"Thank you for riding with American Airlines. I hope you enjoy your stay here in the beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii. A hui hou (until we meet again)".

Callie stood up from her seat to collect her carry on bag in the over head department.

"Oh thank God", Callie murmured as she stretched out her arms to receive her duffel bag.

The past year had been hell for the the Latina. Work had been extremely stressful due to her promotion to CEO of ,Torres & CO., her father, Carlos, law firm. Callie had always wanted to be a lawyer. It also made sense seeing that not only her father, but also her mother Lucia, and her brother CJ (Carlos Jr.), were all lawyers in Miami. The brunette always looked up to her family. Being the only daughter, also the youngest by ten years to her brother, Callie dreamed of one day owning her father's firm and last year she was able to stake her claim at 32 years of age.

Callie walked through the airport towards baggage claim to get her luggage. As she arrived, she saw that a short tanned man in khakis and a red collard shirt, holding up a sign with her name on it. As the brunette collected her luggage, she walked over to the man and greeted him.

"Hi, I'm Callie Torres".

"Good evening Ms. Torres, I am Akoni, your chauffeur for the evening".

"Hello Akoni, nice to meet you".

Akoni grabbed the brunette's two extra large designer suitcases and gestured for her to follow him. Once outside, Callie looked at her surroundings and for the first time in a year, she was able to breathe.

"Ms. Torres", Akoni softly called her name. "If you are ready", the soft spoken man said while offering his hand to help Callie inside the black stretch limousine.

"yes, thank you Akoni", Callie exclaimed while climbing into the car.


"Callie I cannot do this anymore".

"Do what Liam? Love me".

"That's just it Cal, I – I don't love you anymore".


Callie sat in the back of the limousine thinking about the words Liam spoke to her a year and a half ago. She was not able to mourn over her break-up with Liam. After that night, she threw all of her emotions and time into the firm, which is why she is here now; Taking a much needed break from work and Miami. This four week vacation is what the Latina needed, and also what the doctor ordered. Her stress levels had been over the top and her doctor explained to Callie that if she doesn't slow down, and take some time to herself, she will run herself into the ground.

"We are here Ms. Torres", Akoni spoke through the limo window.

"Thank you, Akoni, and please call me Callie. Ms. Torres makes me feel old", Callie explained trying to make the short man more comfortable in her presence.

"yes, Callie", Akoni shyly announced through the window. "Enjoy your stay", he called after the Latina as she was being escorted out of the car.

"Thank you", Callie said as she stuck her head back into the limo.

The brunette and her bags were swiftly escorted to the front desk of the five star hotel she will be staying in. As a gift to Callie from her father, Carlos, he made sure that she stayed in the best hotel in Hawaii, and he also upgraded her suite to Presidential. Money was never a problem for the Torres family and Carlos wanted to make sure that his baby girl is well cared for.

"Enjoy your stay Ms. Torres", the desk clerk spoke to Callie as she handed her the key to her suite.

"Thank you, I will try".

After denying help from the bell hop, but not before giving him a tip anyway, Callie made her way towards the elevators. After exiting the elevator onto the 20th floor, Callie made her way down the long corridor.

"Dammit", Callie exhaled loudly after she swiped her card for the third time. "Come on!", she yelled at the door as the light beeped red again.

"Excuse me, do you need some help", a voice called to the brunette from behind her.

"UGH, yes. I cannot get this door to open", Callie explained while still facing forward.

"Here let me", the voice who offered to help, now only inches from her spoke.

The light turned green and the person who helped her opened the door.

"There you go", the voice spoke again

"Thank you" Callie said as she stepped into the room and turned to finally face the stranger. The Latina was meet with the most beautiful blue eyes she has ever seen. The brunette stood in the looking at Arizona.

"Um, thanks -", Callie said as she shook her head to clear her mind and extended her hand the woman.

"Arizona", the woman sweetly exclaimed.

"Callie", the brunette said as she shook Arizona's hand.

"Malama Pono (take care)", Arizona said as she turned and walked down the hall to what Callie presumed to be her room, and entered the door, but not before looking towards Callie again and sending her a wink and a smile.

Callie finally closed the door to her room and left her luggage by the door. Moving to the couch, Callie sat down and exhaled loudly.

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