Mother, mother

Listen to my heart

Just as one beat ends, another starts

You can hear no matter where you are

Sister, hide our love away from the evil we both know.

Sunlight comes through the dusty window, landing on the worn couch in circles. The ends of the couch are frayed, having seen years of worried fingers. Fingers belonging to someone so depressed and in shock that there was nothing else to do. A chorus of words, long familiar to this room fills the air. "I love you." "Stay strong." "Run away." "No, stand and fight." "Just come home." A mother's words came first. "I love you." It was all I said back. Should I have said more? What difference would it have made? I would still be right where I am. "Just come home." Advice given from a girl with only 9 years, but nonetheless the most valued so far. Her face was lined in fear. She had seen enough pain to last a lifetime. I wrapped my arms around her warm brown skin. Almost like the sun. Sun, which played on our backs as we ran through the trees, searching for one bearing the perfect fruit. Sun, making dewdrops glisten finer than any gems found at the Capital, when we played in the meadow, the wildflowers reaching above the tops of our heads. Sun, which there is no more of. I was torn from my sun so long ago. That day, sitting on the couch, how long ago was it? How long have those I loved been living without sun?

It can see us through these dark days

Though they seem to darken as I go

Our love will see us through these dark, dark days, sister

'Till it lights the way back home

Sister, hide our love away

I remember the first thing that greeted me in the arena was the sun. And I remember thinking what a strange place to die. And it was. The sunlight played on the ground, shifting shapes and giving the treetops a kind of glow. I got away somehow. I still don't know exactly what I did. But in that moment, somehow everything went right. I saw flashes of blades but none of them seemed to be going towards me. And by some miracle, there I was in the woods. Safe. I was alone, though. You now, there really is nothing more scary than being alone. I was left with nothing but my own thoughts for days. Just waiting. What was I waiting for? Someone to attack? Maybe I was waiting for the sound of the crashing footsteps of my hunters. A sound that meant certain death. I would be trapped. There would be nowhere to run. And so I sat in my tree and thought about us, little sister. And I thought about your smile, able to light up the dark. You are my little light. You always will be. Our mother used to say that to me all the time. I was her little light in the dark. And now, little sister, you are mine. What I didn't know was that all this time I spent alone; I was really waiting for someone to come save me. And come she did.

It can turn the whole world upside down

Shake it till the sky falls to the ground

We don't have to reap the fear they sow

Friends, as long as we hide our love away

In the good they'll never know

What is an alliance? Think about it. It isn't as simple as you might think. An alliance is when trust isn't broken. But in the arena, everything was twisted. Alliances became about broken trust. When will you do it? Will you wait until the final 2, when it becomes inevitable, or will you strike when they are weak and unsuspecting? And, more hauntingly, will you look back? So you see why I was hesitant at first. But she said she wasn't going to hurt me. And I believed her. There was warmth in her eyes, something I still can't explain. I was so desperate for warmth, since all that had greeted me was cold. She made me feel so safe. Like if I was with her, nothing could go wrong. And at night, the coldest time of all, we shared each other's warmth. She wrapped her arm around me. That little sleeping bag became an island of protection. An island of love standing alone. I didn't need to feel afraid. I could tuck ally of my fears inside of me, if just for a little while. But I also had to tuck away my love too. Because both of us couldn't make it out. But for now, what did the Capital know? I could feel safe.

It can see us through these dark days

Though they seem to darken as I go

Our love will see us through these dark, dark days sister

Till it lights our way back home

Sister, hide our love away

She missed him by one second. She could have turned her head around. But she didn't. She was one second too late. Just one second. But isn't that always the case? Now mymother doesn't have her little light. She's left alone in the dark. Are you in the dark too, little sister? Are you scared? Please don't be. I know I wasn't. When I first saw the spear, lodged in me I was very frightened. But it was okay. It was peaceful, actually. There was this beautiful song. Here it's safe, here it's warm, and here the daisies guard you from every harm. Here is the place where I love you. I will always love you. And you are safe now. If there is only one thing I could do, I would tell my mother that I am safe. But I can't. What's done is done. What small hope I had; severed.

Mother, listen to my heart

Just as one beat ends

Another starts

You can hear no matter where you are