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P.S. The main songs that inspired me were All I Want Is You by Miguel, Quickie by Miguel, and Sure Thing by Miguel.

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Jade couldn't breathe from the moment that Tori strutted through the double doors. Boy, did she walk the halls of Hollywood Arts like she owned the place. It was like tile floors were her own personal cat-walk.

As she sauntered up to her group, her brown tresses were snapping back and forth when she turned her head to say hi to everyone who happened to walk past her.

The Latina was wearing her favorite off-the-shoulder top, it was a teal color with a colorful Native American headdress plastered on the front. She must have been wearing a strapless bra underneath because all Jade could see was her sun-kissed shoulder with no strap to hinder her sight.

She daringly wore a tight white pencil skirt that hugged her body so tightly that Jade could see her muscles flexing beneath the fabric. Her Latina hips were true to their heritage and the rocked back and forth as if the girl dancing for all her life.

Her turquoise Vans bent as she stood on her tippy-toes to put one of her binders on the top shelf.

Jade, herself, was garbed in black skinny jeans that were paired with her black leather combat boots. When she walked the straps on the boots clicked together and the soles of the boots stomped down on the tile making her feel powerful and dangerous.

Her shirt today was a red and black patterned flannel. She had only the three middle buttons buttoned. By leaving the top two undone she exposed her cleavage and with the bottom one undone she exposed her flat, muscular midriff.

Tori swept her hair back with her hand as she greeted the group. Jade sipped her coffee leering at the girl with unwavering green eyes. The coffee was bitter with a note of slight sweetness as the plastic top passed her lips.

Jade watched Tori listen to Cat's ridiculous tale about her brother's most recent escapade. The devil on her shoulder laughed mischievously, the demon whispered in her mind.

"You can't have her Jade…"

Jade's now maroon (matching her streaked hair) fingernails clenched the paper cup in her hand. She hated it when her mind did that to her.

Hated it when she was reminded that the only thing that she wanted, the only thing that she needed, was just out of her reach. The goth hated that Tori had actually caused her to feel something other than hatred and anger. She pursed her lips around the bitter taste in her mouth. The coffee she was drinking had nothing to do with the bitterness her tongue memorized.

Most of all, Jade hated the mother fucking cliché that she was.

Oh, the goth that everyone hated fell in love with preppy ball of joy that was everyone's friend. The prep! Of all the people that the goth could fall for! No, of course it had to be the prep, the girl that was completely oblivious to the turmoil going on inside the dark individual.

The goth hated that the prep for making her feel something when she was perfectly content being an empty shell of a human being. The goth hated that the prep had caused her to forget herself and all the promises she made to herself.

Jade hate the feelings Tori brought up because even though every fiber of her being wanted to hate the Latina she just couldn't manage to.

And it was all one Goddamn cliché. Jade hated clichés.

Jade's boot clad foot stamped lightly on the tile. It wasn't fair!

She needed to be an empty shell! That's how she escaped the pain she saw in people's eyes when they saw her walking in their direction. Being an empty shell was how she coped with her mother's death and her father's absence at home.

Her throat became thick and when she swallowed the bitter liquid it burned unpleasantly.

No, Jade decided, she couldn't afford to feel for Tori.


"What?" Her voice lacked its usual venom and she mostly sounded exhausted.

"We have to go to first block. You have that class with Tori right?"

Shit, she almost forgot.

She and Tori had an R&B Vocals project that they were supposed to be working on. The project was to compile three of their favorite R&B song and create a "story", for lack of a better term, using those three songs. However, they had to pick the three songs from one artist.

It was due today.

Jade and Tori both looked into each other's eyes wondering if the other girl was ready to sing their risqué song in front of their teacher and their peers. Without a word they began walking to class side by side.

To say that their composition was good was a bit of an understatement. It was so sexy and hot that it made Tori blush every time they had rehearsed it in the school's studio.

The three songs that they picked were by Miguel. All I Want Is You featuring the rapper J. Cole, Sure Thing, and Quickie were their titles. The songs by themselves were incredibly sexy any way but when Jade and Tori edited them together it was scalding sexy and hot.

They walked into the classroom setting their backpacks on the back of their chairs. Their teacher a muscular, mixed man who was in his thirties fit the R&B artist mold with his attractive appearance and voice that sounded like sex and honey mixed together.

A few volunteers went up to perform their compositions to get it over with. Their performances were decent; nothing for them to be ashamed about, but somehow Jade knew that her and Tori would blow the entire class out of the water.

Mr. Smith had begun calling out students to go after the steady stream of volunteers had ceased.

