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A series of firsts.

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the incompleteness of Rachel Berry


It started simple enough.

She'd just come back from a dinner party with her fathers and her suitemates were lounging in the common room in yoga pants and t-shirts. That wasn't unusual in itself. There was a bottle of Jäger rolling on the floor and a half-finished bottle of Appleton VX sitting on the coffee table. Empty cans of Red Bull littered the floor around their feet.

Clearly, the ladies were having a fun night in.

She was a couple feet from her door when someone yelled out her name. She pivoted and greeted the group of women, raising a hand as she smiled.

"C'mere Berry! Join the fun!" One of her blonde suitemates smiled and waved her over. She hesitated for a beat before she did, plastering a smile on her face as she sat on the closest bean bag chair near her door.

It's not that she didn't know the girls. She knew their names and majors. There was never an issue with the bathroom or kitchen and whenever anyone was having company over, there'd be a note on the whiteboard. She'd been living there for over six months and got along fine with them.

She just didn't know how to be that open and friendly like how they already were.

"Grab a glass, don't be shy honey." Mercedes Jones winked. The dark-skinned beauty and her shared some classes together; she was a fantastic singer. She was the first person Rachel had actually met when she first moved in and of everyone else in the room, she was the only person she'd actually call a close acquaintance. She was two years into a MIS degree and was a computer genius.

She accepted the red cup from a svelte Latina, eyeing the amber-coloured liquid warily. "Um, what exactly are we doing?"

"Drinking, duh." She responded. Santana Lopez was scary. Loud and brash, Rachel never really spoke to her if she didn't have to. But she was smart, like genius smart, and somehow managed to party almost every day, yet made the Dean's Honors List the two years she'd been here. Rachel remembered her saying she was applying for law school as soon as she was done wasting her time.

"I can see that." She raised an eyebrow and picked up the Jäger bottle that had rolled over to her. She eyed it and grinned at the room of women again. "Looks like you've been having too much fun."

Goofy grins and wide smiles greeted her. Rachel wasn't much of a drinker, aside from the few cast parties and dinners she'd attended, she had little experience with alcohol.

"Well, it's colder than St. Nick's left nut outside so we needed to find a way to warm the room up a little." Santana smirked. The blonde sitting in the other bean bag chair giggled lightly and the glass in her hand sloshed liquid onto her shirt. "Crap."

Quinn Fabray. Rachel was pretty sure she was prom queen, homecoming queen and probably every other queen that existed back in her hometown. Maybe a cheerleader too. She was pretty, a classic beauty. She had sparkling green eyes, blonde hair and a look that could freeze fire. She wasn't as loud as Mercedes or Santana, but she was very opinionated and very good at photography, as evidenced by the camera that was always by her side and almost every photo in the common room was one of hers. She had an amazing talent.

"'Never Have I Ever', that's what we're playing now." The last of the women in the room piped up. Brittany Pierce. She danced just like she spoke, lively and powerful. She was usually quiet and reserved, sometimes scatter-brained and more often than not Santana had to steer in the right direction. Rachel had always figured Brittany would be more suited for Juilliard, where she could take dance as a major, she was always dancing! But the tall woman was majoring in social work, and was getting good grades too.

Mercedes clapped her hands for attention. "OK. We all know the rules?"

Her mouth fell open when Rachel raised her hand. "I've never played this game before."


She shrugged.

"But you do drink? Alcohol?" Quinn asked. Rachel nodded.

"Yes. But I've never played this game before."

"You didn't go to high school and sneak out for parties?" Santana laughed.

Again Rachel shook her head.

"What, high school or parties?"


"Hold up. What?" Santana asked incredulously.

You'd think after two years of college her suitemates would know her a little bit better. But it was her fault really; she spent most of her time in her room or in class or with her parents. Now and then she'd crawl back to Tina's – her one friend since she was eight – and watch movies or discuss what she left behind.

Rachel shrugged.

"What, are you some kid genius who skipped high school and came straight to college or something?"

"Or maybe you were home-schooled?" Quinn offered.


Five pairs of eyebrows rose at her. "Home-schooled." She clarified.

