Eric sighed dreamily as he flat out gazed at his smaller lover. The brunette's brows were furrowed in concentration on the paperwork in front of him, a thin frown was on his lips, and his delicate hands made the small clicking sounds of his typewriter when pressing the numerous keys, pushing once in a while giving off a small ding. It didn't matter what he was doing, Eric always ended up staring at him and admired every feature of Alan's body, soul, and being had to offer.

"Eric, eyes on your work, not me," Alan's voice suddenly scolded, his eyes not even leaving the piece of paper in front of him. It didn't take a genius to figure out that the tall blonde wasn't working but instead distracted by the chocolate hair reaper. "You don't want to be stuck here all night doing overtime do you?"

"Your fault for being too damn attractive," Eric flirted, smirking across the office. "And as long you're here for the overtime, I don't mind all that much."

"You're impossible Eric," Alan rolled his eyes, pulling out a completed paper and placing a clean sheet into the typewriter. "Do something related to work before Mr. William comes back and punishes you. Do you not even see that large stalk of blank forms and papers on your desk that needs to be completed by the end of your shift?"

"Hm? Didn't notice those there. Guess I should start on them huh?"

"That's what I've been trying to tell you Eric, now work."

It took almost half an hour of convincing to get Eric to start on his paperwork with Alan constantly reminding him that the blonde had to set an example for the younger reapers since he was at supervising rank. Of course, it took more than that to get Eric working. Several kisses were exchanged between the two, some light and sweet, others a bit more heated. Once Eric was satisfied, he finally agreed to start on the forms, sat at his own desk, and began the large pile of paperwork.

Hours were spent in silence other than a few words from Ronald and Grell, a scolding from William for them to be quiet and work, the scribbling of pen across paper, and the clicking and dinging of a typewriter. Soon, the paperwork on four of the reapers' desks was completed and three checked out to head home for the evening.

"Eric? How's that paperwork coming along?" Alan asked, buttoning up his jacket and placing on his gloves.

"Ugh… I got another twenty forms to still finish and then gotta go back and edit mistakes on others. I'm not one for paperwork Al, ya know that," Eric groaned and placed his face on his desk, obviously exhausted from a day's work. "You go on home; I'll meet you there when I'm all done 'kay?"

Alan sighed, he hated when Eric would get like this. He would act like a child, a very stubborn child refusing help. The brunette did the same thing, but he had more reason to then Eric did. He was more than capable of finishing all the work, even with his short attention span. "I'll help you get through those last forms, and then we'll go home together. Does that sound better love?"

Eric smiled as Alan pulled up his desk chair to sit by Eric's side. He knew he wouldn't do the forms for him, but he would stay there encouraging him to finish and helping him on his spelling and grammar. "Alright then, I'll write these up, you start correcting what I did get done then."

"Fine by me," Alan stated, grabbing the pile of work and began to review the numerous sheets of hand written reports.

After so long, Eric had completely crashed on his desk, the last twenty forms completed and needing reviewing. Alan corrected yet another spelling mistake in one of the forms, yawning as he finished that sheet. As he reached over to grab another paper, his eyes laid onto his sleeping lover. Eric really was like a big baby, it only showing more when he was asleep. His blonde hair was messy and not neat from multiple times of running his hand through his wavy locks. The blue tinted glasses were falling off his face but still managed to stay on somehow. In shorter words, he was a bit of a mess, more so than he was on normal occasions.

But Alan didn't mind one bit. It was that messiness that made Eric who he was, what made him beautiful and handsome in the younger reaper's eyes. He wasn't all very young looking, obvious signs of aging were appearing on his features and stress lines on his face were visible as well. He was tall, heavily built with the right amount of muscle (not too overly buff, but not extremely lean), and always held a certain aura around him that made people in the room look at him, even if it was only for a second.

Alan gently placed a stray hair behind the blonde's ear, laughing silently to himself. "I'll get these forms corrected this time around, next time I'll have to wake you up and make you do it yourself you big brute."