"Tori and Jade. Ready? Hand in your final copy of the lyrics to me and the flash drive with the music." Mr. Smith was from Charleston, North Carolina and his accent was thick and smooth. Jade had decided that he was the sexiest teacher she had this semester.

Jade's elbow flew into Tori's side as the girl had been dozing, not that Jade blamed her some of the songs were really boring.

Jade handed the computer paper into her teacher and watched his eyebrows rise.

He read the title aloud, "I Don't Wanna Be Loved." He chuckled, shaking his head and handing the both of the girls microphones.

Jade's boots stomped up to the stage demanding that Jade be the center of attention adding about one inch to her height. Mr. Smith turned the lights off and turned the spot light onto the raven-haired and the Latina.

Mr. Smith plugged in the flash drive and the music started. It was slow and sexy, and to be honest, it kind of got Jade turned on.

Jade licked her lips waiting for the clash of the snare drum on the track before she started singing.


Mami you looking like I'm just another girl
That came to check you
That came to wreck you
No disrespect but mami that's correct cause...
What's in them jeans just got my mind hectic
I can see that you're feeling my passion
Is it cause I'm flashing (hmm)
Or is it this cash that's just way too reckless
Or is it this necklace
Wait, let me interrupt myself with this message. See,

The girls turned towards each other sing at each other feelings pouring out of their hearts and into the sultry lyrics of their song. Everything that was unsaid between was strained into their vocals.


All I want is you

Cause this love is a Sure Thing

You could bet that
Never got to sweat that

You could be the lover
I'll be the fighter babe
If I'm the blunt
You could be the lighter babe
Fire it up!
Writer babe
You could be the quote
If I'm the lyric baby
You could be the note
Record that!
Saint, I'm a sinner
Prize, I'm a winner

And All I want is you now,

Now that you're gone

Cause her eyes
And those hips
And that (ass)
Don't compare, at all (no)
And at best, all they do is distract me

Cause we're a Sure Thing

I don't wanna be loved
I don't wanna be loved
I just wanna quickie
No bite marks, no scratches, and no hickeys

And it was true. Jade didn't want to be loved. Or at least she didn't think so. All love ever did for her was cause her pain and heartache. That's why she had chosen to be hateful and cruel towards Tori. That's why she chose to run from her feelings for Tori.

Don't be offended babe
By what I say
It's just a game
And how I play
Pillage and plunder
Call me your plumber
Knock on this wood
Get rocked by this thunder

I Don't wanna be loved


But they don't smile
Or smell like you
No they don't make me laugh
Or even cook like you
And they don't photograph
Nah, they don't sex like you
Let's face it, I can't replace it
That's why all I want is you now...


But All I want is you

Now that you're gone, gone, gone

(Jade, Overlapping)

I don't wanna be loved

I don't wanna be loved

I just want a Quickie

(Tori, Overlapping)

But we were such a Sure Thing

(Jade, Overlapping)

I don't wanna be loved


Even when the sky comes fallin
Even when the sun don't shine
I got faith in you and I
So put your pretty little hand in mine


I don't wanna be loved

I don't wanna be loved

I just want a Quickie

(Tori and Jade)

All I Want Is You

The class erupted into applause for the incredible song. Tori and Jade smiled at each other grasping each other's hand and taking a bow. Tori's hand squeezed Jade's saying everything that had gone unsaid between them.

Jade squeezed back looking into Tori's eyes and seeing the scared, questioning look in them.

Tori mouthed to Jade, "Janitor's closet?"

Jade's eyes bugged out of their sockets. Her throat felt like sandpaper as she swallowed. And her mouth dried out.

Slowly, she began to nod. Jade and Tori returned to their seats and when Jade sat down she noticed just how wet her panties were.

This class better end fucking quickly.

Tori's hand rested on top of Jade's and it was freaking her out. This class was about to get an eye full if it didn't hurry up and end.

As soon as the bell rung, Jade yanked Tori by her wrist to the janitor's closet.

Jade shoved the brunette in the small room following closely behind her. She closed the door behind them quickly putting a chair underneath the doorknob to keep anyone from walking in.

Jade finally turned towards the other girl who was smirking at her with her arms crossed over her chest.

"We have class in fifteen minutes if we say Mr. Smith held us back and forge a pass." The Latina strutted up to Jade her dainty hands on the other girl's studded belt.

Jade breathing sped up as Vega leaned in, putting her mouth on the other girl's ear. Jade's hands found their way onto Tori's waist as she listened as if her life depended on it to the words that came out of the sultry mouth be her ear.

"Shame we don't have more time…" Tori licked the white skin underneath Jade's ear and smiled when the goth's breathing hitched.

"Will a Quickie suffice?"

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