A number of people have complained that this story is confusing. My response to all has been that it's supposed to be. I know that that might sound mean, or bitchy, but it's also the blunted truth. This is a story that involves a nervous breakdown. The collapse is shown from a first person point-of-view. It will be confusing. It will be harsh. It will be unpleasant.

It will also be unique. It's a trade off and a gamble. I knew I'd send people packing because it was difficult to follow. I wished there was a way to avoid that, but there wasn't. You won't see a published author taking this kind of risk with their audience. It will only happen here.

For your edification, here an essay that might help you to understand what I had in mind:

Web address: valyssia dot dreamwidth dot org; entry: 6670.

The best I can do is ask you to assemble the address and slap a dot html on the end. FanFiction dot Net sucks. Damn them for not allowing us to post links to other resources without all of this mucking around. This is the only place I have this story posted that I did not initially include supporting material. That's caused more confusion that I care to consider. I truly don't understand the popularity of this prison.

* The second essay I wrote on the story's structure along with the contiguous dream sequence from act two has been published here. Unfortunately, the first essay which explains the foundation for the piece is dependent on a couple of images. I would post it here if I could.