before that night, I had barely talked to a boy. But then...something happened that night. Something happened that changed me. Something happened that made me change my ways. I've been all over the world. I've seen all sorts of things. I've heard things that people my age shouldn't hear. I've held things that are potentially dangerous. I've done too much in my short life time.

And that's what scares me the most.


Dear Cameron Morgan,

I am proud to announce that you have been accepted into Montague Academy for the Talented.

The Board of Directors read the letter you sent to us, and almost immediately chose to accept you. As of January 1, you will be a student at Montague Academy. We cannot wait to have you join our student body. We have also decided to chose you to participate in the Drayton challenge. I'm sure you are familiar with the challenge and know of the consequences, but after reading all your reports, we have come to the conclusion that you are capable to represent Montague. If you do not wish to participate, please tell us so we can choose somebody else.

Any other information you may need is on the sheet attached.


Aaron Anthony.

Principal at Montague Academy


As I walked through the hall of new home, rereading my letter, I thought of only one thing: I am not going to fit in here.

I walked past girls wearing knee-length skirts and carrying backpacks and wearing their hair slicked back in ponytails and walking hunchbacked. I looked down at what I was wearing; plain white polo shirt, and blood red high-wasted short shorts. They were literally up my bum crack. The boys were similar to the girls here, except they wore pants with not a single crease, and their hair slicked back onto their heads. The only exception, was one group of boys, who looked normal. Their hair was longer than a buzz cut, but not too long, and their uniform was scruffy in a rebel kind of way. They actually looked decent.

I scoffed. This school was exactly like my last one. With the exception that my last school was all girls.

When I saw the door with the number 84 on it, I pushed it open. 'You must be Cameron,' a voice said, quietly. I snapped out of my ravine and pulled my earphones out of my ears.

'That depends on who you are,' I snapped, glaring at the girl. I looked her up and down. Like the other girls, her hair was in a ponytail, her tie was pushed to the tip, her shirt was tucked into her knee-length skirt, which reached her knee-length socks. I almost gagged.

She frowned at me. 'I'm Macey McHenry, your roommate.'

'My what?' I yelled. I looked around the room and noticed two beds, two wardrobes, two dressers, two trunks and two desks. 'Whoa, I didn't agree to a roommate!'

'Complain to the Board later, right now, you need to get your uniform on,' Macey McHenry said, rolling her eyes slightly.

I stood in the middle of the room, my eyes wide, and suitcase in hand. 'Uniform?' I muttered.

'Yes, uniform. It's there,' she said, pointing to a pile on top of what I guessed to be my bed. 'Once you have it on, you have to come down to the Grand Hall,' she explained, before walking out and shutting the door behind her.

'And am I meant to know where that is?' I shouted, though I got no reply.

'Uniform...' I repeated. I walked to my bed, picked up the uniform and scowled. 'Well, that can change for a start.'

Fifteen minutes late, I walked out of the room, looking completely different to everyone else. I had substituted the black ballet flats for a pair of black 2-and-a-half-inch heels. I put on a pair of black tights, with the navy skirt, which I had rolled up to a couple of inches past my butt. My white blouse was tucked into my skirt neatly; the first two buttons unfastened. The blazer I was permitted to wear was fastened at the first button, keeping my loose tie in place. My dirty blonde hair was wavy down my back, the blue streaks clearly visible. My face was void of all make-up, except for lip gloss.

I was 10 minutes late, I know, but I was determined to make an entrance.

As I approached the oak doors that - I guessed - led to the Grand Hall, I heard the principal attempting to calm down the student body; key word being attempting. To help him out, I pushed the huge oak doors open. Instantly, the whole room fell silent, as heads turned, forks dropped, guys hooted and girls scowled.

'The Board have accepted Cameron, here, to our school under very special circumstances, in which will remain confidential. Cameron Morgan has also been chosen to represent Montague in the Drayton challenge, alongside Zach Goode.'

