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Dean's eyes opened wide at the feminine sound of screaming.

"That's Allison!" shouted Scott as he recognized the noise. His eyes glowed yellow and he took off, sprinting down the road.

Dean whirled towards Lydia, ordering, "Something went wrong. You stay here," before flinging open the door of the Impala and racing after Scott's retreating form.

"Wait! I want to help!" Lydia cried hopelessly. She turned towards Castiel. "It's always the pretty ones that get left behind, isn't it?"

He ignored this, most likely because he had no idea whether or not it was always the pretty ones that were left behind. "Do you want to follow them?"

"Duh. But we'll never get there in time."

Cas held out his hand and grasped Lydia on the shoulder.


"Here Jackson Jackson Jackson. Nice Jackson. Good Jackson," cooed Stiles as the kanima sniffed Allison, trying to assess whether or not she needed saving.

Allison, to her credit, was doing a good job of staying still after her initial reaction of screaming.

Sam took advantage of the monster's temporary distraction to slide silently behind it. Noiselessly, he slipped a long, shiny knife from its holster, raising it towards the kanima. He began to position the knife, preparing a clean swipe of the head - an execution, vampire style, just to be safe - when the kanima spun around and deflected the blow, knocking the weapon from his hand. It clattered to the cement, as Sam leapt backwards in self-defense. The kanima swished its tail and began its strike –

"What the hell?" Lydia shrieked. The kanima paused and instinctively turned towards her. She scanned her new surroundings in consternation. "How the hell did you do that?"

But when she turned towards Castiel he was no longer beside her. Instead, he stood between the kanima and Sam.

"I would prefer if you did not harm Sam Winchester," he announced diplomatically.

The kanima hissed in response, only to find itself knocked sideways by a slim mass of yellow-eyes and unfortunate body hair.

"Stay. Away. From Allison," the werewolf panted as he pinned the kanima to the ground. The kanima hissed once more and freed one of its claws from Scott's grasp, slashing him in the back of the neck and leaving him paralyzed for the time being.

"Scott!" Allison shrieked involuntarily, an arrow already notched in her crossbow.

The kanima leapt off of Scott and slowly began to approach Allison again, his master's desire driving him onward.

Just as he was nearly to her, he was struck sideways by a speeding Impala, which screeched to a halt a few feet away. Dean shot out of his car like a bullet from the Colt, but already the kanima was rising again, apparently unfazed by the hit. It turned once again towards Allison, but found its path now blocked. On all sides, Sam, Dean, and Castiel, his archangel blade glistening in his hand, were closing in.

"Stop!" cried Lydia, her sudden outburst stunning even the kanima into immobility. Almost at the same time, they all turned to stare at her. "If that monster's really Jackson, then I can't let you kill him!"

"He's been killing half the town. We can't let him live," explained Dean as though he'd gone over this a thousand times. The conversation wasn't that much different from one he remembered having often with Sammy.

"Let me at least talk to him!"

"What, you think the power of your love can change him?" Dean smirked. Young love was so naïve. He readied himself to strike.

"Please! I just want to try!" she pleaded. She rushed forward, not waiting for an answer.

"Lydia!" Stiles warned, rising slowly. He had been kneeling to the ground, checking on Scott where he lay, as the venom sunk in.

"Shut up Stiles!" was all he got for his concern. "Jackson, I know you're in there. It's me, Lydia."

There was almost a hint of recognition in his eyes, just for a moment. But the power of love can't cure everything, and a monster cannot choose to be a bunny rabbit. He turned on Dean and swiped once with his claw, an attack Dean just barely avoided.

"You have to do something!" she shrieked. "He's a person! You can't just kill him!"

Castiel took advantage of this moment and reached out not his weapon, but an empty hand laying his palm against the back of the kanima's head. Stiles, Allison, and Lydia stared in wonder as his eyes glowed white and the kanima's body was overtaken by a white light. Sam and Dean shielded their eyes, and Jackson's limp form fell to the ground.

"What did you do?" Allison asked after a moment of awed silence.

"The child reminded me that the kanima was merely a sick werewolf. I can heal the sick," Castiel answered as though it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"You can what?" the teenagers gawked, as Sam asked a more practical question.

"So is he still a werewolf?"

