Love is a rather strange ordeal and has always been judged upon by society. In the realm of the reapers, it wasn't too heavily judged upon. The only thing that was forbidden by law was that of a romantic relationship between a reaper and another being, whether it is human or demon. Homosexual relationships were practically a common practice due to a majority of the staff being male. The only real gossip concerned of who was with who and all the juicy details. Grell was great at these pieces of gossip, and also good at setting people up believe it or not. A few months after Eric finished mentoring Alan was when he realized that he was practically head over heels in love for him. The only problem was that he didn't know how to approach him in that sense; he's hooked up with numerous women but they were only quick shots and one night stands. Eric didn't really know how to tell Alan he wanted a long term relationship with him and how he honestly felt.

Grell was able to see the romance between these two the whole time, always pondering when Eric was going to confess to the kid already. It was obvious each man had a thing for one another, something far deeper than friendship and a quick hook up. One afternoon at the office when Alan was out collecting souls, Grell sat his pretty little bum right on top of Eric's papers.

"Looks like you need some love advice darling," Grell smirked his pointed teeth down at the blonde.

"What love advice Sutcliff? I can handle my own love life thanks," Eric grumbled, trying to write more but where he needed to write was right under Grell.

"Oh you can? That's why you and little Alan are together, kissing, holding hands, and making passionate love every single night," the red head swooned.

Eric glared daggers up at his feminine coworker. "Alright, so I'm not dating Alan yet. So what? I'll get him when he's ready."

"He is ready darling! Don't you see the signs? He wants you just as badly as you want him," he smiled, patting Eric on the head like he was a puppy. "He's waiting for you, the big strong man, to make a move~! A lady always waits for her man and when the waiting is too long, she either gives up and moves on or does it herself."

"You're forgetting that Alan isn't a girl Sutcliff, and neither are you," Eric rolled his eyes, and grabbed a clean sheet of paper to at least do some work and get something done before his shift was officially over. "Unless you have real advice, sod off."

"Hmmmmm… you're stubborn aren't you Eric? Well then, I'll give you the really good stuff," Grell leaned in close, to whisper his secrets of romance into the older blonde's ear.

Eric took in every word the red head said, finding sense into it, and making it all come together in his mind. For once, the bat head crazy reaper was making sense and knew what he was saying exactly.

"Try it all out tomorrow and see how it goes, I'll take a thank you now," he smiled, scooting off the desk and making his way over to his own. "And I would also appreciate two pounds and fifty shillings~!"

The following morning at work was quiet, Eric finally understood why Spears would come in extra early, it was silent and held a very calming atmosphere and most importantly, it was empty. Alan would be walking in any minute to get started on any work he had to finish up from the other day. He gripped tightly on the gift behind his back, it made perfect sense when Grell brought the idea to light. Why didn't he think of something like this sooner?

"Hello? Is anyone here?" Alan voice rang through the hallway. "I must be early again… I really need to fix my clock at home so it stays on time…" he mumbled as he opened the door to the shared office. "Mr. Eric! What brings you here so early?"

"I wanted to tell you something before everybody got here, they'd be laughing their asses off so much you wouldn't be able to hear me," Eric grinned before holding out a bouquet of flowers in front of the petite reaper.

"Mr. Eric? What in the world- are these for me?" Alan asked bewildered before gently taking the flowers in hand and inhaling the sweet scents. "You said you wanted to say something too, there's no note so I assume the words will come from your mouth?"

"Nope, all I need to say is right there in your hands. Sutcl- I mean, I know you love flowers and know the meaning to practically all of them so… find out the message I sent ya," Eric smiled, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Let's see what you have here then…" Alan pulled the flowers a bit closer, to examine all there was to see and know. Eric had to take a lot of time researching things about the flower language to get just what he wanted to say in only a few flowers. "These are sweet alyssums, and these are… amaranths, over here are red chrysanthemums, and these are white lilies… oh Mr. Eric…" a faint blush was seen on Alan's pale cheeks and his eyes watered slightly. "These are red tulips… Mr. Eric… does this mean what I think it means?"

"It's exactly what you think it is," in a swift motion, Eric cupped the side of Alan's face and brought his own lips against the young reaper's. It was a perfect first kiss, one he was not going to forget or regret. Feeling Alan kissing him back was all the more satisfying and enjoyable, this was a memory he was going to have implanted in his mind for the rest of his immortal life.

Flower meanings:

Sweet Alyssums: Worth beyond beauty

Amaranths: Immortality, unfading love

Chrysanthemums (Red): I love

Lily (White): Purity, sweetness

Tulip (Red): Declaration of love