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Jay hobbled down the rest of the stairs, finally making it to the bottom. She was met by a pleasantly normal scene, or what used to be a pleasantly normal scene- before everything went wrong. The blond woman and the man named Bob were getting ready for an outing, presumably a fancy party. They were almost ready, but they seemed to be arguing about something.

"Bob, we can't leave without getting Tony a babysitter! She couldn't make it! What are we going to do?"

"Dottie, we have to leave! It's going to start in a half an hour! It's not like a babysitter is going to magically appear out of nowhere."

"I can babysit Tony." The two of them turned to Jay, as if they had forgotten she existed.

"You don't have to pay me."

Dottie seemed to contemplate this. "But aren't you still hurt?"

"I'm fine. I got down the stairs." Jay replied.

They looked at each other, and seemed to make an instantaneous decision. "Make sure he gets to bed at 8:00." Then they rushed out the door, presumably to make it to their social gathering.

After they left, Jay hobbled slowly up the stairs to check on Tony. He wasn't doing anything wrong, and he seemed to be pretending to be a vampire. Jay went down the stairs slightly faster than before. She turned off the lights and plopped on the couch. She closed her eyes, and transformed into her half-form, which gave her wolf ears, fangs, and a tail. She pulled out her hat, and put it on her head.

A faint thump sound came from upstairs. Any normal human would not have heard the sound, but with her wolf ears, she could hear it. She snuck up to the foot of the stairs, her injury not hindering her very much. The transformation had healed it some more, making her wound become a scar. But one hit and it would open up and bleed again.

She crept up the stairs with as much stealth as she could muster. She finally made it to Tony's room after creeping as slowly as she dared to minimize sound. She quickly opened the door. Tony was the only one around. She stepped into the room, and looked around. Nothing was seemingly out of the ordinary. An earthy smell assaulted her, which made her even more suspicious.

No one ever looks up... Jay looked up at the ceiling. A small pale vampire child in old clothes from about 300 years ago, probably the same age as Tony, was hovering up at the corner of the ceiling. The vampire hissed at her, while Jay growled at him, a deep throaty sound, clearly affronted. They looked at each other in surprise. Jay had never seen a vampire before, and the vampire had probably never smelled a werewolf before. Vampires originated in Europe, which was probably why she had never seen one. Werewolves originated in North America, so that's probably why the vampire boy had never seen one of her kind before.

"What are you? Why do you smell like a wolf?" Jay looked surprised. So he didn't know what he was. In her weakened state, he could prove to be too much for her. So she opted for the more risky yet cooler answer.

"If I show you, will you keep what I am a secret?" The two boys nodded and showed interest on their faces. Jay took a deep breath, and started to transform. Her bones shifted, and she started to bend over on all fours. Grey hair started to grow all over, and the features that were already there were instantly noticeable. Her pure white wings popped out of her back, giving her wolf form an almost holy look. Her hat was still on her head, also giving her wolf form, a comical appearance.

Jay quickly transformed back into her human form. The boys stared in shock at her, their mouths hanging open.

"Wh-What are you?" Tony asked, stuttering.

"I'm a werewolf. More specifically, a flying werewolf. I'm the last female of my species. I already know what you are. You're a vampire." Jay pointed at the vampire child.

"I'm Jay Luna. What's your name?"

"I am Rudolph." Rudolph spoke like a little aristocrat.

"I'm Tony." Tony sounded like a typical kid.

"I can fly too, without wings. Would you like me to show you?" Jay eagerly nodded her head. Rudolph jumped down from the ceiling and ran to Tony's open window. He flung himself out the window, hovered for a couple of seconds, and fell down out of view. Jay ran up to the balcony and jumped down, landing on her feet, making her groan a little in pain.

A couple of minutes later Tony appeared.

"Are you ok dude?" Tony asked in his nine-year old fashion.

"I am hungry. Do you have any cows?" Rudolph responded weakly.

"You want milk?" Jay smiled at his silly statement.

"He means he needs the cow for its blood. Here's a piece of werewolf trivia: we crave meat all the time. It's really bad at the night of the full moon."

Jay looked at Tony. "Do we have something to carry Rudolph in, like a carriage, or a wheelbarrow, or a wagon...?"

"I have an old Radio Flyer in my garage." Tony interrupts her.

Jay lifted Rudolph onto the wagon and let Tony lead the way to the barn full of cows. She went with them to make sure no one got hurt. Rudolph eagerly sucked the blood of a cow, while Jay watched. Tony turned his head.

The three of them were on the road walking back to Tony's house when a truck with many light attachments came out of nowhere. The lights all suddenly turned on at once. Rudolph hissed, and Tony and Jay just shielded their eyes. The truck started moving towards Tony as if it were going to run him over. Just as the truck was about to run him over, Jay ran to try and save him. Rudolph apparently had the same idea as her, since he was right next to Jay. He grabbed their arms and flew into the air quickly.

Jay looked down and almost screamed. She was flying, and without wings! Without her wings out, she felt horribly exposed. But it did feel nice to not have to work so hard to fly. Flying made Jay even hungrier than she usually was. She gripped onto Rudolph's hand even harder. Tony wasn't scared of heights, but without her wings, she was terrified. After flying around for awhile, they noticed a green van speeding towards Tony's house.

"Oh no! My parents are coming home!" Tony yelled.

They speedily flew towards his house, barely outracing the car. Rudolph deposited Tony and Jay in his room, and hid outside. Tony quickly got ready for bed, while Jay took out his Nintendo and started to play it. She settled in his chair and tried to play the Wario game he had in the cartridge. She occasionally snuck peeks at Tony to make sure he was still getting ready for bed. Just as Tony was done, his parents burst into the room. Whatever they had been expecting, it wasn't this.

"Oh hello. You guys are here now, that's good. I'll leave now. Thanks for taking care of me." Jay stood up and was about to leave the room, and leave the house until she could find another place to stay.

"Mom! Dad! Let Jay stay! I like her! She's really cool." Tony exclaimed.

Dottie and Bob exchanged looks. Then they sighed.

"Fine, she can stay." Jay looked shocked. No one would normally ever let her stay. She ran up to the two and hugged them tightly. Tears came to her eyes.

"Thank you, so, so much." The most heartfelt thank-you tumbled from her, since the day her parents died. She hadn't had a true home since then. Maybe now she could finally make a fresh start.

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