"Yes. But one like your kinsman. He will do no harm if he can control himself."

"What are you?" asked Scott, slowly gaining the ability to prop himself up off the ground.

"I am an Angel of the Lord," was the stoic reply.

Allison raised her eyebrows. "So it's true then? God really is on your side?"

"I don't think God's been on anyone's side for quite a while."

Castiel's answer hung in the air, until Jackson's choking cough broke the silence.

"Jackson!" Lydia rushed to his side, taking off her overcoat and fixed it around his bare form.

"Lydia?" He choked out. She smiled and nodded, tears sneaking out from behind her eyes.

"But if Jackson's no longer the kanima, what happens to his master?" Stiles was the only one who seemed to remember the problem stemmed deeper than what they had just solved.

"I might be able to help with that," came a sing-songy English voice, as Crowley stepped out of the shadows. He was dragging Matt by his shirt collar. "See this little duck made a deal to kill everyone on his swim team. Well, that's not exactly true. We like things nice and tidy down in Hell. 'A life for a life' that sort of stuff. So I had the brilliant idea of sending him control over a kanima."

"You're the reason why Jackson became the kanima?" Scott spat.

"No your friend became a kanima because he has major issues. I just put Mattie in charge. Which, in retrospect, was probably a good thing for you two" (he motioned his head towards Sam and Dean) "Because otherwise that horrible old hunter Gerard probably would have seized control, and then you two would be dead. Again. But alas, the terms of this very special, one time only agreement were… well why don't you remind them Matt?"

Matt, who had been snatched from his bed, was still in his pajamas and looked absolutely terrified. "You said… you said if anything happened to the kanima you'd take my soul before the ten years ran up…" he stuttered.

"Yes, I did say that, didn't I? And has anything happened to the kanima?"

Matt took a quick look the decidedly not-kanima Jackson and gulped. "Yes…?"

"Yes is right Mattie. And now that you've done a bang-up job with the kanima, are you ready to meet another one of my pets? He's a bit bigger than the standard size, but that's why I love him."

A low, barking began to sound out of the street, echoing off of the nearby stores and houses. Matt paled as his eyes focused on the invisible source of the sudden noise. Sam's eyes darted subconsciously towards Dean, who shuddered, his hands unwillingly shaking at such close proximity to one of his greatest (and only) fears.

"Good dog. Fetch," the King of Hell ordered, as bloody slash marks appeared across Matt's chest.

The teenagers cringed and looked away.

"What's happening?" shouted Scott.

"He's collecting on a debt," Dean whispered.

"Aren't you going to stop it?"

"I can't. No one can. He did it to himself."

Once Matt's cries died away, Crowley clapped his hands together and smiled. This seemed to snap the Winchesters out of their stunned silence.

"Wait, aren't you supposed to be dead?" Sam growled, his voice low.

"Is that so? Charming. Well, it was lovely seeing you again. Ciao." He gave a little wave before vanishing.

"I don't understand. I thought you burned his bones?" Dean shot at Castiel.

"Maybe… maybe they were the wrong bones… or maybe he is too strong to be killed by that," Cas struggled for a believable answer.

Dean nodded, but his eyes still met Sam's suspiciously.

"Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'd like to go home," Stiles interjected.


"Are you sure you can't stay for dinner? There's pie for dessert!" Melissa pleaded.

Dean hated to leave pie, but some things, he hated to admit, were more important. "I'm sorry, there's something else we've gotta do."

"It was really great meeting you two," Sam said as he reached out his hand to shake hands with Scott and then gave Melissa a quick hug. Dean nodded at both in farewell, and the brothers walked down the driveway towards the Impala.

Sam paused for a moment after opening the door, his arm resting on the roof of the car. "So if Crowley's alive, that means we have to figure out what he's up to, doesn't it?"

"And it means that Eve might have been telling the truth," Dean confirmed.

"How do you figure Cas fits into all this?" Sam asked as he slid into the car and fastened his seat belt.

"What are you talking about? Cas had nothing to do with it! He made a mistake. Accidents happen," Dean defended his friend.

"But do they happen to Cas?"

Dean grunted in displeasure and cranked up the volume of the radio.


"Sammy! Did you change my presets?!"

The End