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It was a surprisingly black night in Scotland. Only the lights shining from the houses were visible. A dark shape was flying raggedly, barely staying up in the air.

Jay held her hand at her side, using it to keep the blood from dripping any further. Her wolf ears were flat against her head, showing how much pain she was in.

Her bat-shit crazy ex- boyfriend Will had found her again, this time, when she was in England. She hated how, when she was always the most content, he would show up, and try to kidnap her. The last time he tried to kidnap her she was able to easily escape. But this time, he was actually prepared. She barely made it out, but had received a serious wound.

This time, the trap had been elaborate and planned out.

Jay was stuck in a steel cage, with spikes pointing in various directions all around the cage towards her, to stop her from exiting. After staring at the spikes for a half hour, she finally saw a way out of the spikes. She slipped through the bars, going as slow and carefully as possible, weaving through the spikes. She didn't see one of the spikes though, and that spike pierced through her side, making a large hole in her side. After taking out the spike, wincing and almost cursing along the way, she was finally free. Her shirt was ruined, and her jeans were covered in blood. She stood, and walked out the door, and flew away, holding her side, trying to stop the blood loss.

Luckily for her, her werewolf genes let her take more pain. The wound in her side would have made a normal person faint and die hours ago. Even now, only sheer determination and will were the only things keeping her up in the air. Finally, she saw a large house that looked similar to a mansion. Though there was the large chance that Will could find her, it would safer to land at a house than in the middle of nowhere. Hope filled her, giving her the energy to safely land without falling. She walked to the door, panting, and used the last of her fading energy to turn all- human. Her ears disappeared into her head, her wings transformed back into the elaborate tattoo on her back, her tail disappeared into her back, and her small fangs transformed into normal teeth.

Spots now danced in front of her vision, and darkness surrounded the spots. She stumbled forward, and rang the doorbell. Her body made a large thumping noise as it hit the door. She could barely keep her eyes open, and wanted to fall into the darkness so badly. The door slowly opened, and Jay leaned further on the door, holding a hand at her side, trying to futilely stop the blood flow.

"Help." Jay whispered as a woman with short blond hair gasped with horror. "P-please don't take me to the hospital." Jay whispered even softer. She slid down on the floor, finally giving in to the darkness at the edge of her vision. The last thing she heard as she blacked out was the sound of "Bob. Bob! Come to the door. NOW."

-Screw the Rules! Like A Boss!-

This mess had all started with the stupid disease. A new form of malaria had swept through the small isolated town in which Jay had lived. This malaria had only affected the flying werewolf adults. There had not been any children born in the town for years, and Jay and Will were the youngest in the whole town. Everyone else in the town was over eighteen years old. They slowly became infected, and one by one, the townspeople died. In about a week, Jay's life almost completely crumbled around her. Cousins, friends, and the people she loved, struck down. But what really hurt was when her parents were hit with the disease. By then, the two were able to visit whomever they wanted, since it was apparent they wouldn't get the disease.

Jay had been numb, not truly realizing what was happening. But when Joseph and Serenity Luna became affected, the dam broke. All the emotions she had held back flooded out into tears, as Jay cried over her dying parents. The two most important people in her life were about to die, leaving her prematurely. Her parents had detailed a plan, and had given her enough money to live in the city, and to support Will and herself, letting them get a fresh start.

There were no other flying werewolves or werewolves in particular around the world since their species was dying out, so Jay and Will couldn't just join another pack. So under the guise of their parents paying for an apartment, the two lived in an apartment in New York, (She trusted Will, because he was the last tie to her past) and went to a small public high school. Jay had made some friends, and was truly trying to start a new life for herself. Will, on the other hand, seemed to go in the other direction. He was always on the verge of getting into huge trouble. The only person he chose to talk to was Jay.

Then, one day, Will saw Jay talking to her guy friend Leo by the lockers just before lunch. Will didn't know that Jay had any guy friends. So he went ballistic, thinking she was trying to replace him with another guy. He grabbed her arm in a vice-like grip and started to drag her away to a quiet part of the gym.