By now, I was almost at the front. I walked past a table and hear a girl say, 'She's been chosen to represent us? We're never going to win.' I almost gagged at the amount of zits on her face.

'Cameron and Zach both contain qualities which will help in the challenge,' Mr Anthony continued. 'Cameron, please follow Zach down to the basement.' I nodded, and turned to the boy who had sneaked up behind me. I gaped at him. It was one of the boys who looked rebellious. It was the boy who had smiled at me when I walked past him.

He led me out of the Grand Hall into the corridor, where I followed him down windy halls until we reached an elevator, that I'm guessing led to the basement. Just as I was about to step into the elevator, Macey McHenry caught up to us.

'Cameron, a word?' she asked. I sighed, and stepped out. 'She'll meet you down there, Zach.'

The elevator doors closed, hiding Zach from view. 'What?' I said, turning to her.

'You don't know Zach. He's not just one of your "boy-toys". He's a human being,' she started.

'What on Earth are you going on about?'

'I've read your file.'

'What... You had no right!' I shouted, getting up in her face. 'You had no right, whatsoever, reading my file! That's confidential, you...you...' Words failed me as my anger took over. She had no right reading that file.

'Calm down,' she tried soothing. 'I was granted permission, since I'm your roommate.'

I willed myself to calm down. 'Is that all you wanted? Can I go now?'

'Zach won't be played about like your other boyfriends-'

'He's not my boyfriend,' I stated calmly.

It was Macey McHenry's turn to sigh. 'You know what I mean. But you don't know Zach.'

'So, tell me. Tell me all about the wonderful Zach Goode who is supposedly my boyfriend, though I had no recollection of that arrangement that is apparently written on my file,' I said, sarcastically. Mockingly. Offended.

'Zach Goode is...everything,' she started. 'He's a straight-A student, the kindest person here at Montague but also the scariest. He's the best in Defence, so therefore rendering him dangerous; which is also one of the reasons he's been chosen to compete in the Drayton. That's how I don't understand why you've been chosen.'

I stared at her. 'You like him,' I smirked.

She shook her head. 'Everyone likes him. He's not spoken to you yet. He's not laid his charm on you. When he does speak, you'll like him too.' I shook my head. 'Deny it all you like, hide it all you like, lie all you like, but one day you're not going to be able to kid yourself any longer.'

I laughed.

'You don't believe me?'


'Don't come running back to me when you fall. Because all I'll say is "I told you so."'

I laughed again. 'Macey McHenry? Please, remind me what my file contains?'

She looked confused but obliged. 'It has your reports, grades and other details from other schools.'

'What was my last school?'

'Gallagher Academy for the Troubled.'

'Do you really think that if I went to detention facility beforehand, that Montague would have accepted me?' She considered this. 'No. Of course not. You'd have to be stupid to accept a former delinquent into such a prestigious school like this. So, babe, you've put two and two together, and came up with five. Like that guy said, I was accepted for confidential reasons, reasons that aren't in my file. I'm not the person everyone thinks I am.'

'But... that makes no sense.'

'Oh, hun, it does if you think about it. Aren't you guys here meant to be smart, or something?'

This offended her. 'Now, you listen here-'

I stepped closer to her as I watched all the colour drain from her face. 'No, you listen to me. You barely know me. You don't know what I'm capable of. You don't know what I've been through. You don't know what my eyes have seen, what my hands have felt, what my ears have heard, where my feet have led me. I've seen things you couldn't begin to imagine. I've held things you wouldn't dare to hold. I've heard things that what paralyze you with fear. I've been places you haven't even heard of. You don't know what I'm like. All you've done is read a stupid file. I don't play by the rules.'

'That's funny,' she said, in a way that told me that it totally wasn't. 'Neither does Zach.'

So, hey. I'm back and I'm ready. I've learned a lot and I'm changing my writing, so it might be a little different.