Title: Trouble Finds Him


Rating: T

Summary: While working in the Ministry as Head Auror Harry intervenes during a raid in the Time Chamber. The attackers are after The Sands of Time. Harry rescues the object but when hit with the killing curse while holding the ancient object Harry is teleported to another time...to another world. He wakes up in 1940 New York and meets Howard Stark, and goes down with the ship just like Steve.

Chapter one: Once Upon A Stark

There was a knock on Harry's door, he looked up and allowed that person to enter.

"Morning Harry. I have those reports from last week," Dean said as he dropped off the folders on Harry's desk.

"Thanks Dean," Harry replied as he cracked the kinks in his neck.

Dean smirked, "They got you working over-time again?"

"Apparently being the head of any department around here entitles you to that either way." Harry answered.

"Sorry to hear that mate. Well at least it's Friday. Got the entire weekend to doze off and fool around," Dean said.

Harry smiled, "Yup. Ron's got the entire Weasley clan tickets to the Quidditch finals. It's going to be awesome."

"Ah that's right the Cannons made it to the finals didn't they?" Dean asked.

"Yeah, Ron's ecstatic," Harry said.

"I bet. After years of cheering for a losing team, looks like his loyalty is finally being rewarded. Think they'll claim the championship?" Dean asked sitting down and getting comfortable.

Harry who had been writing reports nonstop for hours gladly welcomed the distraction. Setting aside all the paperwork that cluttered his desk, Harry leaned back in his chair and replied, "Either way Ron's not going to shut up for weeks. He'll either be bitching about their lost, or gloating about their victory."

Dean laughed, "I feel sorry for Hermione then."

"You sort of do, then you remember that it's Hermione. She'll put him in his place if he gets too obnoxious." Harry said and both Gryffindor's shared a laugh at the expense of their friend. "So what's new with you?"

"Not much. I am on the third date with this girl that works at Flourish and Blotts," Dean replied.

"The new girl?" Harry asked.

"Yes sir. Diana Smith. Started working there last year. She'd beautiful Harry, beautiful!" Dean exclaimed.

"Well it's your third date so she must like you," Harry said in a teasing voice.

Dean rolled his eyes, "I can get any girl I want...as long as the great Harry Potter isn't pining after them."

After the war, only three years ago, the lot of them who fought were practically given the jobs of Auror if they asked. All of them showed amazing talent and bravery. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dean, Ginny, and a lot of Gryffindor's and Ravenclaw's ended up working as special task forces to help reconstruct the Ministry as well as the Wizarding World in general. After six months of showing uncanny talents as an Auror, Harry was promoted as the Head of Aurors. He only went of the most difficult missions. Other times he was mostly behind his desk looking over potential threats, request, teams, missions, safety and danger in different areas around England.

Everyone that worked under him had to check-in with him regularly. Harry, being Harry, was friendly to those he believed deserved it. His fellow Gryffindor's who were just faces he used to know were now his co-workers and they now had a better vibe then they had when they were his classmates. A part of it he thought was because he was their boss, but really it's more the ease of truly being rid of Voldemort. He was their hero again but he(plus Ginny and Hermione) made sure not to let it go to his head. Aside from Ron, Dean turned out to be a very good friend. They were now at that stage were they could joke about things that before would have been too awkward. Like when Dean dated Ginny and how she was now with Harry.

Harry was about to reply when sirens went off. Dean and Harry bolted to their feet and dashed out to see what the problem was. It took about five minutes before they heard a big commotion coming from a certain direction.

Ron headed their way and yelled, "HARRY!"

"Ron! What's going on?" Harry demanded as they ran towards the commotion.

"Rogue Death Eater's have broken into the Ministry. They're heading towards the Department of Mysteries. I'm not sure but I heard they might be heading towards the Time Chamber," Ron informed and both Dean's and Harry's eyes widened.

Since they weren't Unspeakables they didn't know exactly where or what was down there. None of them have been there since their fifth year, and considering what happened, no one was in a hurry to go back. But from what Harry and Hermione had found out is that the Unspeakables research and work on a lot of concepts. Those include: Love, space, time, thought, death, and other things.

If any Death Eater managed to get any sort of information on any of those, they'd be in trouble. If anything on time, or more importantly, time travel landed in their hands, they'd be in worse trouble.

