Rose p.o.v

"Bella, it's time to return a favor." I state simple to Bella.

"What favor?" She asks, looking genuinely clueless of what I'm saying.

"You know what I'm talking about." I say wiggling my eyebrows.

She still looked lost, so I move closure to her on the couch and put my hand on her face; gently pulling her into a hot kiss. I have always been a little attracted to girls. I mean how could I not be? They are so soft and fragile, it turn me on.

Bella especially makes my panties wet with a simple innocent touch on my arm. After of threesome with Edward we haven't been together much, with the exception of my birthday gift to her. The birthday sex I gave her was slow, passionate, and so hot.

"Ohhh, yea sure! Tell me when and where, I'll be there." She said when I pulled away from our kiss.

"Emmet likes girl on girl action, he watches it in porn all the time. So Christmas eve I'd like to make his little dream come true." I told her as I massaged her breast through her shirt, making her moan.

"I'll be there." Bella said, with that I got up and left. Leaving her hot and bothered.

"Rosie, Emmet's going to love this." I heard Bella say from behind me. She's the only person I let to call me that.

I bought Bella and I sexy 's outfits for tonight. Emmet is going to orgasm just from the sight of us in this outfit. It was see through and extremely short. We are wearing red lace thong under it and no bra, so our nipples would show nice and hard.

I turn to see Bella dressed up in the outfit. My panties instantly get wet at the sight of her hard nipples.

"I want to jump you right now, Bella. But I'll save the action, cause Emmet's waiting in the bedroom." I say, leading the way to my room.

Emmet's eyes rose from his iPhone and a shocked expression took over his face.

"Fuck Bella, you look hot!" He exclaimed loudly.

Bella crawled over to him oh so seductively. She took his phone form his hands and set it on the side table and then she started to kiss him passionately, making him groan loudly.

I go over to Emmet as well and start to undress him. Once he's lying in front of us hard and naked, I crawl to Bella and start kissing her. Running my hands over her body sexually.

Bella starts to kiss me and palm my ass, sliding her fingers up and down my thong. Her fingers brush over my wet pussy making me moan. Bella pushes me down so I'm lying on my back, she removes my thong and wastes no time attacking my pussy with her mouth.

Emmet moved off the bed and took a seat on the chair by our bed, where he had a good view of us. I can hear him groaning and from the corner of my eye I see his hand over his big cock sliding up and down.

"B-Bellllla! Oh god right there!" I practically scream as her tongue dove into my pussy.

Her fingers massage my clit and she fucked me with her tongue. Bring me closure and closure to orgasm.

"Ahhhhh!" I scream as I cum all over Bella's tongue. She didn't miss a beat, licking up every drop of my cum.

Bella hoped up from the bed and went over to Emmet. So bent down and started to kiss him slowly. Emmet's hands left his cock and ventured to the hemline of Bella's outfit. He started to pull it off her and once it feel to the floor his mouth attacked breast.

"Oh that feel's so good!" Bella moaned as Emmet kissed, sucked, and bit Bella's nipples.

"Fuck, Bella you're so sexy!" Emmet moaned letting his fingers caress Bella's wet pussy over her panties.

I stood by them and my hands went to Bella's thong. I slid it down up long legs, letting it pool to her feet. She kicked them away and quickly straddled Emmet's lap. Emmet didn't hesitate thrusting his cock into Bella.

Bella let out a sexy cry. "Jesus, you're so tight. Now I understand why Edward's always so happy." Emmet moaned, speeding up his thrusts.

"Ohhhh, so good. So good! R-right there Emmet." Bella moaned, moving her hips to match his.

Pulling off my outfit I sat on the edge of the bed facing them. I spread my legs and let my finger go to my pussy. I slowly run my finger over my wet lips then I move up to massage my clit. Slowly with my other hand I slid my finger into myself. The motion makes me buck my hips.

As Emmet continues to thrust into Bella they share a passionate kiss, with one of his hands on her breasts rolling her nipple.

"I'm cummmming!" Bella throws her head back and moans loudly.

Emmet followed after her, shooting his cum into her. I followed after them.

They stood up and came to bed. Emmet picks me up and throws me in the bed, a I'm laying on my back. Bella comes and sits on my face grinding her pussy against my mouth.

"Lick me, Rosie." She moans.

I waste no time, my tongue sweeps over her wet folds. I taste her and Emmet, the best taste by far.

Emmet spreads my legs and thrusts into me. My hips buck and I moan. The vibration of my moan on Bella's pussy makes her scream in pleasure. Emmet continues thrusting into me as he watches me eat Bella's sexy pussy. His hands caress my breast.

"Mmmm Rosie, baby I-I'm so close!" Bella moans.

"Me too," Emmet groan follows.

I dive my tongue into Bella's pussy, hiring he g-spot making her cum wildly. At the same time I do that, I clench my pussy muscles squeezing Emmet, he also cums at the same time as Bella.

They both scream from pleasure. Emmet continues to thrust and Bella continues to grind her pussy to my mouth, both riding out there orgasm. As they do so I cum as well scream against Bella's pussy.

Emmet pulls out, falling against the bed beside me breathing heavily. Bella climbs off my face and lies on the other side of me. We all lay silently, the only noise being our breathing that we're trying to control.

"That was amazing!" Emmet exclaims once he caught his breath.

"Tell me about it," Bella agrees.

"Merry Christmas, you two." I answer back.

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