So here we are now
In the aftermath
And everything is turned around
Here we are now
After everything
Suddenly upside down

Jet relayed the info he had gathered from his last visit to the movie set.

The tension in the room could be drilled full of holes if he'd known what the fuck was going on. Spike stood on one side of the room holding his arms. A cigarette burned and dangled from his fingers. He hadn't taken a puff yet.

Faye sat in the bright orange armchair with her back to everyone.She hadn't bothered with any make-up today for some reason so her lips looked tiny and pressed together. Almost like a grimace.

Despite all the awkward silence, to which Jet was definitely unaccustomed to when the three of them were in a room together, Jet plowed through his story. He hated the position this was putting him in. He knew whatever had happened while he was away, it was big. And, of course, he couldn't ask about it so instead he had to pretend like he didn't notice anything out of the ordinary was going on like some sort of idiot.

He would have thought that the idea that Faye might actually have relatives, wealthy relatives at that, would thrill her to no end. But Faye sat lax against the chair's arm like she had been beaten and left there to die. He heard Spike swear when, assumedly, the cigarette had burnt down to his fingertips. He put the stinging appendages in his mouth, muttering to himself. Jet sighed and continued.

"So I'm thinking that whoever this woman is who pitched the idea for the movie to Akaido is the person we're looking for. She's probably using this whole film as a means of obtaining information about us. Then she's going to approach your family. The Spectors." Jet leaned toward Faye in an attempt to see her reaction to the mention of her surname in so many years.

"Faye Spector," she said sullenly. Not the reaction Jet was hoping for but at least it broke the silence.

"I thought I was from Singapore. I visited the lot where the house used to be." Flat and emotionless. Jet was at his wit's end.

"Yeah but you saw that photo. Your dad was white. Your mother must have been the one from Singapore. They must have relocated or something," Spike finally spoke up, fingers still in his mouth, regretting the wasted cigarette.

"From America," Jet added, happy that the three of them were finally engaging in conversation. It wouldn't last long, though.

"I'm going to bed," Faye stood and stretched, scratching at her ribs then slinking down the corridor towards her room. Jet turned to look at Spike. He was staring at the empty space she had occupied only moments before.

Jet had had enough.

"Okay, what the hell is going on?"

Spike sobered and his eyes flicked back and forth from his hands to the ground and back again. "What?"

"Yeah. Exactly. What? What happened after I left? I mean you weren't the best of friends or anything but at least you guys were talking and interested in this whole film thing. What happened?" Jet scraped at a coffee stain on the table in front of him. "Is it because you trashed her room?"

"No," Spike said. He paused as though he were tasting the words in his mouth. Whatever he was going to say, he thought better of it and loped silently out of the room.

Just for that, those two could forage for their own food tonight.

Lyrics from Oranger's Suddenly Upside Down.