It was raining cats and dogs when Jodie went to visit Grandma Bean in her little but cozy cottage on Apple Street.

"Today I am going to tell you the story of why I quit singing." Grandma Bean said, Jodie was on cloud nine, because her grandma told interesting stories, dramatic, but interesting.

"At first I thought singing was not my cup of tea, but my friends convinced me to try it." Grandma Bean explained, Andrea nodded.

"So I auditioned for the part of Jill, in "Jack and Jill", it seemed like a piece of cake, all I had to do as sing a few line from the script, I thought that with a little practice, I would nail the audition."

"I failed the audition though, as soon as I started singing, the bananas split, peeled out, and slipped away, the water ran off, even the knives cut and ran!" Grandma Bean said dramatically. "It was just horrible to imagine that I had failed at something that seemed so easy."

"Wait a minute," Jodie interrupted the story, "I don't mean to burst your bubble, Grandma but dad said that you failed the audition because you were feeling under the weather." "Maybe, but my story is much more dramatic and tragic, don't you think?"

"Anyways, after that audition, I never tried singing again, you see..." Grandma Bean stopped, she sniffed the air, "Who ripped one?", Jodie laughed, "Sorry, I had beans on toast for lunch."

Grandma Bean licked her lips,"I do not blame you one bit, nothing tastes better than a warm plate of beans." " I know right!" Jodie said in agreement, "and since my sister wouldn't eat hers, I ate her plate too!" Grandma Bean laughed that loud laugh of hers.

"Now where was I? Oh yes, the moral of my story... You see, one simple audition, just one audition, that teached me something very important...go wherever the wind blows you." "Is that the real reason?" Jodie felt suspicious. " You want me to let the cat out of the bag?" "Yes!"

"The real reason, is doughnuts the food I fell in love with the same time as singing." Grandma Bean whispered, "Doughnuts, huh." Jodie said, she had somehow expected that.

"Yep, a simple yet delicious decision that has brought me here today." Grandma Bean said, leaning back into her chair. Jodie smiled.