I came as promised. I helped transported her things into her small car. I was even to ride with her on her journey back home. We talked mostly about her life here and her dreams. She asked about me and I answered her truthfully but did not tell her about my feelings for her. Though if she had asked I would tell her but she did not.

The closer we got to her home the more excited she became. I could see her house; see the tree I used to occupy many a night.

But instead of turning towards there she turned towards the park. I did not hide my surprise. She caught it but didn't say anything. She parked the car on the edge of the park. When the car was off she turned towards me.

"I think I made my decision," in her eyes I could tell that she had but could not tell what it was. I could only nod not trusting myself to speak. "I want to remain here."

I tried to hide my feelings, "Very well," but my voice cracked. I turned not to look at her but her hand caught my face and held to it.

"As much as I wonder what life would be like with you, I cannot lose what I have here. I still have much to learn about life," her voice was as sweet as the morning dew. Her soft fingers traced my firm jaw line down to my chin; they hovered for an instant on my lips but then were removed.

I wanted to say something but I couldn't. I grabbed her hand as it dropped from my face and held it captive between both of my hands. I looked down at her pale skin against my dark gloves as she spoke, "I know the cost of my decision. I won't see any of you anymore. Nor will I remember. But it is the choice I make."

I looked up at her. Her eyes remained fixed on mine. With one hand I held her face while the other still held tightly to her hand, "Say your right words, my love."

She closed her eyes, "I wish to remain here, for you have power over me."

My power over her grew and it was done. I was still holding on to her but she couldn't feel it. Nor could she see me as she opened her eyes. The sad look in them stayed and it will probably always remain there. She moved her hand away from mine. She slowly spoke, "It is so good to be home."

I left. I told her friends her decision. They hate me for forcing her even though I did not. I still watch her time to time. She is happy like I said she would be but I am not. I was never given a choice. So I am stuck myself in a world without Sarah.

My runner, my defeater, my love, my beautiful precious Sarah who doesn't even know I exist. I have power over her once again and I loathe it with all my being.

To be Continued...

with Sarah's Choice (Coming Soon)