Wands at the ready all of them ran as fast as their feet could carry them. Along the way they ran into some Death Eaters who seemed to be enforcers, there to stop them, or at least slow them down. Dean and a few other Aurors that joined their running group along the way told Harry and Ron to go ahead.

The duo kept running until they reached the room with all the fighting. Spells and curses were being cast left and right. The Death Eaters had a pretty good number on their side but more Aurors were arriving.

As Harry analyzed the battle he realized that the Death Eaters weren't giving it their all. They were stalling. Frowning, Harry slipped away unnoticed and went deeper into the Chamber.

Encased behind some glass and perched up on a pedestal was an ancient ominous looking hourglass with black sand. There were three Death Eaters there. One removed the protective wards around the case while another worked on the glass, and the third was look out.

Knowing that any of these items were dangerous for the common wizard, Harry didn't have time to think about danger and risk it falling into the hands of evil. He jumped out of his hiding place and stunned the look out. The spell breaker took out his wand and fired at Harry. Jumping behind a bookshelf Harry used the spaces between the books to fire at the enemy. The spell breaker fell to the floor stunned as well but the final wizards dodged and hid. There were explosion that caused the walls and items to shake. One blast so powerful caused the hour glass to shake.

Fearing what might happen if that object was magical and broke, Harry ran from behind the bookshelf and caught the hour glass just in time. Heaving a sigh of relief Harry took a moment to read the label that was on the pedestal and whispered, "Sands of Time..."

Harry was about to place it back when the third wizard jump out of his hiding place and aimed at Harry, "Avada Kedavra!"

Harry's eyes widened and in a futile attempt to shield himself he raised the hour glass in front of him. The curse hit the Sands of Time and the glass shattered. The black sand erupted and surrounded Harry and began glowing a dark blue. Confused and a bit afraid Harry tried to move but found himself immobile.

There was a blinding blue light and then Harry felt a falling sensation before he crashed down rather roughly. He was still blinded by the light he couldn't see his surroundings. He heard water dripping heavily, as if it were raining. When he crashed he heard tires screech on wet pavement. Car doors opened and close and he heard footsteps.

"Hey pal, you alright? Buddy?"

"Sir I think he needs a hospital and quick."

"Right...help be put him in the car."

Harry wanted to protest. He needed to get back to the Ministry...he had to make sure everyone was alright. But the headache he had was killer. Darkness was all around him and his mind was beyond foggy. He knew it was a mistake, but he let himself fall deeper into that darkness.


When Harry woke up he realized that he was in a hospital of sorts. It wasn't a magical one seeing as nothing was floating and the fact that there was electricity.

The door opened and closed and the man who came in scared Harry...well, more like his idiotic grin creeped Harry out.

"I'm sorry but I just have to ask...what are you?" The man said and Harry frown. That was an American accent. He'd been transported to America?

"Um...sorry?" Harry asked.

"British? Hmm..." the man had a thoughtful expression before he shook his head and continued to smile, "Doesn't matter now. I want to know what you are. I mean...you seem to be human but...you can't be!"

Harry was panicking inside a little but on the outside he just had a poker face. Seeing that the wizard wasn't going to speak the man continued, "There was a blinding blue light in the sky, it could have been lightning, but it wasn't. It was you. You fell from the sky!...on my car! That height and the speed of my car should have killed you...it did kill you! I took you to the hospital and they admitted you but it was too late. The impact had been too hard. Eight hours later I go to the morgue to see if you had any sort of ID to inform anyone and while I'm there imagine what me and the coroner discover...a pulse! Well first you took a deep breath as if you were resurfacing from being underwater! You weren't conscious but you were alive! After being dead for eight hours!"

Harry's eyes were huge and the information sunk in. He was in America, he had been dead for eight hours, and now that he concentrated on his magic he felt an uneasy force mingled with it.

"Hey pal, you okay?" the man asked.

Harry began to hyperventilate before darkness clouded the edge of his vision and he was once more consumed by the darkness.

When he woke up again he groaned when he realized that it hadn't all been a dream. Shaking his head he sat up in bed and tried to think clearly. His magic felt normal once more but that only made him feel slightly better. He was still somewhere unknown and no one else knew where he was.

