Six months later...

"Hey Alex", Arizona greeted the young eager guy as he walks into her office.

"What's up boss?", the boyish looking guy replies while he begin to look through the files on the blondes desk.

"Oh nothing, making sure that these last minute plans, are going the way they're suppose to go", the blonde reply as she continue to tap away on the laptop in front of her.

It's been six months since the blonde's vacation, and six months without the gorgeous Latina she fell in love with. Over the course of months, the women has kept in touch as much as they possibly could. The first couple of weeks, the women were inseparable, calling, emailing, they even video chat regularly. But as predicated, work got in the way for both of them, and their frequent contact became less and less. Which came to the conclusion, of not speaking at all for a couple of weeks.

"So, your really going through with this plan", Alex ask, as he takes the seat opposite of the blonde.

"Yep", Arizona answers without any doubt, as she turn around and gather all of the documents that she has printed out. "Hey Karev, I need for you to take all of these papers and get them notarized and mailed today. I have a meeting with my father at one, which is in like thirty minutes. We have to go over the business plan for the bakery", Arizona states as she begin to sign and stack all of the print outs.

"Yeah sure I can do that, I have to head that way anyways", Alex responds as he lean in closely and study the blonde.

Feeling like she's being watched, the blonde looks up mid write and stare at her intruder. "Umm Karev, do you have something on your mind, because your starring".

"Yeah actually I do, I just want to know if your actually serious about doing all of this Zona".

"If I wasn't, I wouldn't be making all of these preparations and last minute plans. I am standing by my decision. Whether you or my father have a different opinion, I'm doing this", the blonde says while handing over the signed documents in a huge manilla folder.

"Alright, alright. I'm just trying to look after my best-friend. You know I want what's best for you".

"I know, but you have to realize that I am a grown woman Karev. I can make my own decisions. Whether their the right ones or the wrong ones, its up to me. Not you, and not my father, okay".

Alex held up his hands in surrender, picks up the manilla folder from the desk and walk out of the office. Taking a deep breath, Arizona look at her watch and remember she has somewhere to be in fifteen minutes. Gathering all of her things, the blonde pick up her purse, briefcase, and car keys and walk out of the door. While driving to her destination, the blonde thinks about how this meeting is going to play out. It can go either way honestly, but it wouldn't matter to the blonde because this will be the last one.

"Suzie", the Latina calls her assistant over the intercom, "Can you please step into my office for a moment", the brunette request as she finish signing off on some business plans.

"Coming, Ms. Torres", the tall slender blonde says into the intercom.

Not even five seconds later, Suzie walks into the CEO's office. It has a beautiful view of Miams and is made up of tall, ceiling to floor windows all around the office. The color and textures in the office are modern/chic, but they all compliment the brunettes personality.

"Yes' Ms. Torres", Suzie announces to her boss a she quickly walks into the doors.

"Suzie, I've told you a million times to call me Callie", the brunette exclaims as she hands over some papers to the tall blonde.

"Yes, of course, Callie. I'm sorry, it's a habit", the blonde states as she takes the papers from her bosses hands. "Will this be all for you Ms.-", Callie looks at the blonde with a smirk on her face, "Callie", the blonde quickly covers up.

"Yes, Suzie. That is it. Also, make sure to call over to Fitz & Brown, and confirm our business meeting for Thursday. You know how those broker's like to play, they never remember anything so, just remind them please. Oh, and, can you fax off these papers to my realtors. I just signed on my new house last week, and I need to fax over the rest of these papers. I had to get out of that cramped apartment I've been living in", the brunette briskly says as she goes from one side to the other on her desk.

"Right away Callie", Suzie says as she begins to walk out of her boss's office.

"Oh and another thing, you have been working harder than I have today, so go ahead and take a early lunch and stay an extra hour. Everything is in place for the day so there's not really that much we have to do" the brunette smiles at her assistant.

"Oh God, thank you so much Callie. I will file these papers, make your phone call and I will be out of your hair", the blonde says as she walks quickly out the double doors.

Laughing to herself at her overly excited assistant, Callie get back to work. An hour later and the brunette is still at it, only having now to finish typing up a report on one of her clients, the brunette suddenly begin to think about her blonde. It has been a couple of weeks since she last spoken to her. Which is hard on the brunette, because she has been throwing herself into work because of the no contact they've had. Deciding to just take a moment and call her, Callie opens her desk drawer and pull out her phone. Quickly hitting speed dial number one, the line begins to ring.

Getting Arizona's voice mail, Callie hangs up and just decides to call her back later. Fifteen minutes go by, and Callie keep glancing at her phone willing it to ring. "Ugh!" the brunette screams out loud in her head as she through her hands in the air in defeat. Grabbing her phone again, she hit speed dial number one and call the blondes phone again. Getting voice mail again, the brunette leaves a short message and get back to work.

