1 Year past since Kiba fail attacking the king castle he lost one arm his right to be exact in the fight vs the dragons in willow creek and the death of Renji. So far Kiba recruited the about 1000 warriors and Kiba got a alliance with evil. in 1 week is going to be the day of the attack against good will happen. Kiba army a the blood dragon have 78 air ships and 3 nukes and king Alteon has been preparing for the fight and the war will happen The blood dragon is moving fast onto the battle field and the war is going to happen in 1 day after 1 week of hard training it's finally about to happen. The blood ninja drop 1 bomb onto battleon and the blood ninja attack there's 2 unit 1 attack battleon 1 attack sword heaven on battleon Ricky Jaggeroff lead the blood ninja into battleon the guardian had cannons and the air ships fought air ships the guardian airships had been dropping troops and shooting down blood dragons the blood dragon air ships had been dropping drops and shot fire onto camps and guardian Ricky was killed by a air ship blood ninja was losing man fast they came in with 500 now there down to 96 the guardian had 3000 guards and now only 890 they kept moving in onto the blood ninja but another nuke fall onto the guardian but it was the ShadowScythe going in with 7000 undead and battleon soldiers fail quickly battleon was won the blood dragon was victorious and now the blood dragon remain in battleon and the shadowscythe moves to sword heaven. During the sword heaven battle the blood dragon came in with 500 and are down to 45 Kiba moves into the castle and sees king Alteon they have there last battle kiba use electric bolts on king Alteon. King alteon heal him self then charge right in on kiba slashing his body slashing his legs Kiba could not heal through that damage but Kiba use a new move he learn he did hell bringer on king alteon which makes a big explosion king alteon was not damage at all and use light god on him making Alteon invisible to all dark type magic Kiba dieing use a energy orb and absorb king alteon energy king can't use light base magic and kiba waste all of his mana now it's just going to be a hand to hand battle king Alteon broke kiba jaw Kiba rip king alteon arm off then took out a dagger king alteon then light shot that he save a little mana for he rip Kiba blast kiba skin right off of him now he is just a black beast he is a demon. King alteon turn into a light king nothing but light and Kiba turn into the shadow demon and dark vs light went and happen. He use demon orb which makes a black hole and sends you to the dark plane. King alteon was banish from the world of lore but he use light bomb which makes a light explosion that blow Kiba away Kiba nearly dead seconds away from going to hell comes the ShadowScythe and Kiba was healed up while King alteon comes back from the dark plane and blows up the shadowscythe Kiba can't move use mindbreaker he broke king alteon mind and king alteon dies.