Hey its K.N1. I wanted to tell you that Zephas is a fictional place and was not in the original game. Thanks

Previously on Shadow of the Colossus: Wander's story

" Do you know where she went after that" I said

He nodded

" She went to the rooftop temple in Zephas" He replied

" Zephas. Don' worry Agro and Mono. I am coming"

I ran across the fields. The trip to Zephas would take a while but I would eventually get there.

" This would be a lot faster on Agro" I mumbled to myself

I stopped, thinking about Mono and Agro together. I smiled.

" I wonder if Mono will know me" I whispered

I was smiling the whole way to Zephas. Thinking about me and Agro together again. Thinking about Mono and me. It just made me so happy. About an hour later I finally arrived at Zephas, the huge temple in front of me.

" Mono" I whispered " Agro"

I heard a neigh coming from behind me. I turned around to find Agro standing there.

" Agro" I said running up to her

Her soft hair felt good on my fingers

" I missed you so much girl" I said to her, tears coming to my eyes

" Come here horse" I heard a girl yell " Where are you"

Agro whinneyed

" There you are" she said walking over to Agro

She stopped and smiled when she saw me hugging Agro. Her smile then ceased

" Wander" Mono said " Is that you"

I looked up from Agro's face and smiled. She smiled in return

" Wander" She said running up to me with a huge smile on her face

" Mono" I said hugging her as her body slammed into mine

" I missed you so much Wander" Mono said, tears coming to her eyes

She stepped back to examine me more closely.

" I know I look different" I said to Mono

" You don't look different at all" Said Mono stepping closer " At least the personality"

I laughed

" Very funny Mono" I said giving her a soft nudge

She shoved me back

" What happened Wander" She asked me " While I was gone. How did you end up like this"

I sighed and explained everything. I told her that in order to bring her back to life I had to defeat 16 Coloussi.

" Wander, you didn't have to go through all that trouble to save me" Mono said

" I had more trouble then you think" I whispered