Her Life Depended On It

"Pete." Jackie switched her gaze from him to Mickey and back again. When he met her gaze she had to fight to ignore that feeling that told her the Doctor was wrong and he was every bit her Pete; they'd have time to talk and rediscover each other later but right now wasn't the time to be worrying about that. "I don't like this."

He looked down to her hand, reaching to intertwine their fingers. As she gripped him tighter he shifted his gaze back up to her face, frowning at how terrified she looked. "What?"

"Something's not right."

"About what?"

Mickey nodded, drawing both their attentions to him. "You're right, Jackie. The Doctor wouldn't send Rose here for nothing."

She looked back at Pete. "He loves her, you must have seen it." A smiled tugged at her lips as he nodded. "Something's wrong; he's so in love with her and there's only one reason he would ever send her away where he'd never see her again, and that's if her life depended on it."

Mickey contemplated the situation for a moment. "Maybe he's just being extra cautious because it's both the Cybermen and Daleks. I can understand he'd be worried but he knows she'll always come back to him, maybe he just expected it would take her a little longer, you know after he's dealt with them." He shook his head. "Who am I kidding? They've been in danger before and he's only ever sent her home once, and look at what she had to do to save him then."

Jackie swallowed thickly. "She's in real danger." Her eyes began to water as she held Pete's gaze. "We have to do something; I need her in my life, I can't lose her and knowing she's in another universe, safe and happy is one thing but if she dies, or worse she ends up between universes, what did they call that?"

"The Void?"

"Yeah if she ends up in the Void or dies." She took a deep breath to stop her voice cracking. "I can't…" She leant into his touch as he reached to brush away her tears. "If something happens to her… Pete, I don't like this."

"Jacks." He opened his mouth to reassure her; Rose was a fighter, strong, and certainly clever enough to come out of it triumphant. She'd help the Doctor defeat the Daleks and Cybermen then he'd take her home to the TARDIS, curl up on the sofa with her and comfort her over missing her mum, promising they'd find a way back to her and then they would.

"Please. That's our daughter."

Pete squeezed her hand and leant in to kiss her forehead then stepped back, pressing the button to make the jump alone. He swept Rose into his arms, jumped back, and even when Rose was heartbroken and banging her fists against the wall, he was infinitely glad he did.