"Awake again I see. Planning to stay awake longer this time I hope?" the same man entered the room once more and handed Harry a glass of water.

Harry nodded in thanks and gulped down half a glass. "Sorry about before...I think I went into shock."

The man frowned, "Did you not know about your abilities?"

Taking a moment to decide what to do Harry wavered and figured at if anything he could always have Hermione erase this man's memories. "I know I'm different but the...dying and coming back thing...that's new." sort of. Harry added mentally.

The mans idiotic grin came back full force, "So you are an alien? This is amazing!"

"Um...no, not an alien. Human...just...different," Harry said awkwardly.

The man actually pouted but then shook his head and smiled again, "Doesn't matter what you are, I just want to know!"

"I can't tell you," Harry replied.

"Aw come on pal! This is an incredible discovery! If there are different type of humans out there, we need information!" the man exclaimed.

"I'm sorry I can't." Harry said while shaking his head.

"Is it because your British and the war?" the man asked.

"The war?" Harry echoed.

The man rose an eye brow, "You don't know about the war?"

Harry knew about a war and he remembered that the item that was hit with a killing curse had been an item from the Time Chamber...could he have gone back in time?

"Whoa there pal. You're hyperventilating again. Just...take it easy," the man said and placed a calming hand on Harry's shoulder.

"What year is it?" Harry croaked out while he shut his eyes and hoped for the best.

"1940," the man replied, instead of confusion his eyes widened in excitement. "Time traveler? Oh this just gets better and better! He pal, you okay? You're going to faint again aren't you?"

Harry didn't reply as he let the darkness encase him one more time.


"You have got to stop fainting pal," the man said when Harry woke up again.

"I don't faint, I pass out," Harry grumbled. He hated when people would tell him he faints. It sounds too girly for him, and a big part of it he blamed on Malfoy for making fun of him in his third year.

"Yeah yeah yeah, whatever. So...super human and time traveler! This is amazing! Come on you have to tell me something!"

"Um...do you mind if I use the loo first?" Harry asked.

"The what?" the man asked.

"You Americans..." Harry rolled his eyes, "Your bathroom."

"Oh, yeah sure. It's over there," the man said as he pointed to the door.

Harry muttered a thanks and went into the bathroom and locked it. He sighed deeply and went over to the mirror and splashed some water in his face. Once that was cleared he pulled out the pouch Hagrid had given him and the one Hermione expanded on the inside. He pulled out his magical hand mirror and tried to call someone. After they graduated(or left Hogwarts, whatever you want to call it) the gang all got communication mirrors that were linked together.

Try as he might his call wouldn't go through. The mirror was intact and there was nothing wrong with his magic.

Harry took several deep breaths and tried to remain calm. Concentrating as hard as he could he sent out a pulse of magic. It would alert him of any other magical signature in the next five hundred yards. He heard the city in the distance and even if he was in 1940's America there would still be wizards around...

But there wasn't.

It took several minutes before his brain let him accept the horrible possibility that the hour glass didn't just send him back in time...it sent him to another world!

Coming out of the bathroom Harry walked over to the bed and looked completely lost.

"You okay pal?" the man asked.

"I...um...no, I don't think so." Harry answered.

"Anything I can help with?" the man asked, excited curiosity gone and replaced with true concern. Harry was grateful, the last thing he needed was a cold hearted insensitive nut job on his case.

Harry shook his head and decided 'what the hell', "I'm not just a time traveler as you guessed it. I'm a wizard, I come from the year 2001, from another world altogether..."

The man's eyes widened, "Like a parallel universe?"

Harry just nodded. Seeing the green eyed man so confused and hurt and alone, the man decided not to comment any further on the questions that were buzzing in his mind. He'd start small and work his way up.

"You know...I can't keep calling you pal for the rest of your stay here. Or future magic man, I mean I can if you like...it's a little awkward though don't you think? Might make a good comic book though."

"My name's Harry. Harry Potter."

"You come from another world...another time...you have magic...and you have a name as boring as Harry? They might as well have named you John!"

Harry glared at the other man and snapped back sarcastically, "Oh yeah, and what fabulous name was bestowed upon you great sir?"

The man smirked, "Howard...Howard Stark."

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