The One You Want part two: love is dangerous.

"Sooo... It's been officially a week that you two have been together." Suzuki chirped. Good job. You're still gay." "Shut up." Deidara said. "It's none of your buisiness." "Eeernt! Wrong!" Suzuki yelled, crossing her arms to make an 'X'. "Remember, I'm the one who set you up." "Oh, yeah." Deidara said. "You two!" Someone yelled. It was their sensei. "What you are talking about seems pretty important. Do you need to share the class?" "No, sir!" They both yelled at the same time. "Pay attention." He said, whacking them both on the head with a rolled-up paper. "Yes, sensei." Suzuki grumbed.

On the way home from school, Deidara lightened up. "Sasori aked me to go to his house today!" He sung. "Be careful, you don't know what he could do!" Suzuki sung back. "So, how are you getting there?" "He's picking me up from my house." "Well, just be careful. I don't want to see my best friend raped." Suzuki then hugged him and walked into her house. Deidara smiled. She trusted him. "Thank you." He whispered then ran home to get ready. "Will Sasori like this?" He asked himself. "No... It's a dumb shirt." "But maybe he'll like this." All of a sudden, Deidara heard a knock on the door.

Deidara threw on a green tee shirt, skinny jeans and ran downstairs. "Hey." Deidara grinned when he opened the door. "Yo," Sasori replied. "My car's out front." Deidara saw his car. A blue convertable. "How-how'd you afford this all?" Deidara asked, getting into it's comfortable seat, which was shotgun. "I didn't buy it. My dad's a millionare. But I don't live with him. I don't even like my dad." Sasori explained. "It's a pretty badass car!" Deidara grinned, feeling his hair blow back in the breese. This went on for about ten minutes, before they pulled up into the driveway of a regular suburban townhouse.

"Well, we're here." Sasori said, getting out of the car. "Thanks for having me over." Deidara said. "Any time." Sasori replied. "You hungry?" Sasori asked as they walked into his house. "Yeah." Deidara replied. "Is canned ravioli fine right now?" "Sure. Anything sounds good right now." After they ate, Sasori asked Deidara to go up to his bedroom. Sasori followed him up and locked the door.

"Deidara, about our relationship." Sasori said. "I've wanted to be with you longer than you've thought. But all those other whores got in the way, so I never got a chance to talk to you." He then shoved Deidara on the bed and got on top with him. 'He's so close to me...' Deidara thought. "I love you." Sasori said, then kissed him. Deidara didn't fight it. Sasori's tounge slid into Deidara's mouth. "Mmmmh" was the only thing Deidara could say.

Deidara then came into sudden shock. Sasori was sliding his hand up his leg. Deidara's breathing was starting to speed up. 'Ohmigod no way!' Deidara thought as Sasori's hand went into his pants. Deidara then pulled away from the kiss. "Sa-Sasori..." Deidara moaned. "Yes, love?" Sasori replied. "Do you really mean this?" Sasori didn't answer. There was knocking on the door. Sasori didn't answer it.

Instead, he pulled off Deidara's shirt. "Forget her." Sasori said. "Forget who?" Deidara asked softly. "That tomboy. The one who's always with you. She gets in the way." Sasor was leaning closer to Dei."GET OFF ME!" Deidara yelled, pushing Sasori off himself. 'Suzuki told me to be careful... I was careless...' Deidara grabbed his shirt and ran out of Sasori's room after he unlocked it. Deidara didn't stop running for three blocks. After that, he was lost. Deidara pulled his cell phone out of his pocket. "Hello?" "Hey, mom? Could you pick me up?" "Sure, sweetie. Where are you?" Deidara told his mom where he was. It wasn't a suprise that Suzuki was in the cr with his mom when she pulled up. "What's wrong?" She asked. "It looks like you've been crying.

Suzuki was right. He had been crying. "It's nothing." He said. "Nothing at all." "Stop lying. I can tell when you're lying."