In breaking news, in what can only be described as a dramatic turn of events, military fugitive and member of the infamous A-Team Lieutenant Templeton Peck, who was pronounced dead close to three months ago, is indeed alive.

Lieutenant Peck, in a selfless act of heroism, was believed to have been fatally injured while saving a six-year old girl's life by pushing her out of the way of a drunk driver's path of destruction. It turns out that the 34-year old was badly injured and unable to dispute reports of his demise until recently. Excavation of the gravesite conducted earlier this week has revealed no body…but a casket full of sand bags instead.

Reliable sources tell us that Lieutenant Peck has made a full recovery and has been reunited with his teammates. The A-Team has pulled off some amazing feats in the past, but coming back from the dead is downright miraculous. When contacted for a statement the U.S. army had this to say: no comment. Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith issued a statement of his own, "I love it when a plan comes together."

B.A. dropped his wrench and it fell to the ground with a clatter, but he didn't hear anything…he was too busy laughing.

The A-Team has pulled off some amazing feats in the past, but coming back from the dead is downright miraculous. When contacted for a statement the U.S. army had this to say: no comment. Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith issued a statement of his own, "I love it when a plan comes together."

Murdock collapsed onto his bed. He curled into a ball and began to laugh.

The A-Team has pulled off some amazing feats in the past, but coming back from the dead is downright miraculous. When contacted for a statement the U.S. army had this to say: no comment. Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith issued a statement of his own, "I love it when a plan comes together."

Hannibal stood frozen, staring and smiling at the TV screen; there behind the reporter on the screen was a picture of himself and Face.

Of course, none of the events of the last three months had been planned; Hannibal made the statement purely because he thought Face, Murdock and B.A. would get a kick out of it. He started to chuckle…and maybe he did it for his own benefit as well.

Face stood in front of what Father McGhill had affectionately begun to call 'Templeton's Tree' trying to get a handle on his emotions. The guys were picking him up soon to begin their first job since he had been injured and he wasn't sure he was ready. Physically, his wounds had healed, but mentally he was still struggling.

When he woke up on the ground after being shot it was all back...he remembered everything. Getting his memory back, however, turned out to be a double edged sword. While his past was no longer a blank, he was forced to revisit a lot of painful memories that in all honesty he could have lived without revisiting.

The first week while he recovered in the church rectory, the pain had distracted him from really dealing with his feelings. But as his body became stronger, so did his guilt. The team never left his side and took care of his every need, which only added to his guilt. They were being so good to him after he had nearly turned them over to the military and cost them their lives as free men. Face hung his head in shame as he walked back toward the brick building.

Face knocked on the office door before entering. "You have a minute, Father?"

Father McGhill smiled. "For you I have many minutes."

"I've come to say good-bye and thank you…the guys will be here any minute."

The priest motioned for the younger man to come inside and have a seat. "I'm certainly going to miss having you around, Templeton."

"And I'm going to miss you too." Face sighed and looked down into his lap.

"What's troubling you, my boy?" the priest asked.

"Oh, nothing. I've just been thinking."

"Uh-oh," the priest teased. "When you were a child and said that I knew I could expect you in confession the next weekend."

Face smiled, but it was forced.

"I know something has been bothering you...please talk to me."

Face's shoulders slumped. "It's just that I don't know how I could have forgotten you or the team the way I did. I said and thought some truly awful things."

"Templeton...nobody blames were hurt."

"I know, but I blame me. I should have seen through Decker's lies."

"And he shouldn't have lied to you. The only thing you are at fault for is for beating yourself up over it."

"In my head I know you're right, but..." Face's voice cracked and he stopped.

"But your heart hasn't caught up yet."

"Yeah." He swiped at his eyes, refusing to let the gathering moisture get any further.

Meanwhile, Hannibal, Murdock and B.A. stood outside the door to Father McGhill's office having overheard part of the conversation.

"I had no idea Face was feeling that way," Hannibal whispered to the others whose stunned expressions reflected the same.

They listened as Face continued opening up to the priest.

"How can can I ever look them in their eyes again?"

"If you look into their eyes I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed. They love you, Templeton."

Hannibal decided it was time to make his move. "He's right, kid," the colonel said while walking into the room followed by his captain and sergeant. "We do."

Face ran a shaky hand through his hair. "How long have you all been listening?"

"Long enough to hear you talkin' nonsense," B.A. groused.

Murdock elbowed B.A. in the ribs then jumped back as the larger man turned and growled at him. When he was a safe distance he said, "What B.A. means is that you are being way too hard on yourself."

"I held a gun on you…I don't think I'm being hard enough."

"Face…what happened before your memory returned doesn't count."

Face stood abruptly looking at Hannibal as if he were about to burst. "Okay…but what about now?"

"What about now, buddy?" Murdock questioned.

"If I'm such a loyal friend then why can't I bring myself to hate Decker?" His hands were balled into tight fists. "I should hate him and be angry about what he did to me, but instead I just feel sad." He paused before adding, "And guilty…so, so guilty."

"Is that what's got you so upset?" Hannibal asked. "Hell, Face…I don't hate Decker either." He turned to the priest, "sorry, Father."

Face's eyes widened. "You don't?"

Hannibal shook his head. "I hate what he did to you…to all of us. Making us think you were dead caused me the hardest time of my life. But in the end he did the right thing. Decker and Crane started to care about you…I could see it in their eyes."

"And he never told anybody where they could find ya while you was recoverin'," B.A. added.

"He also could have let it out about how I'm a member of the team," Murdock added. "But as far as I know he's kept that to himself as well."

Hannibal walked over to Face and put both hands on his shoulders. Face immediately looked away. "Look at me, kid." He waited until Face's blue eyes met his own to continue. "Never apologize for having a heart and caring about people…even those that treat you wrong. It's when you stop caring that I will start to worry. Now…what do you see?"

"What?" Face asked in confusion.

"You're looking in my eyes…the Father guaranteed you wouldn't be disappointed. Are you?"

Face bit his lip and shook his head; all he saw reflected back at him was genuine affection.

Hannibal pulled Face into a hug. "Good…because I have never been disappointed in you, son."

Face collapsed against Hannibal, the term 'son' had been the last straw to break what little composure he had left. Murdock and B.A. joined in what became a group huddle and the quartet remained like that for some time as Face released his built up emotions.

When he had finally regained control of himself, Face stepped back, took a deep breath and said, "My whole life all I wanted was a family. It took losing my memories of all of you to realize that I had one all along…and that I am very blessed.

"If there's one thing I learned through all of this is that you don't appreciate what you have until you wake up one day and it's gone," Hannibal said.

"Yeah…like Murdock's mind," B.A. quipped.

"B.A.'s sense of humor," Murdock retorted.

Hannibal looked at Face. "Those great cigars you got for me."

"My Corvette," Face smiled.

"My favorite orphan." Father McGhill walked over to Face. "Are you ready to join your family now?"

"Yeah…I'm dying to."

The group groaned and Face smiled sheepishly, "Okay…bad choice of words…but I'm ready."

After saying their final good-byes, the reunited A-Team took their usual spots in the van and hit the road. It wasn't more than ten minutes later that they heard the sound of sirens and a voice booming through a blow horn.

"This is Colonel Lynch of the U.S. Army."

"And this is gonna be fun…hit it, B.A."

Hannibal was on the jazz…B.A. was driving…Murdock was playing with Billy….and Face was wearing Armani.

Some things would never change.

The End