That night, Takumi had a weird dream. "Brother! I am going to avenge you!" He had said. Sasori just blinked and backed away. "You're making a really big mistake." His brother replied. "I have friends who are helping me, though!" "USELESS! They're too many of them! You will die in a heartbeat! That Yūgure kid killed all those WEAK rouges because he was pissed! That other kid almost died!" Takumi walked toward Sasori. "Brother…" Sasori smacked his hand. "Don't even TRY, FOOL!" Takumi snapped awake. He was hanging by a branch by his cloak. "Kodoku…" He said. Kodoku woke up almost immediately. "Yeah…?" He mumbled. "You kick in your sleep." Kodoku looked down to see Takumi, trying his best not to struggle. "Maybe we should have listened to Riku…" Takumi rolled his eyes. "Just save me. I don't wanna die. I don't like dying." The branch snapped. "OH SHI-!" Takumi screamed. "WHADDID I TELL YA!" Riku yelled, half awake. Kodoku caught Takumi just inches before he went splat. "Man…that was too close." Takumi mumbled as he dropped to the ground. "You get down here, too! Kodoku! It's not safe up there!" Riku rolled her eyes.

The next morning, Yūgure caught some fish. "Hey, watch this!" Riku said, nudging Kodoku. She did some hand signs and suddenly spit out fire into the fire pit they made. "I learned that from my dad!" She said, confident and proud. "Impressive…" Kodoku mumbled. Takumi was keeping guard with his puppet army, which he err…'stole' from Sasori. "Lunch!" Riku called a few minutes later. Takumi dropped the puppets and joined the others. "Finally! I'm starving!" Yūgure said. All of a sudden, a branch snapped. "What the he-" Takumi mumbled. All of a sudden, a blue, aura-like powder surrounded them. Kodoku covered up his face with his shirt, and then he saw Takumi, Riku, and Yūgure fell asleep. Kodoku laid down and pretended to be asleep. "Perfect." A voice said. "They're all affected." Kodoku peeked his eyes open to look at them. They were wearing animal-like masks. 'ANABU!' Kodoku thought. He suddenly jumped up. "Your…kind…isn't…ALLOWED…here!" He yelled. Kodoku uncovered his other eye and glared into their eyes. They were glowing. The Anabu stared at him. "What's up with his eyes?" One of them said. "C-creepy!" Said the other.

A thick black aura was surrounding Kodoku. "You stay away." Kodoku said. "Or I'll kill you!" The two Anabu were paralyzed. Kodoku charged at them at the speed of light. Tentacles from his stitches soon completely surrounded the Anabu. In seconds, blood was splattered everywhere and Kodoku was lying unconscious. Yūgure was the first to wake up. "Kodoku! Are you okay?" He yelled as he ran over to him. Yūgure saw the blood splattered all over Kodoku's body, then saw the dead Anabu. "KODOKU! WHAT HAPPENED?" Yūgure yelled. Kodoku woke up in a daze. "What happened? I don't remember…" "That's what I wanna know!" Kodoku looked around at all the blood and the two dead bodies. "Wanna raid them for their weapons?" Yūgure grinned. "Hell, yes." Eventually, Riku and Takumi woke up. "What the hell happened…?" Riku asked. "My head hurts…" "Don't know. But I think Kodoku killed them." Takumi grinned. 'One step closer.' He thought. "I can't remember what happened." Kodoku explained. "And why am I covered in blood?"

Eventually, they got cleaned up (all that blood) and headed out, by Riku's orders because she assumed that more Anabu would attack that general area. "I cannot believe it! The second we leave our safe area, we're attacked!" Takumi exclaimed. "Dude, there's no such thing as a safe area when you're in Akatsuki." Yūgure rolled his eyes. "Don't be such a noob." Riku said, leading the way. "I'll go sharingan on you if you whine like that." Yūgure shivered. "Yūgure knows that firsthand." "I'm not whining. I'm simply pointing out the obvious." "I'm now whining, I'm simply pointing out the obvious!" Yūgure mocked, in an annoying, high-pitched voice. "BLEEEH!" Takumi yelled, sticking his tongue out at Hidan, who was doing the same thing. Riku hit them both oh the head with the dull side of her sword, causing Kodoku to facepalm. "You guys… can you be anymore loud?" Yūgure started singing really loudly: "IM A BARBIE GIRL IN THE BARBIE WORLD LIFE IN PLASTIC ITS FANTASTIC COME ON BARBIE LETS GO PARTY!~" Some crows flew from the trees. Riku, Takumi, and Kodoku stared at him. "Just like your dad. You have problems." Yūgure rolled his eyes. "Since when do you care?" "Since being stealthy is part of being a ninja."