Graham gets the call from Mary Margaret, telling him to get to the hospital quickly. He doesn't question her, and changes as fast as he can. A million thoughts race through his head, and he can't help but think that Emma's done something stupid because of him. He's considered the blonde much more stable than Regina, so maybe whatever happened is an accident. He blinks back tears as he pulls out of the driveway. That won't help anyone. When he arrives, he instantly knows where to go (not just because of their numerous trips to the ER) but because of the screaming match that someone in Florida could here that was currently escalating. He rounds the corner and catches Mary Margaret's tearful eyes. If she's not the one of the two screaming and it involves Emma… he breaks into a full out sprint towards the sounds. A utility closet is opened and he skids to a stop, seeing Regina once again pinned to a wall by Emma. He notes the tears on both women's faces and suddenly realizes whatever happened actually involves Henry. Taking note of him, the blonde releases the mayor and begins pacing.

"What are you doing here?" Her voice is shaky yet venomous. He sees right through her, knowing that the bitterness is only there to hide the pain.

"Mary Margaret called and I thought it was about you, but it's Henry, isn't it?" He says softly. The women nod. "I'm terribly sorry, I know this is a really bad time, but I have to ask what happened."

"Last time I checked, I'm also a cop, so…" Emma brushes past him. "Besides, we don't have time. Regina and I are going to talk to Mr. Gold." The brunette looks at Graham almost apologetically before following Emma.

"Regina." He grabs her arm, turning her to face him. "What happened?"

"I'll confess to everything once we get back. We just have to save him." Her voice doesn't sound quite as broken as he was expecting. She begins to take off again.

"Wait, I'm coming!" Graham jogs to catch up to the other two. Mary Margaret gives him an expectant look as he passes, and he just shrugs.

"Me too!" The teacher declares. Emma stops walking from her position in the front.

"No you won't. Either of you. This is something between Regina and I." She glares daggers at Graham.

"Em, if this is about last night…"

"It isn't. I'm trying to save my son." For once, the mayor doesn't correct her.

"I'll go talk to him, Ms. Swan. I have a feeling as to what he's going to say, so meet me at the library in ten minutes." Regina says. After a moment, Emma nods.

"Fine." She says. Graham waits until Regina is well out of earshot before speaking.

"What happened?" He asks softly.

"Are you asking me as the Sheriff?" Emma's voice is cold. Mary Margaret excuses herself and heads to Henry's room.

"As your boyfriend who loves you and Henry very much." He opens his arms for her, but she shakes her head.

"I don't have time for a breakdown, Graham. Besides, I'm really confused, and now isn't… I just can't… my head's spinning." At the end, Emma's voice breaks, and he instinctively pulls her close, whether she likes it or not. "It's all my fault. Regina was trying to poison me and instead my son's going to die because I didn't believe him." She does her best to fight the tears, but fails.

"About the fairytale thing?"

"It's real, Graham. All of it." The blonde looks up at him with haunted eyes. Her next rant comes out in a rush. "And don't call me crazy, cause I'm still getting over the shock, and… and… you're the Huntsman, you spared my mom –and that's the craziest part, having parents that apparently really truly cared about me– anyway, you spared her life because you thought she was a great person, and for that the Evil Queen –Regina– tore your heart out because she really wanted Snow White's heart and you didn't deliver, and I owe you my life because you saved my parents on multiple occasions so thank you and Henry ate the poisoned turnover that had the apple that poisoned Snow White and now he might die if me and Regina can't figure out a way to save him–"

"Emma, Babe, calm down." He wraps his arms around her again, smiling at her babbling. "It's gonna be okay. I'm so sorry about last night, the words came out wrong. I love you so much and I will never leave you."

"You better not." She pulls back, smiling sheepishly as she wipes her eyes. "C'mon. We have a kid to save, and Regina should be meeting us in a few minutes." They ignore the curious stares of the various hospital staff as they make their way to the parking lot. Once in the cruiser, Graham speeds down the street to the library, just as Regina pulls in, too. The three get out and the mayor lays a guitar case on the hood of the cruiser. "A guitar? Seriously?" Emma raises an eyebrow.

"No." The brunette says rather impatiently, then opens the case.

"Why is a sword in a guitar case?" The deputy asks. Regina resists the urge to roll her eyes and sigh.

"I don't know why Rumple does what he does, but can you let petty questions remain questions?"

"Does he want me to kill you?" Emma says in a serious tone.


"It was a legitimate question!" The blonde insists.

"It matters not. You're not killing me, but a dragon." Finally Regina rolls her eyes, for a moment forgetting Graham's presence.

"But she has a broken wrist." Graham points out, his voice laced with concern.

"I'm assuming you already told him about the situation?" The mayor turns her head to Emma.

"Yeah." She replies.

"It has to be Ms. Swan; you can't mess with fate."

"That doesn't change the fact that her wrist is broken."

