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"So tonight, read chapters one through seven. I expect a two page paper when you come to class on Wednesday. Have a nice day." Professor Williams said as everyone put away their books and freshly written notes. It was only the second week of class, and getting the hang of college life at Northeast State University was proving to be hard.

"Oh my gosh! How is it possible to write this paper in two days? Tell me why I decided to go to college Sonny, tell me why!" Lucy, my best friend since kindergarten asked as we walked outside. It was a rare, cool August day in Louisiana, and I intended to spend as much time outside as possible.

"Luce, you're in college because you don't want to 'spend your life working at any fast food restaurant, cleaning out the grease traps and dealing with actual people.' You have asked me this question every day since school started, and the answer isn't going to change." I said as we walked toward the "Free Ice Cream" stand that was set up, for some reason, right in the covered walkway.

"When did it get so—" Lucy began, only to be interrupted.

"What can I get for you?" the grey haired man behind the cart asked in monotone. How do they even keep the ice cream from melting out here?

"I want chocolate!" Lucy answered eagerly.

"I'll take a vanilla." I replied after, shaking my head at my best friend's childish behavior. The man, looking incredibly bored, handed us our ice cream, sending us off with barely a "have a nice day" and an obviously forced smile.

"Anyway, when did it get so hard?" Lucy asked, apparently continuing her question from earlier.

"I don't know." I answered while licking my ice cream. Looking around, I noticed the fountain sitting in the middle of the grassy field on campus. There were about ten people sitting around it, so I decided to join.

Not watching where I was going, I began to head over to the fountain, eager to sit down. In my rush to reach the open area of the fountain, I didn't notice that someone was starting to walk across my path. So, like in any clichéd love story, I ran straight into him. Unfortunately for me—and his shoes—I dropped my ice cream when I hit him.

"I am so—"

"Hey! Watch where you're going! Are you stupid?" he shouted at me as he tried to wipe the ice cream off his shirt—which I hadn't even noticed it had fallen on—with MY napkin might I add.

"Um, okay? First of all, you can watch where you're going also! Clearly, you're the one who's stupid so cut the crap and take up some of the blame which you rightfully deserve!" I shouted back. I mean, who the hell was this guy?

"I…I'm sorry, but what did you just say? Do you even know who I am?" he asked. Only then did I take the time to look at him. He was tall, probably somewhere close to six feet. He had blonde hair and was wearing jeans, black converse, and a light blue, expensive looking, shirt. What really stood out to me though were his eyes. They were the deepest, most gorgeous blue I had ever seen. They were as deep and blue as the water on a Hawaiian postcard, and his shirt only made his eyes look even brighter. All in all, he was gorgeous, and it took a whole lot of self-control to keep from staring at him.

"No, I don't know who you are, but I'm Sonny Munroe, and I sure as hell won't be taking crap from you! Grow up, it's just a little ice cream!" I yelled as quickly—but casually—as I could to cover up the fact that I had previously been—ahem—checking him out, for lack of a better word.

"Whatever! But you need to pay me back in some way for the damage you and your stupid ice cream have done! I'm Chad by the way. Chad Dylan Cooper of Cooper's Incorporated." Chad said, his lips tugging up into an annoying—but very sexy nonetheless—smirk at the end of his sentence. Wait…

"OH MY GOSH! No! I will not pay you back for anything! Just… goodbye rich boy!" I was surprised at just how frustrating this one boy could be after just a few minutes of, well, fighting.

"Fine!" he shouted back as he noticed that I was starting to walk off.

"Fine!" I shouted back, needing to last word.

"Good!" he yelled. Oh, well two can play at this game.

"Good!" I yelled back, getting the final word.

With my good mood gone, I walked off, ignoring his calls of 'wait!" and "Sonny, hold on!" I mean, did he seriously think that I would want to waste any more time talking to him than I already did?

"Sonny, wait up!" I heard Lucy yelling as she ran to catch up with me. It's funny, but with all my fighting with chad, I had honestly forgotten that I had previously been talking to Lucy before running into… he who shall not be named. "What was that about?" she asked as I stopped to wait for her.

"I have no idea. He was just a jerk, and I couldn't help but to fight back. It didn't draw too much attention did it?" I asked, realizing just then that I was having this fight in public. Crap.

"Ha, everyone was looking! But that Chad guy actually looked pretty surprised when you walked off." I decided to just leave it at that and made my way back to my dorm in Wellington Hall.

"As I entered the lobby of Wellington Hall, I noticed a blonde haired guy sitting on the couch with his head in his hands. I debated on whether or not I should go see if he was okay, but didn't have time to do that because he looked up just as I began to walk closer.

"Sonny!" he shouted as he stood up, his blues eyes lighting up when he saw me headed over to him. What is he doing here?'

"What are you doing here?"

"I live in this hall; I just didn't know that you lived here too! Listen, about earlier… I'm sorry for the way I treated you, okay? I'm just so used to people treating me like I own the world, and it's weird that you didn't just apologize as soon as you ran into me." He explained while avoiding eye contact. I don't' know why, but seeing him acting, well, human, kind of made me want to forgive him. Oh don't freak out, I said kind of! But I refused to give in, because his explanation showed me that he clearly needed a taste of reality and maybe—just maybe—I could be the one to serve that dose of reality that he so desperately needed.

Looking him in the eyes, I gave him the most obnoxious smirk I could muster up. "That's nice, but don't expect me to even consider treating you like you own anything. I'm sure your parents bought it all for you anyway." I stated before walking off, trying desperately to hide the huge grin on my face after seeing his dumbfounded expression.

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