"Imma have fun with this game." Mercedes burst out in laughter. She caught Rachel's eye and grinned. "Someone says 'never have I ever' and adds an experience or something, like, 'gone to the mall' or 'shoplifted' and if you have, you drink."

"Oh. OK."

"Fair warning Rachel, they can be downright nosy." Brittany said.

She nodded again. After all, it couldn't be that bad.

"Never have I ever… walked down a hallway naked." Santana, Brittany and Mercedes drank.

"Never have I ever… not worn underwear to school or in public for that matter." Brittany and Santana drank. Mercedes snickered and handed over the bottle for Santana to refill her drink.

"I'm going to start putting papertowels under your ass, God only knows what you've picked up where your ass has been."

Santana flipped her off and popped open another can of Red Bull.

"Never have I ever… imagined my lit professor in nothing but underwear and glasses." Mercedes, Quinn and Santana drank.

"San, your lit prof is a woman." Brittany laughed.

"Have you seen those heels? Holy fuck!" Santana shouted.

Rachel laughed with them, swirling the drink inside her cup nonchalantly.

"Berry, you haven't even taken a sip."

She nodded. "I've never done anything you've said yet."

"Jesus, woman. Have you been living under a rock all this time?" Mercedes asked.

She shook her head.

"Christ, we need to get you drunk." Santana muttered.

"Never have I ever… gone skinny-dipping." Everyone, but Rachel, chugged their drink.

"Never have I ever… kissed a girl." Brittany and Santana winked at each other and drank.

"Never have I ever… let a boy put his hands down my pants." Everyone, but Rachel, drank.

The four women looked over at her.

"Never have I ever … had sex." Everyone drank. Except Rachel.

"Whoa, hanging on to your v-card Rachel?" Santana smirked. Rachel ignored her.

"Never have I ever… let a boy put his hands up my shirt." Rachel just put her drink on the floor and watched as everyone else took a sip.

They stared at her and then looked around at each other.

"Never have I ever… taken my shirt off in front of a guy." Everyone else drank.

"Never have I ever… gotten flowers on Valentine's Day." Everyone drank, but Rachel's cup was on the floor, still untouched.

"Never have I ever… been kissed on New Year's Eve." Same thing.

"Never have I ever… bought cotton candy at the fair and walked hand in hand down the boardwalk." Again, same thing. Rachel's drink was still untouched.

"Never have I ever… gotten flowers because it's Wednesday." Everyone else drank.

Finally Rachel got up. "OK, clearly this game didn't go as planned. So, I'm just going to go to bed. I, ah, see you ladies in the morning."

She waved and hurried to her bedroom, closing the door gently behind her. She ignored the chattering in the other room, undressing and brushing her hair as she got ready for bed. She didn't want to go back out, not even for the bathroom; she wasn't ready for the multitude of questions or be given the third degree, Santana was good enough to make her tell everything.

She'd gotten to know them a little bit better though, and they in turn got to know she wasn't exactly normal. The worst that could happen was that they'd go back to being indifferent towards her, writing notes on the whiteboard, labelling their leftovers in the fridge, a passing greeting in the common room and being left alone inside while everyone else went out and partied.

The best that could happen was that she could just try and talk to them, try and make friends.

This was why she was here. To have these experiences.

She'd missed out on a lot of things growing up, even though her fathers made sure she was well-rounded in almost every activity. When it came to just hanging out, letting her hair down and letting life happen, she had no clue what to do.

Tonight was actually the first night in a long time she realized how much she'd missed. Her suitemates had lived, they'd had experiences like any normal person. They'd fallen in love, or some approximation of it. They'd been kissed, and not by their fathers or on stage, a real kiss. They'd gotten flowers, just because someone wanted to give them flowers.

Rachel sighed and turned under the covers. She could still hear the girls walking around in the common room, saying their good nights and retreating to the comfort of their own beds.

She thought back to the day she'd decided to go to college.

Her fathers were supportive to a degree, they assumed she would live at home and travel, still work on the stage while she got her degree in whatever she wanted to pursue. She was adamant that she was giving up the stage for a while, pursuing a degree while living on the dorms and trying to enjoy life as a coed.

As she drifted off to sleep, she realized all the questions from the game could've been summed up with one question: never have I ever just had fun.

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