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NOTE: This isn't a chapter-by-chapter story; things will not occur in chronological order. This story comes in SNIPPETS. What scenes I think of first come first. It is up to YOU to put them in order as you read.

WARNING: There may be some content in here that you'll find shocking, disgusting or offensive. This is NOT a kid friendly story. There will be violence, sexual content, some nudity and maybe some very offensive language. In fact, if you're squemish, then you better walk away.



It had to be a nightmare. Of course it was; Skumm wouldn't just barge into her cabin and put his paws on her like that, would he? Would he have taken the others too? And what did he mean by 'You're mine now'?

But her eyes weren't open. And she wasn't on Hope Island anymore. It was only when she woke up that she realized she was really gone.

The room around her was pitch black except for the lights hanging above her. Her vision cleared slowly, not allowing her to really see much once it was perfect again. Linka could tell she was lying down on some kind of bed. Panic set in once she recognized all the straps holding her limbs down; the ankles, knees, thighs, waist, wrists and shoulders were all fastened to the bed tightly.

"Hlllllppppp!" she had been gagged before, but those were all ineffective. This time, she couldn't get a clear word out. There was definitely something on her tongue behind the cloth that was tied too tightly between her teeth.

Where were the others? They should have been there. They were always kidnapped together.

"Mmmmmph..." her eyes stung, releasing tears down her temples. She desperately yanked at the bonds in a pathetic attempt to escape.

"Look who's finally awake." A familiar woman's sinister voice cooed. "Have a nice slumber?"

"Mmmph!" Linkas words bounced back by all the cloth and stuffing keeping her lips apart. Blight cackled like a wicked witch who just kidnapped a princess.

Linka looked forward at her bound limbs and registered this time that they didn't take her ring. It remained where it always was, on her right index finger. "Wnnnd."

Nothing. The ring glowed but not even a breeze came out.

"You can try, but I doubt you'll get any clear words out with this gag." MAL hovered himself over to her side. "And you might not like the taste either." A robotic hand reached out and tested the strength of the cleave, by trying to squeeze a finger in it.

"MAL baby, tell the others our little guest is awake."

More lights banged on. Linka desperately rotated her head to see where she was. All she managed to see was the ceiling, a table of tools, and of course the talking computer.

The restraints holding her down made any movement from the neck down nearly impossible. They were all secured one notch tighter than necessary and digging into her skin. She couldn't even rotate her wrists.


"You're in a submarine Planet Pest. The steel is soundproof."

The rest of the eco-villains came in from behind. If this wasn't terrifying enough, she was greeted by one of their nasty fingernails, sliding slowly down her chest. Without a bra on, he could slightly see her breasts through her tank top. Unable to breathe with her throat, she was forced to take in his incredible stench. While his hand was feeling her perfect skin, his tail slid down her legs.

Skumms finger traveled up her neck, stroking the skin it encountered. No one tried to stop him when he went up and caressed her cheek. Linka whimpered at him to stop, shaking the best she could. Skumm seemed to be turned on.

"You're quite pretty when you're not wearing that silly uniform."

This made Linka gulp. "Ght ough me!"

Skumm just laughed and removed her hair band. "You really should keep your hair down." His long fingernails combed through her locks. Only Wheeler was allowed to do that.

"You can do that shit later Skumm." Nukem growled impatiently.

"Indeed. You can fondle her later." Blight added, causing Linkas green eyes to pop.


"Sweetie, I can't understand a word you're saying." she teased. "MAL baby, should we explain?"

Sludge, Plunder, Skumm, Nukem, Greedly and Rigger were staring her down. They were waiting for a show. This reminded her of the time she worked at a circus to save a kidnapped panda. This time, she was the panda.

"We only took you and not the other planet pests for a reason. Without your ring, they wont be able to summon Captain Planet. And don't even think about trying to reach jungle boy."

"We drugged him." said MAL. "We drugged all of you."

"Every blood cell in their bodies have been taken over by these little nanobots I created. With the push of a button," on cue, a bunch of TV screens showed their names and diagrams of their bodies. "They will die."

This was low, even for Blight. Seeing Wheelers bloodstream on TV with all those parasites inside brought more tears. "Yu btch!"

"We're going to give you the chance to save their lives." she continued. "I could just kill them and have you watch, but where's the fun in that? I'm going to leave their fate to you. Be a good girl and they won't get hurt. At least, not from the inside."

"And you wont be needing that ring anymore." Greedly snorted.

Blight smirked and took a tool from the table. Two intersecting blades shone in the light like diamond.

"Nyyyt! Nyyyt!" Linka began rattling and panicking as she approved her with the surgical sheers.

"This will hurt."

"Nyytttt! Nyytttt! Dnnnnnntttttttttt!" the blades stood around her index finger. Her hand was shaking so hard, Skumm had to force it down against the leather surface.

Every nerve stopped what it was doing and sped to her finger, ten times faster than before. The men in the room laughed as blood squirted out her severed finger. Blight held it up to the light, proudly showing off the severed bone, with the ring still on it.

As the villains applauded like psychos, Linka banged against the straps like an angry hulk, the pain in her hand unbearable. Even the gag couldn't turn down the volume of her screeching.

"She's making this less fun." Rigger complained. "Shut her up." Skumm nodded.

"I got this." He brought out the cloth he used to put her under and soaked it again with chloroform. This stuff was the best thing to happen since the creation of the cheese stick. "Nighty night, Bliss Brain."

Fighting now was useless, especially since she was in so much pain. The drug would at least take the pain away, she thought to herself. Closing her eyes, she let him bring her under.

What is going to happen to her next? How will Gaia and the others, especially Wheeler, react? What will they do?