Now here's something different, hopefully this won't be a difficult story to write since it's going to be a lot more about interaction than action. Now Roxas may be the central main protagonist, but that doesn't mean the other characters won't hog the spotlight sometimes. You'll also learn a lot about suits so that's a plus right there! XD LOL

There are quite a few pairings in this one, so I think it's only fare that I tell you what you'll be expecting.

Possible pairings: Naminé/Roxas/Xion, Vanitas/Xion, Saïx/Larxene/Axel, and Xemnas/Aqua

Writer: Terra ForceXIII

~*~ Wearing Black ~*~

Chapter I: A New Beginning

Roxas felt like he couldn't breathe, regretting the times where he should've listened how to firmly wear a tie. Now it seemed like the fabric was constricting his neck, a Windsor knot to be precise. He adjusted it a little, trying not to ruin the knot while providing himself with air by pulling it slightly away from his throat. Maybe I'll pass out and die before the elevator opens, he thought utterly.

Roxas Al Edwards wore an onyx single-breasted suit and matching pants, a white undershirt with his collars flipped back to show his neck, and a black and gray checkered tie in a half Windsor knot. He had two button cuffs with the sleeves of his white undershirt showing, the middle two of his four-button suit were buttoned, showing a bit more of his tie and parted before his belt-line. And finally, leather made black shoes.

This was his first suit.

Roxas gulped, feeling as if it'll stop halfway because of the constriction of his tie. His deep blue eyes glanced upward at the small metal hand moving right at the number of levels in the building. The metal hand slowly went past four and headed to level five, he had a little time left before it reaches thirteen.

He looked down to marvel the sand and brown checkered stone floor, seeing his reflection perfectly through the clean stone. His hands were in his pants pockets, the cuffs retreating back slightly to reveal his wrists. It was at this point that he questioned the condition of his hair, wondering if it seemed unprofessional. Of course it wasn't professional, uncombed and shooting towards the ceiling in one direction. He never had to care about these things in his life before, but those simpler times seemed to belong only to memory now.

The metal hand passed seven and headed towards eight.

He raised his head and narrowed his eyes as he stared at the lights, brightly showing the interior of the elevator while giving it a relaxing shimmer. Probably from the neatness. Roxas was half tempted to try out his gift, to see if he could bend the light to his will like he did back at home. Practically shorted the light bulbs of their power; nearly giving his mother a heart-attack while his father panicked.

Of course they had reason to panic, because they knew what will happen to their son if anyone found out that he was gifted. Roxas was only ten at the time; he laughed and giggled while the shimmers of bright light moved to his will. His parents told him that it was a curse, ordered him to never do it again or the bad people will take him away.

But they eventually did two weeks ago, recruiting Roxas at the age of sixteen. The memory of his parents brought an ache in his stomach, forcing a tremor in his lips before he wiped those feelings away with his sleeve. They did their best, he thought. They protected him for six more years after they discovered his gift, dreading the day when he'll be taken away from their arms and forced into the business at Black Wolf.

Roxas looked back at the metal hand to see it heading towards eleven.

This was his new life now, ripped from his calm life of affection and replaced with luxury and power. His father told him to always make the best of things, to adapt to what you got and learn to use it. So now Roxas had to fill in the gap in his heart left by his parents and friends, clinging to extravagant things and possessions.

But he questioned the matter if he'll live long enough to even try. He heard the stories of the Black Wolf Corporation, the business of cut-throats and murderers that held the life of Twilight Town in the pockets of their expensive suits. Where the root of all conspiracy and back ally secrets lay, the very lives of the people in middle class are considered walking chess pieces moving where the suits think it best serves their interests.

The metal hand slowed down past twelve and crept to the final floor.

Now this was his life, a member of those dark tales that threatened the lives of fathers and haunted mothers of the possibility of losing their children, if they were gifted.

The elevator made a ding sound to confirm his fate, the elevator door slowly splitting apart to welcome him to his destiny. When they opened, Roxas couldn't help but feel the foreshadowing of his reflection splitting into two. Half of him wanting to return to his old life and family while the other craved the power that would be granted to him once he steps forward.

"Welcome," A deep voice called. "Number thirteen…"

So that's the introduction to my new fic, I hope you guys enjoyed and I hope you'll stick around for more. Its short, but I planned it to be so you guys can get a little taste to see if you'll like it. I rather enjoyed writing this piece; I've always had a fascination with business and suits. I guess to me, suits are the physical representation of success and wealth. Call me greedy but that's the way I see it, and I don't think anyone can complain about wanting those things. :P

This fic is like I said before; it's about the experience and not about the action. There will be some action here and there, but it'll mostly be about Roxas and his interactions with the other members. We'll get to see a bit more about the world Roxas lives in and his experience with adapting to his new life.

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