Time quickly passes and the Latina notices that its time to go home. Dismissing her assistant and telling her that she was going to stay for a little longer, the brunette is left alone. Mixing up herself a drink, Callie dims her lights some, and let all of the lights in the city help light up her office. Taking her drink over to the huge windows, the brunette slowly sips her scotch while looking down at the city. Callie let herself calm down and relax from the day she has had. Not to mention the failed phone calls to Arizona.

Deciding to go ahead and leave, the brunette turn around and immediately drop her glass onto the carpet. Starring at the figure in her doorway, the Latina quickly closes her eyes, think that now she is hallucinating. Opening her eyes slowly, the familiar figure is still starring at her, with a wide dimpled smile and a large bouquet of red roses.

"Arizona", the brunette softly says.

"Calliope", the blonde finally speak up as she begin to move forward into the room.

Taking a few steps back, the Latina continue to stare at the blonde confusingly. Thinking that she misses the blonde so much, that she actually has conjured up an image of the blonde in her mind. When the figure is now standing in front of her, the brunette releases the breath she has been holding. Tears escape her eyes, as she realizes the blonde is actually here. Setting the roses down onto the couch, Arizona wrap her arms around the taller woman's neck.

"Oh my God. I've missed you so much", the brunette exhales in the soft blonde hair that she miss running her hands through.

"I've missed you too baby", Arizona whispers into the neck of the brunette. "Oh my God I've missed you so much", the blonde squeezes the brunette again and kiss her neck softly.

Pulling back to look at one another, they each smile as they take in the features of the other. Leaning forward, the brunette slowly take the lips that she has been craving for, for six months. Passionately, the women continue to kiss and slowly caress the others body, as they take in what they have been missing for so long. Minutes later, they pull back and rest their foreheads against each others and just stand close to the others body.

"What are you doing here?", the brunette finally breaks the silence, "I mean not the I'm complaining, but what are you doing here", Callie clarifies to the woman who is still centimeters away from her lips.

"Why don't we sit down and I'll explain it all to you", the blonde laughs, as she exit the warm embrace and grab her lovers hand and move them to the plush white couch in the middle of the huge office.

Looking at the blonde expectantly, Callie take the blonde hands into hers as, Arizona take a deep breath and get ready to explain.

"I'm here for business", the blonde says first. Callie shakes her head in understanding and motion for the blonde to continue. "I'm opening up a bakery here in Miami", the brunettes eyes open widely and a small smile forms on her face.

"Okay. What does this mean? For us", the brunette softly says as she holds her breath, to help not get her hopes up.

"It mean, that I now own a business here in Miami. It mean, that I will be running the business here in Miami", the blonde softly says.

"Really?", Callie asks.

"Really", the blonde confirms with a shake of her head.

"So your moving here?", the brunette questions as she scoots closer to the blonde.

"Actually no". Callie look at the blonde in confusion, deciding to put the beautiful Latina out of misery, she speak up again. "I already moved here. I had all of my things delivered here a couple of days ago, and is now in storage. I'll be staying at a hotel until my realtor find me something on such short notice", the blonde clarifies to the brunette.

Closing the extra space between them, Callie take Arizona lips again in a more hungry and passionate kiss. Pushing the woman onto her back, Callie move on top of the blonde. Thanking herself for wearing a pant suit and not a skirt to work, as she straddles the blondes body. Arizona move her hands down to Latina bottom and squeeze the supple flesh through her pants, as she accept the warm curvaceous body that she has been yearning for.

Pulling back to look in huge blue eyes, Callie opens her mouth and speak rather breathlessly, "Move in with me".

Arizona look in the brown eyes and see that they are being serious, "Are you serious? I mean I can find a place to live, I don't want to put you out of your place, I mean we-", the blonde is cut off by plush pink lips.

"I'm dead serious Arizona. I want you to move in with me. I love you so much, more than I thought I could ever love anyone. You moving here has just set the stones in place, because I just bought a brand new home. Plus, it's a little big for just me and my new tea cup Yorkie, CoCo", the brunette happily says to the blonde.

"Are you sure, because when I say yes, and I'm going to say yes, I want you to know that I am never leaving your side Calliope" Arizona says in a serious tone, looking deeply into the brown orbs.

"I am more than sure Arizona. Your the one that I dream about every night, every day. You, Arizona Robbins, are the one that I want to spend forever with".

"I guess I'll take that as a yes then", the blonde says jokingly. Callie swat the blonde legs that has somehow wrapped themselves around her waist, and lean down and kisses her.

"So, what do you say? You, me, Coco, living together", the brunette asks softly against the pink lips that are now nibbling her bottom lip.

"I'd say, a thousands times, yes, Calliope. I would love to live with you and CoCo", the blonde says as she laughs at the last part.

"Good", Callie huskily says, as she leans down centimeters away from Arizona.

"Good", Arizona says, before she take the remainder centimeters and kisses Callie.

Forever than it shall be...

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