My first Doctor Who fic. My interpretation of the letter Reinette left for the Doctor

My Dear Doctor,

The path has never seemed so slow and yet I fear it is nearing its end. Reason tells me that you and I are unlikely to meet again, but I think I shall not listen to reason.

That night you looked in to my head I saw the world inside yours. I saw what you have tried so very hard to hide. You love her Doctor; you love her so very much.

You do not have to be lonely my angel, it is worth the pain. Do not be afraid. Think of the memories you have made together of the laughter you have shared. To spend what time you have with someone who loves you, is a wonderful gift, you taught me that.

Thank you for showing me the stars and thank Rose for showing me my future for she prepared me for that awful night.

I do now know if she ever told you this but she came to me five years previous. She came to warn me, she came to tell me that when I needed you would be there, and so you were. I need you know Doctor, and alas you are not to be seen. Rose and I understand that you are worth the monsters, and you are. You must see that she is worth it too; she is worth facing your monster for.

Have faith my love.