"I'm bored," Sam whined, draping himself over the back of the couch that Dean was lounging on, dropping his chin on the top of Dean's head. Dean sighed.

"So'm I. What do you wanna do?" he asked.

Sam grinned. "Well there's this movie..."

"We are not going to see some crappy-ass fairy movie, you can't make me!" Dean protested loudly. Sam hit him across the ear.

"No, doofus, it's a horror movie! We'll hafta sneak in though, I'm too young," he said.

Dean groaned loudly. "Oh come on, Sam, you know how bad those things are! They get everything wrong!"

"Well," Sam said in mock seriousness, grabbing the newspaper and examining the movie listings. "There's also The Adventures of Sparkles the Unicorn, we could see that. Or this one called It's Always Been You. I'm pretty sure that has Julia Roberts in it."

"Fine, fine, get your coat, we'll see this dumb horror movie," Dean conceded. "Although the Julia Roberts one is probably scarier."

The town they were in was nice, large enough to have a decent movie theater, but small enough that it was within walking distance, and they made it there within the hour. Dean bought them tickets for the thing about the unicorn and they casually walked down the hall, taking a left instead of a right straight into the room where the slasher was playing.

It wasn't even two minutes in before Dean was bitching. "Oh come on," he complained, "Vampires don't even look like that!"

Sam shushed him loudly and two older ladies turned around to give them odd looks. Sam flashed back his patented charming smile and Dean did the same, and they returned to watching the screen.

"Just shut up and watch the movie," Sam insisted, pinching his arm. Dean winced and glared.

"And they're not supposed to be sexy, they're monsters," he grumbled, more quietly this time. Sam shot him a look but didn't say anything.

An hour and a half and many pissy comments later, they exited the theater into the cooling evening air, Dean still mumbling about how vampires don't die that easily and that girl was kinda hot but why would she ever think that running around the woods in lingerie was a good idea? Sam smiled and nodded, saying the right things in the right places, and decided that he wanted every Saturday afternoon to be just like this.