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-Sweet Night -

September 4th 1993

Dear Stranger,

I am mad at you. Yes, what you've heard. I am so mad I honestly didn't want to write you this time. But of course, Ma'am realized the fact that I was not going to write you when she asked that I've been forced to do so. However, if this was my idea then no, I wouldn't be talking to you.

Do you think you can buy it all with money? I never asked anything from you. Anything! So why did you send that ridiculous expensive dress with jewelry?! I get it okay, you are a powerful man with contacts, money, and nobody can say "no" to you, but let me tell you something Stranger! I don't need your charity. I have everything I could have asked for. A place to sleep in, I have somewhere to eat! I have the most amazing best friend in the entire world and I have the energy to get out of this place and for that I do not need you giving me special little gifts that could be feeding some abandon child as I used to need.

The idea of you paying right now for my studies it's bad enough but it's true. I need education to be someone nowadays however a silly dress? No thank you, I can survive without one.

Do you know what Stranger? I respect the fact you must have thousands of girls who love your presents are more than delighted to have your attention but let me leave something clear. I am NOT one of those girls. I might not be rich but I do not try to buy people because that's just wrong!

I am truly disappointed Stranger, I hope you understand if I stop writing at you. I left your "present" with Ma'am and asked her to deliver it back to you. The dress with whatever else you sent was is still in the box, I'm sure Ma'am will send it back to you or you can just come here and pick it up.



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- Sweet Night -