Last thing I remember is reaching out to Mono, my possessed body working on its own. I had the sword driven right through my heart, releasing Dormin out of my body. I was being pulled to a shimmery pool by a magical wind. As I passed through the hole. I thought about Agro, and how she sacrificed herself for me but I only ended up dying myself. As I fell I saw the light, shimmering all over my body. The darkness fled as my body filled with light. Then like a flash I saw a beautiful girl. Her blue eyes and golden hair shimmered as she floated towards me.

" Wander" She said " I am giving you one last chance to reclaim yourself in the world. You are only an youngling and deserve to have a better life then this"

" Thank you" was the only thing I could manage

I remember the magical orbs surrounding me as it brought life back to my body. I could feel the energy pulsing through my veins. In a flash I was back at the Temple where Mono was. Her body was no longer there. I checked my body, I still had an arrow wound in my leg, no arrow was stuck in it. My heart was ok and it no longer hurt to walk. My hair was still black, and I still had the horns. I was no longer pale and my eyes are blue again. I walked out of the Temple and whistled to Agro. She didn't come. I sighed and ran towards the big green area outside the Temple. I whistled to Agro once again. I heard a neigh from behind me. I turned around to find nothing. I sighed and started walking to return to my village. When I got to my village, I walked through the hustling streets. The people around me stared as I walked shyly through the streets

" Hey is that not Wander" One woman exclaimed

" I thought he was dead" Exclaimed another

" Why are there horns coming out of his head" said a young girl

I ignored the comments people of the village made and walked toward Lord Emon's house. I found a way to sneak inside and came inside his office. He was sitting in a chair eating something. I sat down and stared at him. I realized he was sleeping and immediately woke him up. He stared at me with disbelief and horror as he saw me standing right in front of him.

" Do I know you" he said with a quivering voice