Hey guys. This is my first try at a Twilight story. I hope you all like it.


Deep in the forest are many things that would scare people. Some off these were less then Human and some even less the Animals. In our world we have werewolves, shifters, faeries, vampires and let us not forgot mundanes. Werewolves were man and woman, that got bitten by one. Shifters were mostly native people, who would shift into animals to protect their land and tribe. Vampires … well let just say they are really bloodsuckers. Some drink from anamals, other from humans or some feed themselves with blood from bloodbags. The people in the world that are nothing special and don't know anything from this supernatural world, are called mundanes. And to be honest with you, they live the best life off us all.

What are faeries then? Well let me explain it too you. I'm Isabella Maria Swan and me and my family are faeries. So the best wat too explain is just too tell you my life story. Let me begin my story on the day I moved from Phoenix, Arizona back to our hometown Forks, Washington. I had completed my training with my mother and because she remarried to an higher ranked faerie. I had to move to my father in Forks. I was moving in with him to spend time with him, learn from him and to finish off my last year in the mundane highschool.

My dad is actually the chief of police in Forks, but her is also a combar trained faerie. Normally us Faeries tend to stay solitair and live in small groups or alone. But my father actually befriended a couple of native people that shifted to protect their tribe. Offcourse they don't know that my father and I know and lucky for us they don't know wat we are.

The native tribe in La Push near Forks are the Quileute-tribe. They always speak of their legends. The main legend is about Taha Aki. He was the first man to shift into a wolf. Back in the early days the men of the tribe would use their spirit selves to chase people of their land. But roughly 400 years ago, their neighbouring tibe got attacked by monsters. They call them the cold ones and we called them vampires nowadays. The neighbouring Makah tribe asked them for help and the Quileutes repsonded. After losing all their fighters, but Taha Aki and his youngest son, the cold ones moved to attack La Push. The men that shifted into wolves had to adapt themselves to kill the cold one that attacked the town. And this is the resaon why my dad made friends with some of these Natives.

My dad hates vampires and that why he actually moved onto the tribe land. Yes he is still the chief of poli of Forks, but her doesn't live there anymore. Now let's start with my story.