. Well on to the story this Peeta, Katniss, and their children are living happy because the games are over. Well what they don't know is that the capitol is rebuilding and making another hunger games only now instead of boy and girl tribute they choose parent and child tribute for more entertainment and both parent/child win.

"Finnick! That's my bow and arrow! Give back now before you poke someone's eye out!" I say. Finnick is the most annoying brother anyone can have. "Prim let's go hunt." My mother says. "Coming!" I say. I go outside trying to catch up with her but she stops in the middle of the hob. "Prim, How about you go to the woods and get tonight's supper? I need to go to the hob." I've never gone to the woods by myself. I've always gone with my mother or with my best friend Cath Miller. "Okay" I say. I ran to the fence. This is where my mother and I hunt. I flatten out my stomach and slide under the two-foot stretch that's been loose for decades. When I entered the woods I see Cath who has retrieved my bow and arrow that was in a hollow log. I take out my flute and play it. I love my flute. I bring it when we hunt because it attracts animals, which makes it easier to hunt. When I spot a deer. "Okay remember Prim, aim it right in the eye." Cath reminds me. I raise my bow targeting its eye, but it was to late the deer fell down and died with an arrow on its leg. "What?" I say angrily " Hey that was my kill!" as a man figure walked toward me he was saying "sorry Prim." And now I know who it is. It was Gale Hawthorne.