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So, I was watching a little Austin & Ally today and I realized how badly I really wanted them to go out. Like, I wanted them to go out today. Lol. And I realized the only way that would happen is if I wrote a fanfic about them. Hope you guys like it!

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Chapter 1: The Wedding Planners: Let's Cross a Road

"I'm so happy for you, Trish!" Ally spoke into her cell phone.

She shut the door of the music studio behind her and started her way down the steps. The harsh wind suddenly hit her and she wrapped her jacket tightly around herself.

"I know! I just couldn't believe it when he gave me the ring!"

"You and Dez. I don't think anyone can believe it." Ally started going towards the busy cross section in front of her. The different cars blurred past one another.

Come on, Ally! New York will be fun.

I don't know, Austin.

Please Ally. I could never do what I do without you.

And he didn't have to, at the age of 21, the two moved to New York, ready to follow their musical dreams. A red jaguar raced by, cutting off her thoughts.

"Oh yes, because taking an hour to try and cross a road, is what I call the best day ever!"Ally whispered under her breath.

"Hmm. Did you say something, Ally?" Trish asked.

"Nah. Anyway… you and Dez!"

"Oh right! We're getting married!" A scream and a crash came over the phone line.

"Trish?" Ally cocked her head toward the phone.

"Ally, you wouldn't mind buying me a new vase as an early wedding present, would you?"

Ally laughed lightly. "Sure thing." Her hazelnut colored eyes analyzed the road in front of her and grasping a chunk of her hair, she started to chew it. She carefully placed a foot on the street, only to be cut off by an ignorant blue car. She gasped, pulling her foot back.

She heard footsteps behind her and looked down to see blue Jordans. "Now when I tell you to wait up for me, who's going to listen?" A sweet, husky voice whispered by her ear. She turned around and looked into the eyes of her best friend. Austin Monica Moon.

"Me." Ally slipped under Austin's arms, enveloping him in a hug. He placed his chin on her head, but only for an instant before pulling away. Ally looked down at her phone. Call Ended flashed on the screen and she realized that Trish had hung up on her.

Probably cleaning up the broken glass from the vase. Ally chuckled to herself. She dropped her phone into her purse and looked up at Austin.

"Alright! Let's do this!" She placed her tiny hand into his larger one and pulled him along.

"Oh gosh. I have so much to do before Dallas comes over, tonight. There's dinner, and I should probably do my nails. . ." Ally's schedule planning was interrupted when she turned back to see Austin standing on the edge of the sidewalk. Her foot was halfway in the road and he was just standing there with a small smile on his face.

"Come on." Ally tugged on his hand. A car whizzed by and Austin pulled her back onto the sidewalk.

"Thanks." She muttered. "What's wrong?"

"You're going to cross the road by yourself." Austin said to her. Her small red lips formed a round o as she registered what he had just said.

"You're kidding right?"

"Nope." He popped the "p", shaking his head.

"But I can't!"

"You can do it whenever I'm here."

"That's because you're here!" she threw her hands up.

"So, just imagine that I'm there." He looked down at her. "You can do this. Besides," He shoved his hands into his pockets and looking away. "You have a date with Dallas tonight and I don't think you want to miss that." He smirked down at her. Ally glared back at him.

"I'll show him. I'll wipe that sorry smile off his face." She took a deep breath and stepped into the road. She imagined Austin walking right behind her. His arm would be around her shoulder and they would be laughing about their day, sharing small inside jokes with each other. A smile started to form on her lips. She was so caught up in her thoughts of him that she didn't even notice when she stepped onto the sidewalk again.

Oh my gosh.. No way.. I did it.

Ally looked across the road and spotted Austin staring back at her. She threw her hands up in excitement and started dancing horribly. (1) Bystanders started to stare at her and Austin laughed at the sight, starting his way across the crowded road as well. As soon as he stepped onto the other side, Ally jumped on him, locking her arms behind his neck. He spun her around and then placed her gently on the ground. They smiled down at each other.

Austin cleared his throat. "Ahem.. ahh.. I should get going."

"Same. umm.." Ally stumbled over her words.


"Right!" Ally said. "I have a date with him tonight." Her voice lowered, "I should go get ready."

"See you later, Alls." She looked up and saw him saluting her with his two fingers, his signature smile on his face. He turned and started his way down the sidewalk. The two lived in the same apartment complex, but different areas. It was easier for him to walk a different sidewalk to get to his home. But as Ally saw him walking, his blond hair tousled, wearing his slightly baggy jeans and chain, she was starting to wish it wasn't.

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(1)- Yeah I tried to keep the characters true to themselves and the show, so Ally is not the best dancer… haha. Although I find it so adorable how she can't dance.

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