Hurt Chapter 21:


Kisshu's POV

This is nerve-racking, Kisshu thought. What if her dad hates me too? Then Ichigo and I will never be together. This thought circled around his mind until Shintaro spoke. "So, you're Kisshu, right?"

Kisshu pushed aside his nervousness, and said, "Yes sir."

Shintaro seemed to be thinking, and finally said, "Kisshu, why do you love my daughter?"

Caught off-guard, Kisshu replied, "I love her for her spunk, her attitude, her beauty, basically I love everything about her. I care about her more than I've ever cared about anyone."

"Ichigo told us you saved her life. Is that true?" Shintaro asked next.

"Yes, I did, and actually more than just once. It's true I was ordered to attack her by the former leader of the Cyniclons, but I could never bring myself to do it seriously. I would never forgive myself if she died when I could have saved her," Kisshu replied honestly.

Shintaro's POV

Shintaro was impressed by Kisshu, actually. The treehugger wasn't anything like this boy. He really seemed sincere, and it definitely helped that he had saved Ichigo's life. Shintaro also noticed that his wife was beginning to get starry-eyed, and she would never let it go if he said no. Well, at least he seems responsible, and he's obviously sincere about being in love with Ichigo. He doesn't seem the type to cheat on her either. I guess this could work, and besides, he's Taruto's brother, Shintaro thought.

Finally Shintaro looked at Kisshu and said, "Okay, I'll let you and Ichigo be together. If you hurt her in any way, though, I'll skin you, got it?"

Kisshu, much to Shintaro's pleasure, straightened his shoulders and said, "I understand you well, sir. I will never let Ichigo get hurt, I promise."

"Then you can stop calling me 'sir'," Shintaro said. "It makes me feel old. Call me Shintaro."

"Okay, Shintaro," Kisshu said with a grin as Ichigo jumped into his arms.

Sakura's POV

Aww, Ichigo's new boyfriend is so sweet, Sakura thought. She was pleased that her husband had agreed to this. "You can call me Sakura, Kisshu," Sakura said, smiling as Ichigo jumped into Kisshu's arms.

"Thank you, Sakura," Kisshu said, grinning happily.

Suddenly Sakura felt a tug on her sleeve and looked down at Taruto. "What can I call you?" he asked her.

"Anything you want," she said with a smile. "You can even call me Mom, if you want to. We are your adoptive parents, after all."

Everyone there smiled as Taruto said happily, "Okay, Mom!" and hugged her.

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