"I'm ambidextrous!" Emma shouts to break up the soon-to-be argument. "I can do it, I'll be fine."


"Graham, I have in order to save my –our– son. Not up for discussion." She says, her voice matching her words. The sheriff glances at Regina, who only nods in agreement.

"As much as I hate to admit it, she's right."

"Great. So uh, where's the dragon?" The blonde looks around.

"In the basement." Regina leads them into the library and places her hand on the wall. It slides open. "It has to be you who kills it, otherwise I'd send your boyfriend down with you."

"Is this elevator from Willy Wonka?"

"From who?" Regina and Graham ask in unison.

"Never mind." Emma sighs. "So… any tips?"

"Get the potion. Save my son." Glaring, the blonde snatches the sword from Regina. Graham reaches out to her, taking her injured hand in his.

"Don't worry, Graham." With that, she steps into the elevator. Regina lowers her down. The sheriff turns to her with angry yet concerned eyes.

"Did you just send her to her death?" He growls.

"No. As annoying as Ms. Swan is, I do believe she is competent in physical situations. I wouldn't let her go if I thought she couldn't do it. My son is at risk."

"Our son. Me and Emma's son." He corrects.

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me. Emma's his mother, and I may not be by blood, but I'm his father; I love that kid more than you could ever love even your biological child, if you had one." Graham knows he's saying insensitive things, but he's terrified right now. Not just for his girlfriend, but for himself. He can feel his heart beating a mild a minute, and a small voice screams at him that a heart attack could be right around the corner. Sensing this, Regina offers him a small smile.

"You won't have a heart attack. Trust me. I ripped out your heart and tried to crush it, but it obviously didn't work. And I can't do it again, so…"

"I'm worried about Emma, not me." He says. With a sigh, she continues.

"She's strong. And if she's anything like her mother –which she is to a tee– you have nothing to worry about. That wretched woman just won't die."

"Wait… Snow White?"

"Her name isn't worth speaking." Regina says dismissively with a wave of her hand.

"So it is true."

"You always were stupid, Huntsman." She laughs. From below them, the faint sound of gunshots can be heard. "Dear God, that woman is-" Graham's glare dares her to continue. "She's supposed to use the sword."

"I need to get down there." He says, making a mad dash for the lever that would bring the elevator back up.

"No! You can't!" Regina grabs him, barely constraining him. "If you stop her, Henry will die." He considers this for a moment.

"If she dies, her and Henry's blood is on your hands." As he turns to storm out and visit Henry, a loud roar resonates throughout the building.

"I think she did it." The mayor looks over at him with hopeful eyes.

"Hey, Regina! Graham! I need a ride up!"

"Emma!?" He yells, eyes brimming with tears. "You're okay!" He immediately starts operating the elevator, and a few seconds later the blonde steps out, sword and a giant egg in hand, looking disheveled and winded, but still the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. He hugs her, wanting to never let go.

"Told you I'd be fine." She smiles.

"This is adorable and all," Regina says sarcastically, "but my son needs to be saved. Let's go, Ms. Swan. Give me the egg."

"Are you the one that got it out of a freaking dragon?" Emma ignores her, walking briskly out of the library.

"I know what's in it; I know how to use it." She insists. Much to the trio's dismay, Mr. Gold comes walking towards them. At the same time, all three of their phones go off. Emma and Regina lock eyes.

"Here, let me hold that for you."

"Gold…" The brunette hisses. Emma hands it over.

"Graham, watch him." As the three answer their phones, Mr. Gold kicks Graham's lets out from under him and takes off with the egg. "Gold!" Emma shrieks, then she hears Mary Margaret on the other line. "Oh my God."

"Henry." They both pale. Graham's eyes widen as he, too, receives the news.

Graham, teary eyed, stands with Mary Margaret, watching the scene before him unfold. His heart aches to embrace his girlfriend, who walks slowly to the bed that has Henry on it, tears streaming down her face. Even Regina's shedding a few, something he had thought she was incapable of.

"I love you, Henry." Emma's voice comes out as a choked whisper as she places a kiss on his forehead. Suddenly, a wave of energy radiates outward, and the boy gasps.

"You saved me."

"Kid." The blonde laughs through her tears. Graham can't stand it. He rushes in, and Regina follows.

"Oh my God." He says, ruffling Henry's hair.

"Henry, I thought you were gone." Regina says. Mother Superior stands in front of her.

"I suggest you better run and hide."

"Wait, what happened?" Emma's red, puffy eyes scan her surroundings.

"You broke the curse!" Henry beams.

"You did it, Em." Graham gives her shoulder a squeeze. "And I remember everything. Thank you." He smiles tearfully. Then, to Regina, he glares. "A wolf can never be caged. You'd better leave right now."

"Henry, no matter what anyone tells you, I really do love you." With that, the mayor leaves. The purple smoke cloud starts rolling in from the distance. Graham wraps his arms around the two most important people in his life. He knows that no matter what happens, no matter how dark things may seem, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel.