Dave was riding along the woods and one day he found a baby whaped in colth so he got off his horse and went to the baby and then Dave said"who left you here little one"and then the baby just cryed and then Dave pick him up and hold him and then the baby stoped crying and then Dave said"your name is going be John"and then Dave and the baby went onto the horse and went back to the castle where he said"brother mother I found this little baby in the woods and then Dave mother got up and walked down and said"how can people put baby in the woodsand to die".Then Dave brother said"we are going to keep him"and then Dave was happy for someriseing.

13 Years Later

Dave got up and went into John's room and said"good moring"and then John said "good moring too".Then Dave said"whats a matter"and then John said"Dave I want to know how to ride a horse".Then Dave said"Ok"and then Dave said"first you get dresses and have something to eat and then we will go for a horse ride lesson".Mean while Bro and Grandpa harley was rideing towards where Dave lived and then Bro said"Grandpa harley I did not know Dave had a brother"and then Grandpa harley said"I did not know aswell".Mean While at Skaia the jack noir was planing to kidnap the heir but not the boss of the Imps came and said"I'll get him for you sir"and then the Jack noir said"yes you can".

Mean while Dave and John was horseriding and then John said"Dave whos that"and then Dave looked and it was Grandpa harley and said"that is Grandpa harley and Strdier"and then Bro said"Dave"and then Dave said"Bro long time seen" and then Bro said"hows you"and then Dave said"I am fine"and then Grandpa harley said"whos this then"and then Dave said"meet John I found him in the woods when he was just a baby".John was shy at first and then Dave said"John come and meet Bro and Grandpa harley"and then John said"hello I am John".Dave said"he is the heir"and then Bro said"he is so cute"and then Dave said"that will be my falut"and then Grandpa harley said"why"and then John said"he protects me thats why"and then Dave looked up and said"I think we should go back to the sburb session"and then John said"I can feel it too".

Dave said"do you want to stay for a night"and then Grandpa harley and Bro said"yes please"and then they had tea and went to the night Dave ask the Davesprites to keep an eye on John's while the Imps climed up the window and grabed John and then John woke up and screamed and then the Davsprite went into his room and saw lots of Imps and then Dave ran down the Dave said"where is John"and then the Davesprite said"the Imps took him".

Mean while the Imps was back at Skaia and then John said"put me down"and then the Imps did and then the Jack noir came out of the fire and said"welcome John"and then John looked at him and said"no it can't be"and then he tryed to run away but the Imps got the Jack noir said"put him into the cell and bet him and also do what ever you want with him but do not kill him".Then the Imps took him to the cell and trow him into the cell and then they shut the go up and went to the window and looked out and he was wishing that Dave or someone will save while back at the apartment of Houston Dave was getting the nakkodiles ready to go and save while John was sitting on the floor and then the door opened and it was some Imps and the Imps tied John with some chains and then one of the Imps striped him and then he raped him and then John said"go away you bastard".Then another Imp came with a whip and whiped him hard and then the Imps all togeter bet him almost to death and then the Jack Noir came in with a tube of Uranium and then he injeted into John.