"What the hell was that?" Will angrily spat at her.

"I was talking to a guy friend. What's it to you?"

"You have to stop talking to him."

"Why Will? Is it because you're jealous?" That was the wrong thing to say to him. He grabbed her by the throat and lifted her off the floor.

"What-the-hell!" Jay sputtered. Then she saw the suppressed madness in his icy blue eyes, which scared her more than she liked to admit.

"Will, put me down! We're over. I can't be with a guy who's crazy!" Will's eyes hardened in anger. One look into his eyes and Jay knew that she was in trouble. He threw her against the wall like a rag doll. Her head cracked against the wall, and she dropped to the floor. Shakily, she put a hand on her head, and felt blood in her hair. Her head started to pound, and her vision was becoming unfocused. She had just enough time to whisper "you bastard" to Will, before sinking into the darkness that overwhelmed her.

-Super Special Awesome!-

Jay woke, and found herself in the middle of her apartment, hanging in the air, encased in a net. She looked downward, and saw Will looking up at her. She looked into his ultramarine eyes and found love, mixed with the earlier madness. She felt the back the back of her head to make sure it wasn't all just a dream. The dried blood on the back of her head snapped her back into reality.

"I hope you're comfortable up there. You're going to have to stay up there for a while longer. I'll be back in an hour."

Ren waited a couple of minutes to make sure he wouldn't come back suddenly because he forgot something. She morphed into her half-form, and started to chew her way out. After a half hour of tasting disgusting rope and spitting it out, she created a large enough hole to slip through. She grabbed her backpack and started to stuff money, clothes and anything else she needed, including her favourite cap, which had Like A Boss written on it.

She knew she couldn't stay another day in the apartment with him, or she'd explode. Jay ran to the window, and patiently morphed her wings from the tattoos on her back into real wings. She was about to fly away, when she remembered the bracelets her parents gave her, one from her dad, and one from her mom. It would break her heart if she left the bracelets, so she ran to her room and quickly retrieved them. Just as she about to leave the room, she heard the door unlocking. She ran to open window she had left open. She climbed out the window, but before she could leave, she heard a loud roar. Desperate footsteps ran towards the room she was leaving. Quickly, she ran up the stairs and climbed onto the roof. She ran towards the edge, and jumped. She spread out her wings, and caught herself before she could fall. She sped away, pouring on as much speed as she could, almost pushing herself to her limit.

Jay stopped at the edge of the city, near the water. She stuffed herself with food that she brought in a store, and prepared herself for the taxing flight. She was about to fly across the Atlantic, and she needed all the energy she could get. She climbed to the top of a building, took off her disguise (it would have taken too much effort to turn human, then go to her half- form again. So she had put on her baseball cap, and put on her jacket to cover her wings and tail.) and jumped off the building, pushing herself to the limit, trying to get to the other side in about four and a half hours.

-Oh, Brooklyn. That's where this page-break comes from.-

Jay touched down in Plymouth, England four and a half hours later, right on schedule. She was tired, hungry, but satisfied with herself. But then she remembered Will's stinging betrayal and any satisfaction she had left disappeared. She enrolled herself into a school in England, wanting to make a cleaner and fresher start than before. After celebrating her sixteenth birthday, though, somehow, he found her again. He kidnapped her and put her in the cage with the spikes trapping her inside.

-I am a ghost! Fear me!-

Jay finally floated back into consciousness. She looked around, and saw that she was on a bed. She looked at her side, and saw a bandage wrapped around her wound. A look over the side of the bed showed that her bag sat, untouched. At least the people who lived here did what she asked. She experimentally tried to stand up. After being dizzy for a minute, she found that her wound hurt bearably. So she walked to the window, ignoring the extra jabs of pain that went along with it. She peeked through the curtains, and saw that it was night-time. A peek at the clock revealed that it was 7:00. Jay had literally slept a whole day. She steeled herself and slowly walked towards the stairs, bracing herself for what might be downstairs.