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Chapter 3

Grimmjow stared at the ceiling as he laid on the couch. What did that human mean? He thought. Did Kurosaki change?

"Grimmjow's in deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep thought!" Grimmjow jumped as Nel popped up from the other side of the couch. "Don't think too much! You're mental hamster is obese!"

"Real funny, you little shit." Grimmjow mumbled. "Do you think he's changed?"

"Itsygo? Hmm...he's cuter! Hair's a bit longer...his skin's a bit paler though..."

"You know what I mean!"

"Tee hee!" Nel giggled. "Why not simply ask him? He said you're friends now. Try it?" Grimmjow closed his eyes and sighed.

"Sure, I-" He froze as a familiar wave of spiritual pressure filled the air. "It's them...wait, where is Ichigo?" He looked around the house and cursed. "Shit..." He wasted no time, grabbing Ichigo's badge, abandoning his gigai and racing down the street, Nel behind him.

Ichigo sighed as the hollow vanished. "There, now I can-" He locked up when unfamiliar spiritual pressure flowed around him. "Who's there?" He turned to see two figures standing on a building behind him, their features shadowed by the dark night around them. "Who are you? !"

"Heehee the Ssssubstitute is rude!" One man hissed, his body seeming to dangle from the waist down, like a marionette on strings. "He isssssssss ssosoooo rude indeed!"

"What do you expect from teenagers, Sunēku?" the other man shrugged, holding a giant sword in his hands, the blades sharp and tipped red. "They don't have manners anymore."

"I asked you who the hell you are!" Ichigo called, unsheathing his zanpakuto. "Tell me!" The two man vanished and one grabbed Ichigo from behind, the other bowing in front of him. fast! But how? !

"Ah, you seem so confused, Kurosaki Ichigo." Ichigo struggled, but froze when he felt something sharp dig into his back. "Well I can understand that, the Espada either didn't mention us, or was rather vague."

"Y-you? ! You're the ones who attacked them? !"

"Yeesssssss, becausssssse he wouldn't tell usssss where we could find a cccccertain Ssssubsssstitute~!" The other giggled, a forked tongue licking its way up Ichigo's neck and ear. Ichigo froze in horror as bad memories flashed past his eyes and he struggled more. "Ssssssmellsssss like fear! Mmmm...ssssmellsssss good!"

"Let me go!" Ichigo snapped.

"No can do. You see, we need-" The other was cut off as a blue cero appeared. The man easily dodged it and Ichigo was released. He fell to the ground, panting and shaking, eyes wide.

"You motherfuckers!" Grimmjow shouted. Nel rushed over to Ichigo as Grimmjow aimed again.

"Itsygo, are you-"

"S...stop him before he hurts someone!" Ichigo said shakily, getting up and grabbing Grimmjow's arm. "Stop Grimmjow!"

"I'll fucking kill them for the humiliation they caused me!" He snarled, aiming again.

"Tsk tsk Espada. you never learn. Must we actually kill you this time?" The man rolled his eyes. "I am Tentei, this is Sunēku. We shall meet later on, Kurosaki Ichigo, Sexta Espada." They watched as the men left casually and Grimmjow snarled.

"Assholes! Get back-"

"That's enough Grimmjow!" Ichigo shouted angrily. Grimmjow whirled around and punched Ichigo in the face. Ichigo stumbled and fell, Nel looking on angrily.

"That was uncalled for, Master Jeagerjaques!" Nel snapped. "Can't you see how distressed Itsygo is right now? !" She knelt next to Ichigo as he rubbed his cheek. Grimmjow looked at him and froze.

His eyes... He thought. Looking at them, he could see an emotion there he hadn't seen before. Fear...but why is he afraid? What happened to the cocky son of a bitch that fought me? He wondered. "...We should head back." He replied gruffly.

"Yeah, and you're gomnna spill everything, got it?" Ichigo said, standing up and brushing off the fretting Nel.

"Fine. I guess I owe you that much..." Grimmjow grumbled.

"Damn straight you do."

"In Hueco Mundo, you have no sense of time or days, so I don't know when I started feeling a...disturbance in the reishi." Grimmjow started, holding a cup of black coffee in his hands. "But I'd have to say it was a month, at best. At first I thought it was that weird, soul Reaper captain doing shit."

"Mayuri?" Ichigo wondered, sitting on his bed while Nel sat on the floor, nibbling on oatmeal cookies. "I don't think he's allowed there. Toshiro was stationed there, but he's here now. Odd, i'm surprised he didn't sense you."

"That shopkeeper weirdo said that for a short time, after I leave this gigai my spiritual pressure is 'invisible'." Grimmjow explained. "So I can fight for a period of time before being discovered." He took a sip and sighed. "Anyways, they attacked me suddenly, and they must've been hiding their spiritual pressure, otherwise, I'd have known they were coming."

"Sure it wasn't a cat nap?" Ichigo joked and chuckled when Grimmjow flipped him off. "Sorry, continue."

"Anyways, they said they were looking for you. Dunno why, but someone after my prey isn't allowed, so I kept my mouth shut. they beat the shit outta me good, and if it wasn't for this annoying brat, i'd probably be dead."

"Correction, without Itysgo, you'd be dead! You'd be dog food, fish bait, poopoo-"

"Alright Nel we get it." Ichigo chuckled. "But...why me?"

"No fuckin' clue Kurosaki."

"Ichigo, call me Ichigo." He sighed. "Well, why didn't you say this to me earlier? If they're after me, I think I had a fucking right to know."

"Tsk, well maybe I just didn't wanna share information with ya before." Ichigo stood abruptly, glaring at Grimmjow angrily.

"Fucking Jeagerjaques, I save your ass and this is how you're thanking me? ! You could have put many lives at risk today! And for fuck's sake get over yourself!"

"No, you shut the fuck up!" Grimmjow snapped back, standing and getting in Ichigo's face. "You can take all your self righteous shit and shove it up your tight ass ya hear me? ! I don' want yer pity, and I don't fucking want your help! I'll kill those bastards my way, got it? I don't need help from some pansy ass Substitute who freezes in his enemies arms simply from being mol-" Grimmjow was shoked to feel a fist hit his face hard enough to have him tumbling over the chair he had been sitting in. "F-fucking hell? !"

"Don't you dare assume you know what the fuck really happened...don't you fucking dare!" Ichigo shouted. He turned around and slammed his bedroom door shut. Nel looked and kicked Grimmjow in the side before walking outside. Grimmjow just sat there with a dumb look on his face.

"What the hell?"

"He's been through a lot. If I hear you giving him any sort of grief, I will personally put your ass six feet underground without breaking a sweat, understood?" Tatsuki's words rang in his head.

"...What really happened?" Grimmjow wndered. He got up and walked to the door. He was about to knock when he heard something. He leaned in close and his blue eyes widened as he heard sniffling. "...Crying?" For a brief moment, he thought about laughing, but changed his mind. No...this isn't a laughing matter...what happened Kurosaki...Ichigo? He opened the door, suprised it wasn't locked. "Oi, what are ya cryin' for?"

"No sense of privacy. You're such a dick."

"Thanks, compliment accepted. Now?" Ichigo sighed and looked away. Grimmjow could see tears pricking at his eyes. "K...Ichigo?"

"...They're family. Dead...and I couldn't do a thing..."

Chapter 3 end

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